Gardening and Integrity

The good news is, that the tarp scheme worked pretty well. Slight damage on the very tops of the plants, but they will probably continue to grow.
Nice to hear that you make kefir! I’ve been making a gallon of french-style yogurt each week, very similar to what we were making in Auvergne. I mostly make Alpine-style cheeses, but right now with Covid I am looking for a new milk source (those are raw milk cheeses). Happy to help with any cheesemaking advice or info you need.
Best Regards, Sue

I have received a PM request from a member about where to find more information on accessibility. I have an extensive reference library but time and again return to a website that I cannot say enough good things about. It is from Ireland, and these folks are really on the ball in what they are doing and where they are going. For those of you who are interested in learning more about accessibility this is a great place to start with a tremendous amount of additional resources within.
One thing everyone should be considering as they design, build or renovate homes, gardens, work shops, chicken coops etc is to ensure consideration is given to the aging in place. You might be able to do it now, but will you later? Statistics I have seen show every person will spend about 8 years of their life in some form of disability - temporary or permanent. Think about that…
There is also an environmental aspect to designing for accessibility. For example, if you do not have to rip out drywall etc later on in order to ensure there is structural integrity to install grab bars in your bathroom, you will prevent needless garbage going to the landfill, not to mention saving money in the long run.
There are so many other aspects to consider… I better stop here or I will be writing all day LOL. It is a thrill to be able to see people become more interested in inclusion though. It is not hard to do, it just requires ‘different’ thinking.

Chris, this simple and short video was amazingly powerful. Your message of subjugating one’s ego in order to maximize learning is one I really needed to hear. While you are an excellent teacher, I think your idea to become a model is a fantastic idea and I appreciate you inviting us to observe and learn along with you. Congratulations on your new homestead and likeminded partnership!


@Chris Martenson I barely watch Netflix anymore.
Have you canceled your subscription in protest against "Cuties"?

I have read about Netflix. I have not watched TV since 1983. I have seen TV if it is on in the room or when I have been ill or in a hotel room at times but I would say my TV hours have been less than 20 hours a year since I was in my 20’s.
I have read that Netflix puts shows out to normalize things the Cabal wants normalized. Apparently there are shows about humans eating other humans now.
When I go to hotels in America, I do watch TV sometimes, and I am stunned by the advertisments for all the medicines.
I don’t have a phone either - my lap top is bad enough and I am on it too much as it is but at least when I get up from my desk, I am alone. Everyone I know says I MUST get a phone - for this and for that.
No, I die alone. No phone.

Go Mary59! I thought I was one of the last persons on the planet not carrying a cell phone. Glad to see I still have company. Ditto with not watching TV, a vapid media environment promulgating what I refer to as “mind mush”.
However, despite eschewing TV, one can still not fully escape the putrid slime of TV which oozes into the mainstream culture and eventually makes us aware of it, whether we watch it or not. When you have TV shows depicting cannibals, serial killers, vampires, Lucifer, etc. in a positive manner, I wonder if it it begins to register upon the populace who or what is behind the agenda which is attacking society on multiple fronts by multiple means? Probably not. My guess is that most don’t have a clue, even most of those doing the attacking.

Want to personally thank you for your post #16. It reminds us all of the frailty of life. Each and every day we awake is a true Blessing and for this we should be Thankful.
I read in this forum where individuals are not particularly “religious” or where they ridicule or scoff at people of Faith. The term secular refers to the absence of any binding theistic authority or belief. It is both an ideology, which is know as secularism, and its consequence, which is known as secularization. Secularization is the ongoing process where societies as a whole become less theistic and cultures are reshaped…absent of God and Biblical teachings. The “progressive,” “intellectual,” movement seeks to alter reality. With the “media” “hollyweird” and much of “academia” complicit, they are unfortunately doing a good job. We are becoming a secular, “reality” nation with the results all too obvious.
When we look at the problems of our nation and the world, it is clear we are in the spiritual battle Paul speaks of in the New Testament. Man’s “truth” is subject to constant change. Biblical truths are not. Augustine asked the alarming and frightening question, where would the world be without God? We should shudder to think. Even for those unbelieving, agnostic, or atheist, they must realize the positive impact of Biblical teachings on our society and the world. Absent these teachings there would be total chaos and darkness. So often I hear people say they are tired of having someone try to “push” Faith on them, as if this could really happen. The Christian Faith is a matter of personal choice and personal acceptance. With it comes the peace that passes all understanding. The hope and joy of things present and future. Absent of this, it is like Paul describes as being tossed to and fro in a rudderless ship at sea.
We can be prepared financially, and materially, we can be prepared to have and store the necessities of life, we can help our families and others to be prepared, these things are good. When the God of the Bible is removed from the picture, when the common moral values are removed, when His authority is no longer recognized we will be in serious trouble. Hell on earth, and we seem to be racing towards it. For those that haven’t, do yourself and your family a great favor. Pick up a copy or go online and read the New Testament. God’s word does not return void. ao we will be praying for you and your family, God Bless.

Thanks Mpup and ao…
I live in a small rural community with very limited government. Our churches play a big role in helping people in need. Food Pantry is one example. Many here are ranchers and gardeners.
I look at our community and then see communities with no faith connection burning themselves to the ground. I do think that spirituality is one pillar of prosperity that is hard to define, but real. Personally I welcome expressions of personal faith as long as no one is coercing me to accept their belief system.
I look at nature and marvel at creation. I tried to play God a few years ago and set up an ecosystem called Aquaponics. I ran the prototype system for 2+ years and had some success and then realized that God had a much better system with soil, and seed, and rain. No need for tanks, and pumps and man made gear. ( okay…drip irrigation is helpful) So here I am …an imperfect man…trying to be kinder, gentler, and wiser and learning hard lessons from nature everyday with my gardens and with my girls (chickens).

I couldn’t agree with you more. And I thank you for the prayers. I’ll gladly accept all that are offered.

Hi OOG, the part of the body we are actively involved with also does a food pantry. A large endeavor that makes food available and delivers to many that don’t have transportation. This has been an ongoing venture for years.
We live in an imperfect world, and as humans we are all imperfect and all fall short. Forgiveness is paramount to the faith. Paul talks about the “church” being corrupted by false teachings, that is the reason it is so important that we individually read and understand the Bible. John 1:1 I know many here grow tired of reading comments related to faith. Patience is another virtue routinely addressed in the New Testament. Hope all have a Blessed day, and hope that doesn’t offend you for me saying that, it shouldn’t.

Why open a stand in September? Actually our fall and winter gardens are the best…our fall tomatoes are coming on strong and broccoli. Greens are germinating …

That is really good Olive Oil Guy - It is a nice looking stand. Good for you.

Thanks so much for all the great advice - love the tribe.

I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I wish you all the graces you will need. I am right there with you on the primacy of agape love. I define it as loving the other for their sake, simply because they matter.
In these circumstances, you should not feel badly about sharing your perspective and referencing the biblical texts that give you insight and solace.
There is more than one way of knowing: the systematic, reductionist, scientific way of the left hemisphere, and the contextual, holistic way of the right hemisphere. Both are necessary and when integrated make us fully human. Spirituality is the holistic view of being, intuited with the right hemisphere. It tells us not just what is but puts it in context and intuits what could be. The left hemisphere houses language and can be precise in speech. Thus science, the systematic way of knowing, can probe precise definitions of what and how. The right hemisphere is concerned with the big picture and asks the questions such as Why? How does it feel? What does it mean? How then should we live? The right hemisphere lacks a language center, so makes its insights known through analogy, metaphor, parable, allegory, poetry, and music. We are all moved by this way of knowing. This is the language of the archetypal stories and perennial philosophies we see reflected in religious texts. So there is knowledge of substance and process and knowledge of purpose and meaning. It is good to see you are open to both ways of knowing, they will serve you well on this journey. Blessings.

I appreciate your thoughts and insights.

Our well is 750’ deep and has mineral and alkalinity. It’s okay for the gardens but not ideal....
Whoa! I ofttimes forget that so many live on places where you have to go that far to get a good supply of water!
@ao If I may share something that has come into my life as of late, perhaps I can offer some words of wisdom that may be useful. I recently was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer affecting the bones of the pelvis, spine, and left femur. I am doing everything in my power to overcome this diagnosis but I know the prognosis is not good and the statistics are against my long term survival. After getting over the initial shock (since I've been the poster boy for good health with excellent nutrition, health habits, fitness, and exercise habits for my entire life and zero family history of cancer), one naturally pauses to reflect on life and what it all means. I've valued many different things in life, most of which have enriched my existence but some of which have not, but in the final analysis, when a life circumstance like this brings your awareness to a laser sharp focus, the most important single thing in this life is relationships ... relationships with friends, relationships with family, and relationship with our Creator. All else fades into relative insignificance.
Wow, absolutely. Often things like that happen precisely or primarily for that very purpose: To make you appreciate what truly matters and drop the unnecessary burdens/distractions. There's a (often hidden) positive intention/purpose behind every happening. There are really no (4D) coincidences or accidents, just inability to perceive (5D) synchronicities from a lower-dimensional/4D perspective.
One of the most important ways in which that love is expressed is through service to others. It doesn't matter whether it is expressing love for your fellow man or love for your Creator. In both cases, it is through service to others that love finds full expression. It is so interesting to me that you voice a recognition of the importance of service. Yes!
Absolutely, that's actually what the evolution of consciousness, the transition from 3rd to 4th density, is ALL about: the duality of service-to-self (STS) vs. service-to-others (STO), and the orientation and life path of each incarnated soul, and the contrast between the two types of realities/timelines/perspectives creating epic conflicts that we as souls come here to experience/witness. So that's lesson #1, the grounding into what you're really about and what is relevant in your life. Probably the #2 lesson is to be totally fine with death, and maybe even being in some way excited to see what comes after. (Myself, I'm extremely excited, and I try to "visit" using medium-to-high-dose DMT at least once a year, aside from meditation practice that I should be doing way more of LOL) With that said, is it possible to heal cancer? Often yes, often no, it depends on lots of factors, such as where it is, how advanced it is, age, diet, toxin exposures, whether you learned the lesson you were supposed to learn, etc. Whatever you choose, I recommend doing a lot of research before deciding for one treatment or another. IMHO, chemotherapy or radiotherapy should be the last resort, not the first as will be presented by the medical industry. Here's just some info: There are officially-unacknowledged prevention factors that you probably already know about and various sometimes effective treatments. Cannabis is a major factor worth investigation (both as a psychoactive and as formulated by Rick Simpson to heal cancers), as cannabinoids are regulators of homeostasis itself. This is a very interesting compilation article regarding the corrupt cancer industry. As is the Chronic Corruption series. And here's one about the astonishingly toxic “chemotherapeutics” that, again, in many cases should be about the last resort rather than the first and only. It's often like trying to kill a fly with bullets or cannon balls. Peace out.

Wow great!

I’m just adding my voice to the chorus on water here. We live on a small rock in the sea off Vancouver Island. Like all the Gulf Islands, fresh water is a scarce commodity and rainwater collection is standard practice. We do have a well, but it can’t keep up now (it’s been going dryer over the last 20 years), so we have 10,000 gallons well buffer (which we’re living on now until the rains fill the aquifer again), 14,000 gallons rainwater collection for our raised beds gardens (rock doesn’t grow stuff well), and 8000 gallons in a pool that feeds our sprinkler system against wildfire. I can foresee getting another tank or two in the mix as time goes on and summers get drier.
As Chris says, water is everything.
I can’t give you statistics for how much water for how many square feet of bed, because it depends on so much - how much mulch you use (we use anything from two to eight inches of hay as a mulch, because we can get spoiled hay easily on-island), whether you use an effective drip system (ours was good until it clogged up, and now we’re gradually replacing the bits that don’t work.) Also, we have set it up so that some of our (soapy) gray water goes into the rainwater tanks, so that prolongs the garden water supply. We haven’t run out yet, but one or two summers came down to the line, which is why we added the gray water component. We never throw out kitchen washing water either - it goes into a bucket which goes onto the pots on the deck. Awareness of what is truly of value brings water very close to the top of the list. We live in a beautiful place with a wonderful community, but without water we’d have to leave.