Gregor Macdonald: What the End of Cheap Oil Means

I appreciate your input. Today I bought broccolli. Let us see how the squamus likes them poisons.

LOL.  Just make sure you steam it.  Eaten raw, it's a goiterogen.

…especially with lemon butter or velveta cheese melted on top. See Arthur, I eat the right stuff but then the cheese is probably a bit much. It is soooo good though. I'll still live into my 80's or perhaps longer. Go figure! Then again…?
I won't worry about it though as stress is worse probably than the cheese. Who knows really. Depends on what Doctor has been paid to make the data benefit the company who paid for the expert advice.

Ohhh, the webs we weave to deceive.

Mom says: "Moderation Bobby, moderation, and get the hell out of the house and play". Sage advice still.

Be Good Captain