Holiday Wishes

Happy holiday wishes from Peak Prosperity!

Thank you for the gifts of your participation in & support of this site. We're hard at work cobbling up a few new gifts of our own for you -- new content, new site features, and more. These 'presents' will start arriving in the next few weeks... 

In the meantime, we hope you're looking to 2015 with as much enthusiasm as we are -- as an opportunity to accelerate our efforts to create a world worth inheriting. After all, the upcoming generations are starting off with a heavy burden not of their own making:

If we don't work to reduce this load, who will?

We hope you're spending your holidays with those most dear to you. For those who can't, there's a place for you here at our virtual hearth. On this site, we're all family.

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Chris and Adam,

Thanks for all you do to help us weather the storm.  It is a tonic to the soul to find out there are other people who question the conventional wisdom. It's sometimes lonely here on the fringe of "acceptable" thought.  On to 2015.

I guess this holiday is in remembrance and honor of Jesus, so it seems appropriate to give a shout out to him. 
To people with other belief systems, I sincerely hope that your holiday is meaningful to you however it might work for you.


Jol!  (Yule, for the confused)
May your house be snowed in and the shaman have to climb down the chimney bearing gifts of Mycelia, that he had to place in fir trees to dry so that the animals could not eat them.

So now you know. Merry indeed!

Amanita Muscaria

A big thanks to everyone here and a hearty wish for Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year.
We're just about to wake the teens and begin our family Christmas traditions so I've got to run, I am filled with gratitude for all that I have in my life.

Blessings everyone. 


and contentment however it is wrapped and delivered.

Thanks, Chris and Adam, for carrying more than your share of the load in 2014.
Jennifer and I are celebrating Christmas in Central Wisconsin, with family and friends, before leaving for Arizona to skip the rest of winter.  

Like so many others today, we have a lot to be grateful for.

I try my best to prepare for what's coming without being distracted from the simple pleasures available today.

Best wishes for the holiday season and the year to come.


In a exceptionally mild winter (Tuesday had the Harley out!) , mother earth geared up our Christmas spirit and dumped on us for a white Christmas.  
Snow, ah, if only it wasn't so cold!  The older i get the more a picture will suffice -  I'm envious of the snowbird migration  (aloha Les) HA!

as the world deals with the rock, paper, scissors game of doubt and debt… the best we can do is wrap ourselves in our family and friends and truly marvel at those with the courage, knowledge and insight to speak out to, and for, us lesser souls with what I believe is called the TRUTH.  

Long may you wave…

Much appreciation to Chris and Adam and at Peak Prosperity and good luck to us all!

now to the snow shovels!!


to be making a world worth inheriting.
Merry Christmas to all. 

Chris, Adam,
We are all in this together

Spread the word, community strength, add value, believe and invest in yourself




All the best for 2015

We gave each other practical things: new bed sheets, a cooking tool, needed clothing, books, and edible treats. After cutting fresh pine and cedar to decorate with, and visiting friends and family, we spent the rest of the day cutting and hauling firewood.
That's why I called it a country Christmas: home-made decorations, no consumerist gluttony of shopaholic madness (depreciating items of use only as status symbols are so 20th century), and chores. Wood still needs to be split. The things in the cold frame still needed to be checked, and the family still needs cared for.

It seems people are spending less on Christmas. This is not necessarily a bad thing. We may be returning to the values of our forefathers, much to the chagrin of Madison Avenue and Wall Street. If the GDP does not contain the value of our cutting our own firewood, or homemade Christmas decorations, or homemade gifts and food cooked from scratch (preferably home-grown) . . . I submit to you that it is a flawed instrument for measuring happiness. Taxable income does not equal happiness. Being content with what you have is of great worth.

Blessings of the season,

Wendy & Brian

Just to say " Thanks" to all you bright, good, creative, and everyday people, on this site, one of my main havens for years.  I'm hoping my medication supply doesn't get too disrupted in the coming dislocations or my mood change may resemble the collapsing graph of the stock markets. Initally. I do have robust support systems.  And half a lifetime experience without meds and some core friends.  Hell, most of the meds are probably made in this country ( Ireland ) now.  Our Industrial Development Authority has lured many pharmacutical multinationals here over decades.  And, of course, there's Guinness in extremis.  Sorry for the  cliche and all.  Thanks for the mushroom suggestion Arthur.  Maybe I'm going to have to take an interest in lateral gardening!  I'm open to all suggestions.
The sun and the stars are going to be shining for a long time yet!  And many of us too!

…and I hope all of you shared with those that validate your life with true exchanges of love and happiness. I know no one here less one and I value life itself because of what my parents instilled in me. I thank everyone here for their perspective but it doesn't motivate me, I do. Peace

Thank you, Chris, Adam & your entire team for providing us the insight on karma catching up with mankind and solutions thereto. Heres hoping some of your wisdom rubs off on us in the coming year. Cheers all yes