Green Genes, Banned Therapy, and High-Flying Controversy

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In a recent interview, Tim Price voiced concerns about the potential impact of global institutions and policies on farming and fishing, emphasizing the need for comprehensive analysis of these policies’ effects on global food resources. This concern is echoed in the World Economic Forum’s discussion on the potential of genetically engineered microbes in sustainable agriculture. While companies like Pivot Bio highlight the financial benefits of these products, critics argue that the release of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could have unforeseen consequences, including potential impacts on the environment, health, and safety.

In the realm of civil liberties, the Christian Institute in the UK is prepared to take legal action against the Scottish government if it proceeds with a ban on so-called “conversion therapy.” The organization is concerned that such a ban would infringe on freedom of speech and religion. Meanwhile, the government’s surveillance and monitoring of American citizens has reached alarming levels, with innocent actions such as purchasing religious materials or using certain terms potentially landing individuals on a government watchlist.

In the aviation industry, United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby, known for his commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), has faced criticism for decisions such as mandating COVID vaccines for employees and his support for transgenderism. Critics argue that Kirby’s focus on DEI has led to a disregard for merit in hiring decisions at United Airlines.

In economic news, the Biden administration plans to pause approvals for natural gas exports while it reviews the permitting process. This decision freezes the development of a major export project in Louisiana, which has faced opposition from environmental groups. Meanwhile, the US Q4 GDP report showed solid quarterly growth, but the bond market’s reaction suggests that there may be a globally synchronized recession on the horizon.

In the world of digital currencies, there is a shift towards central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), which would allow individuals to have direct accounts with the central bank. However, there are legal and privacy concerns with this system. Tim Price, in his interview, also suggested limiting dependency on credit cards and central bank digital currencies.

In international news, Scott Ritter, who recently returned from a trip to Russia, shared his impressions of the Russian people and their relationship with their government, as well as the military operation in Ukraine. He also criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) for their response to the situation in Gaza. Meanwhile, a recent security council meeting saw Sergey Lavrov, the Russian foreign minister, giving a speech about Russia’s perspective on the situation in Ukraine, emphasizing the importance of understanding Russia’s viewpoint and their demands for ending the war.

Finally, the Biden Administration’s approach to immigration has been criticized, with allegations of actively encouraging illegal immigration across the southern border and sabotaging efforts to stop it. This has led to a showdown between federal agencies and Texas, with the Supreme Court siding with Biden.


Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov Criticizes Western Support for Ukraine in UN Security Council Meeting

The reality is such that despite the complete failure of Ukraine on the battlefield, the Western patrons of the Kiev regime continue pushing them. They are maniacal in this. They continue pushing them towards continuing with a senseless military confrontation.

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Government’s Surveillance State Targets Everyday Americans, Placing Them on Watchlists

“We’re all presumed guilty until proven innocent now."

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Biden Administration Challenges Texas’ Efforts to Secure Border

The Biden Administration in particular has overseen the largest spike in illegal migration in US history, with over 300,000 border violations in December alone (that we know of).

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Russian People Show Resilience and Support for Putin Amidst Conflict in Ukraine

The Russian people know that there’s a war going on, there’s no doubt in anybody’s mind that there is this conflict taking place. They’re not cocky, they’re not overconfident, but they are steeled with a resolve that says we are seeing this through until the end, and the end will only come with a Russian victory.

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US Q4 GDP Shows Solid Growth, but Bond Market Remains Skeptical

The bond market reaction to the disinflation was the same as the stock market reaction to the GDP numbers overall. Stocks say Goldilocks soft landing, everything you could possibly want, and bonds said, ‘Did you see those consumer price figures? That disinflation is pointing maybe toward the same thing that they’re talking about in Europe, which is a downside economic case, globally synchronized recession.’

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Biden Administration to Pause Approvals for Natural Gas Exports, Review Permitting Process

The Biden administration is planning to pause approvals for natural gas exports while it reviews the permitting process.

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Central Banks Openly Expressing Willingness to Move to Central Bank Digital Currencies

The reason that they feel the need to move away from the presently configured system, the currently configured system is a debt-based monetary system. And as it is implemented right now, it is over. The ballgame is over for the debt-based monetary system that we have in place right now.

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United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby Faces Criticism for Controversial Policies and Personal Choices

In 2021, Kirby mandated COVID vaccines for all U.S.-based employees (almost 67,000 of them). He claimed it was because he saw so many unvaccinated people die. Apparently, it didn’t occur to him that he should let individuals make the choice. If you work for United, you did it Scott Kirby’s way or found yourself unemployed.

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Christian Institute Threatens Legal Action Against Scottish Government Over Religious Censorship

The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom is reiterating its promise to go to court against the Scottish government if lawmakers there continue with their agenda of religious censorship through a ban on so-called ‘conversion therapy.’

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Panelists at World Economic Forum Praise Genetically Engineered Microbes for Agriculture, but Watchdog Groups Warn of Unforeseen Consequences

Panelists at the World Economic Forum hailed genetically engineered microbes as the future of sustainable and climate-friendly agriculture, but watchdog groups warned that the genetic modifications released inside the microbes could move across species and geographic boundaries with unforeseen and potentially irreparable consequences.

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Tim Price Criticizes Global Institutions and Debt-Based Monetary System

Tim critically examines global institutions such as the Davos Club and a certain UN Health Organization.

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