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Anyone serious about Unplugging, Look at the Sol-Ark 12K. and yes you will want 8-30kW of PV om a barn or garage to go Battery light.

i found the message button today went to see my messages and all my old messages were gone. sort of inconvenient since people were messaging me about receiving a free copy of “the real anthony fauci”. would be nice to have a "new message notification " somewhere at the top… also i have mentioned this before but i will do it again . the font is pretty small and the light gray is almost impossible to read. there is a ton of empty space on the right side. how about making everything bigger and easier to read. the colors of people’s names could be more readable. as has been mentioned numbering comments is useful for following threads and finding newer ones could be easier.

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I have no idea how to use this site. I watch all the videos and would sometimes like to add my thoughts but I need to learn how to do it. Somebody said it was intuitive which basically means there are no instructions work it out for yourself you dummy???. Can anyone give me any guidance please. Thank you, Peter (UK)

while the website is described as “pretty and fast,” it’s clear that there are still some kinks to iron out before it’s fully functional.

Welcome to the community!