How To Start a Fire With Batteries

A great demonstration video on how to use the energy from batteries to create fire without matches.  Could be very useful information to have in an emergency situation.

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Arthur (and others) - Have you made a fire before with bow drill, hand drill or some other primitive technique?  If not, I suggest you try it.  It's an empowering experience.  It can take weeks of practice to get really good at it.  It's good to work with someone with experience.  The learning will go much faster.
Once you get good at it, teach it to someone.  That's even more empowering than learning it yourself.

Hint: don't use the wood of Quercus bicolor.  It doesn't work well.  Try something light and non-resinous like willow, cedar, cottonwood, aspen, basswood, or whatever the equivalent is in your part of the world.