Harvesting Sunflower Seeds

Learn the simple process of harvesting sunflower seeds.  Good for you and your animals.


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Bizarre!  I sat down at the computer this morning with the intent to Google how I should go about harvesting my first crop of mammoth Russian sunflowers!  I'll start at dawn.  Thank you.

We grew animal feed (small seed) sunflowers last year and are growing the confectionary (large seed) ones this year. The article leaves out something we discovered: leaving them up does not just feed birds, it feeds insects. We will cut and dry our seedheads before they get infested with whatever insects will eat them. Since we had some sort of larve in many of our neglected sunflower heads I do wonder if spraying them with BT will help.
Next year the plan is to add oilseed sunflowers, and learn to hot press the oil.

p.s.  I note that our nearby apiary has sunflowers on the borders of their buckwheat field. Both crops ,once the bees are done with them, will help feed their chickens, ducks, and geese. I understand they just cut the sunflower heads and leave them for the birds.