Government Debt Running Away

Today, we stand on the precipice of a financial maelstrom that can no longer be ignored. The government’s debt has rocketed to astronomical levels, and it’s not just a matter of economics—it’s a matter of mathematics.

We’ve reached what I term the ‘terminal phase.’ It’s as if we’re witnessing a runaway nuclear reactor, and it’s glowing brighter with every passing second. This isn’t hyperbole—it’s a stark reality. Take a moment and consider the U.S. ten-year note. Just a cursory glance at its trajectory over the past few months speaks volumes. From 3.8% to a hair shy of 5%, and that surge isn’t arbitrary while government debt is exploding past $2 trillion per year in no small part because of servicing the interest payments from prior borrowing.

Let’s take a look.

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Where does the need to build spiritual depth come in? I know, I have not read the book ( I actually try to live the 8 actually 9 if u have left spiritual out)!!
Many say, including u I believe, there are no atheist in a fox hole.
We have lots of fox holes to jump in right now.


Government Debt Running Away

That sums it up nicely. While I have many friendly acquaintances, I keep my close friends to a precious few, and that is because a close friendship requires expenditure of emotional capital. Some of my close friends, whom I love, don’t want to hear about runaway inflation or the clot/depop shot. They live life one day at a time.
James Howard Kunstler opined two or three years ago (it may have been longer) that America is a collection of rackets. Virtually everything is a racket, from health care, to news media, Wall Street, Hollywood, Congress, big banks, ad infinitum ad nauseam. Our military has been compromised. And now it appears that our federal government is determined to kill us off. We are living in a hostile environment in virtually all respects. What we still possess is family, friendships, integrity and love.
The “vaccine” push has failed, so now the spike protein is being engineered into the food supply and aerosol versions are being developed. I believe that what we are witnessing today was carefully planned decades ago, and this includes destruction of America via destruction of our monetary system.


Seems Like Everyone Is Thinking The Same Thing… :confused:


Thanks For The Update Chris

It seems as though a cacophony of crisis are piling up on our national doorstep quicker than ever. Still see very little interest in people I know trying to understand what might be coming down the turnpike. Convinced their government pensions and 401Ks will perform the way they have for decades and that things will get turned back around once we get some good politicians in. Case and point…Dave Ramsey. I’m very vocal about things online and live a semi-serious homestead lifestyle. For the most part nobody I know well argues with my take on phony politics, endless debt, and the shitty media, they just think I’m being negative mostly. The posts I see about people walking away from modern problems and just staying positive remind me of religious parents not using modern medicine. Time to face the truth or perish.
The amount of people that are going to be taken by surprise at some point will be staggering. I suppose it will be similar to the time I was trying to figure out how to buy Bitcoin at $25, but it seemed kind of complicated, so I passed.I probably would have sold it at $200, lol. I feel particularly bad for the youth being brainwashed into thinking our government will be able to change the weather if we simply cede control to them. Climate change is low on my list of worries. As Carlin said “The planet is fine, the people are fucked.” Most youth are totally oblivious to an expansionary monetary policy with an expiration date. The late night news comedians don’t tell them about it. Fully believing we are the richest country in the world and need to let illegals in and foot the bill. WW3 also of no concern because Hollywood has taught them to think we are invincible.


Should be in there…and happy to discuss them with you

@montana Yep I agree with you and experience the same. I have gotten a lot better , maybe a male thing, of creating a community of like minded on my semi serious homestead a d ignoring the sheeple. I am keeping a partial foot connection in the fake consumer driven anti America anti God government will save me country we are living in Because we who know need to stand by so we can help those who are surprised, and want to know, quickly understand what happened so we can pull them into a useful role in what awaits us.
ACTION, ACTION, ACTION everydayas we prepare


A Note On Inflation

The US government has been running deficits and increasing the national debt for decades. It has only been since the pandemic that this resulted in consumer price inflation. Before that, it was asset inflation - real estate, stock market, etc.
What made the difference in consumer price inflation? COVID, climate change hysteria, and Joe Biden.
COVID broke the supply chain and governments put lots of money into the accounts of people and businesses. Short supply and more money is a recipe for consumer price inflation.
The catalyst that sent inflation soaring was the election of Joe Biden on a promise of “no more oil”. It’s in two charts - oil futures and inflation. charts.


Question For Chris

When would you stop buying short term t bills?

Any Chance For A Wwiii Dividend?

The world is crazy and seems to be getting crazier. No one wants war except for the captured governments who profit from it over the bodies of the innocents.
I feel the chance for a hot WWIII mess in Iran or China is over 50% in the next year or so, if it is has not already started.
I saw in your charge that goes out to 2050 at the tail end of the hockey stick the stratospheric trajectory. At the same time, we can see similar curves around WWII which when it ended greatly reduced?
Is it possible that a WWIII situation can bring about similar ‘benefits’ or is it too far gone?
I know we are in uncharted territory.
I am pessimist, I think we will have a hot stinking mess of a war very soon. We will have major shortages. Our currencies will crash and be replaced with government controlled coupons and a ‘smart phone’ reporting and rationing control system.
Live as we presently experience it (at least before 2019) will be gone and the Great Reset will be upon us. It won’t be enjoyable.
God help us.

Linear Charts

Hello Chris, I am a big fan of your work and I have been watching your videos for years and years.
It seems to me that you are trying to make linear charts say things that they are not saying. I would just like to clarify if possible. It seems like you are saying the percent rate of change is going up when you draw lines on a linear chart and compare them. It isn’t possible to see where the highest percentage increases happen on a linear chart. That is exactly what a logarithmic chart shows a visual of where the chart is going up at the highest percentage increases, those would be the steepest areas, which even on a log chart it could be tricky to pick out the steepest part.


Government debt, also known as sovereign debt, refers to the total amount of money that a government owes to external geometry dash lite creditors and domestic lenders.