How to Make a Barrel Compost Tumbler

Great tutorial on how to set up your own low-cost compost tumbler.  Get one of these built and start making wonderful garden compost quicker and easier.

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I've thought about making making a steady-state system from two oil drums with tops cut out, welded together,  top to top. It sits on rollers, in a sloping position, the top end perhaps 6 inches higher than the bottom end,.rotated on its cylindrical axis perhaps once a day. It would have door at the top end on one side. The door would swing only inward and the drums would turn in the direction where the door would always be closed when on the bottom and open when on top. The bottom end of the cylinder would have a large hole in the center.  The compost would slowly work its way from upper to lower end, where it would eventually fall into a container. An enclosure could include a one-way "valve" made of plastic to allow waste in but no smell out. Maybe also a.conical fly trap might allow flies in, but not out. More details if you need them…Anything but stainless steel barrels for this probably wouldn't last long.