Greenpeace Founder, Law Firm, Chef, Activists, Cyber Threats, Influencers, Medical Gaslighting...Oh My!

In the legal sphere, Kasowitz Benson Torres, a corporate law firm known for its representation of powerful clients, has initiated a campaign accusing top US universities of harboring antisemitism. The firm, registered as a foreign agent of an Israeli principal in 2021, represents Israel lobby activists posing as victimized “Jewish students”. The lawsuits filed against universities, including the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard, have resulted in the removal of university presidents and calls for the firing of others. The firm’s campaign to suppress Palestine solidarity activism is expanding to other universities, including Harvard, Cornell, Columbia, MIT, Stanford, and UC-Berkeley.

Meanwhile, Palestine solidarity activists in Philadelphia have protested outside an Israeli-owned restaurant, accusing the business of supporting Israel’s ongoing actions in Gaza. The restaurant, owned by celebrity chef Michael Solomonov, has been accused of channeling money to the Israeli Defense Forces through a non-profit organization. Solomonov, who has been paid by the Israeli government to propagandize American journalists, has been promoting Israeli cuisine as a distinct culinary experience, despite its roots in Arab and Mediterranean food.

In the digital world, a conversation between Whitney and Jimmy touched on various topics, including the rise of a censorship industrial complex and the efforts to control the narrative after the 2016 elections. They discussed the role of the CTI League, a group of cyber threat intelligence analysts with ties to the US government, Israeli intelligence, and Microsoft, in protecting healthcare institutions and engaging in censorship. The conversation concluded by mentioning the transfer of military technology from Israel to China and the potential implications for surveillance.

In the field of investigative journalism, James Corbett from The Corbett Report discussed the recent COP28 (Conference of the Parties) held in Dubai. The conference was attended by globalist influencers who are driving policy and events.

Lastly, the issue of medical gaslighting, particularly in the context of psychiatric medications and vaccine trials, was discussed. The author highlighted how patients who experience neurological and psychiatric side effects from medications are often dismissed and told that these side effects are due to their pre-existing mental illness. The author emphasized the importance of collaborative doctor-patient relationships and suggested seeking out physicians who prioritize such relationships or paying directly for healthcare.

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