Germany gets nervous - asks (warns?) US to find solution on Lehman

Just a little more context for the brewing Lehman situation (emphasis mine):

[quote]NICE, France -- Germany called on U.S. authorities Saturday to find a solution for crisis-hit bank Lehman Brothers before Asian markets reopen for trading early Monday.

U.S. officials have so far talked down a government rescue for the country's fourth-largest investment bank, which is racing to find a buyer to raise badly needed money it lost on bad bets on real estate holdings.

Finance Minister Peer Steinbrueck _ who manages the EU's largest economy _ told reporters that "the news that is coming out of the U.S. is bad," confirming that financial markets are still suffering sharply from a credit crisis that started last year.

Observers who had prematurely spoken of "a light at the end of the tunnel" now had to make sure that they weren't facing an oncoming train, he warned.

"We expect that a solution will be put forward before Asian markets open on Monday,"
Steinbrueck said on the sidelines of an EU finance ministers' meeting in Nice.[/quote]


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So far the central banks have all been pretty much united in their response to this crisis. This article hints that fissures are opening up...

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What happens when the Government and financial institutions are finally overwhelmed? If not by this crisis then by the next crisis.
It looks like we are close to that breaking point now…

I think China has a holiday tomorrow, and their stock markets are closed.

since the Lehman situation is not really a surprise or shock and it’s stock is trading lower than anything. I a suprised that germany wouldn’t have reduced it’s exposure. I think that pretty much anyone that wanted to and had any sense has ‘bailed’. The market has very likely factored this in and is ready to basically cannibalize the company. (just my opinion and some other econ reporters).