Housekeeping: The New Peak Prosperity Website

OK, let’s be real…the new website took a little longer to go live; but boy is it pretty and fast. However, it’s not complete.

We know there are some minor glitches (which is normal for any website rebuild this comprehensive). We are working on them as we speak.

Here’s a few things still in under construction:

  • The comments, forums and private messaging are transferring now
  • There are probably more.
This is where we can use your help...Feel free to let us know what you find by clicking the question mark at the top right of the screen or by clicking here. We will work to get these fixed as soon as possible.

And, again, we value you as subscribers and Tribe members, and we value your patience.

The Peak Team

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Congratulations to Chris and his team for the new website. Obviously, it is early days yet and a lot of the features and content are not yet on-line, but it looks very promising.
However, (and I hate to start on a negative note), there are some very dodgy products offered on the new ‘Shop’ feature. Limiting myself to my area of expertise, I refer specifically to the products offered by “Game Plan Experts” who have two products of very dubious value.
Lion Safari LT Power Generator. The claim that this “replaces noisy gas generators… with batteries” is clearly bullshit. Batteries store energy, they don’t generate it the way a gas generator does.
Lion SPK 400 Watt Solar Power Kit. “set includes 100W solar panel” - for $393 ??
A 100 watt solar panel currently retails for less than $100.
I would counsel that products offered on the ‘Shop’ feature should be vetted for genuine value before they are allowed to be advertised. Even a small amount of negative content taints the entire site.


Hi Boomer,
Thank you for the feedback. Although I know we can’t please everyone, we do try our best. In reference to the wording concern, the truth is when someone purchases an electric/solar generator system, they are quite literally replacing a noisy gas-fueled generator. I know this because I am one of them. In fact, also a trained electrician. In reference to the specific item, we searched the brand and the reviews across multiple retailers, and Lion gets great reviews.
Remember this is a kit, not just the 100w panel on its own. If you search other kits of the same capability, you will find the prices range from $300-$650. Currently, Peak members will get this kit for $323, which makes a system that has 4+ star reviews across multiple stores a great deal. 
I wanted to update this post to let all know we have edited the description accordingly to reflect its capabilities. Thank you again for the feedback.

Kinda hoping to see Davefairtex’ new report.
Thanks, hail

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Great job on the new website! Love it!

The new website is gorgeous…Kudos to everyone involved!

Hi Chris and Team. Great work on the new website. I’m still poking my way around but it seems really nice so far.
One thing I noticed on the mobile site- the content width is narrow. I think it’s an easy adjustment by shrinking the margin (or padding?) around the content sections for mobile. As it is now, there’s roughly 25-30% unused space along the sides of my phone screen. Getting nit-picky here. The site is beautiful.

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Congerol, I stand by my comments.
The Lion Power Generator is not a generator. It might replace a very tiny 500 watt “noisy gas-fueled generator” for almost an hour, but then it will require 9 hours to recharge – after the power comes back on. It could be suitable for recharging cell phones during a power outage, but the claim that it will power “mini-frigs, TVs, lights, hot plates, power tools” is only true if the power outage is extremely brief. Besides which, I can buy a functionally equivalent product, with almost twice the battery capacity from Amazon for less than one third of the price.
The 400 Watt Solar Power Kit, is not 400 watts. It contains only one 100 watt solar panel to which “you can add up to 4 of these solar panels to create a 400 W solar power kit.” As I previously stated, 100 watt solar panels retail elsewhere for under $100 and the inverter in the kit is only worth about $40
In summary. I consider both of these products to be deceptively advertised and extremely expensive for what they are. Certainly nothing I would recommend to my friends.


I agree with Boomer41 generally. However this (only to the newcomer) misleading terminology/description of solar “kits” has been used on Amazon/Ebay for years.
Give the choice of one of these or a (very) small gasoline generator when there is no gasoline, though…

I miss Fairtex too. Does one have to pay now to see any content, including the forums?

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Being a past member I was charged $80 to my credit card on 2/26 and again on 3/2 or 3/3. Doesn’t seem right? can you do something about it.

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I appreciate that Chris and the team have seen fit to increase revenue by including ads, but I think the advertisers will find that the PP crowd is too skeptical and informed to respond to all but a few unusually helpful products and services.

Hi Mike,
Its like I mention above, as much as we want to make everyone happy, it just isn’t possible. This doesn’t mean we can’t try by building a shop helpful to all those that need help with something. That said, I did take Boomers inputs on the wording and adjusted accordingly on our site. I even have a message out to the company to assist in their descriptions where I can.
This in mind, there is a big difference between a 900W surge protector that charges with plug in power, and a small solar set up. Both are great, and both have their merits depending on individual needs, but are simply not the same.
Should add here, there really is great reviews on the product across multiple stores that sell it too, and the price is very competitive across DIY solar kits which is what this kit is.
Here is an example, the same kit, for sale in another shop for 399 – members get it for 323:
The Renogy kits run higher in price, much higher for the same power supplied.
I can’t express enough, the intent here is not to force anyone to buy anything through our shop that isn’t good. We would never dream of that. It is to use our collective tribe numbers and knowledge to help us all build our knowledge capital and resilience together whether through a deal on a 900W surge protector or DIY solar kits and everything in-between.
To this end, we expect forums to be up within 24 hours. I will likely set up a DIY spot there, or maybe refresh Boomers, I saw he did have one going historically. That is the place where we can all discuss and learn from each other. After all, that is what this is about!

Like the cleaner look, kudos! Still jarring that a piece from early 2021 is first thing up, and the hottest comment (as of late March 4) is very old…Hope the “migration” continues apace. Good luck!

Hi Skywolf,
Thanks! Yep, there is more migration happening. We are expecting forums to migrate over in the next 24 hours or so.

Congratulations on the upgraded site! It is cleaner and very tidy. As I typically come to the site to watch the videos, my one wish is for a central location for all the video contact - either as its own header or under the content tab. Other than that, the site is a major improvement! Well done :slight_smile:

I know it was a big deal to have threaded comments. There are times when following a thought is a lot easier in threads. Finding the newest comments is a lot more cumbersome when everything is threaded. At some point, can we get an option to toggle between “threaded comments” and “time-based as-posted” comments like it was on the old site?


I love the new site. It feels much cleaner and more engaging than the old site. One thought. I am far less interested in Hottest Comments than I am in Latest Comments. Is there a way to access latest comments like on the old site?

Hey Monepaul,
Was this resolved? If not we can totally fix this…sincere apologies.

I really miss the numbered comments. It is very hard to find where you left off on posts with hundreds of comments. (Maybe hard to do with threaded comments?) But overall, the new website looks great!