Inflation Is The Highest In Your Life

Believe it or not, the current bout of inflation is worse than the bad old inflation of the 1970’s. Hyperbole? No, because when we look at a long-term chart of CPI-adjusted prices we see that the last two years have the steepest slope on record.

But anybody who’s been shopping already knows this. You can easily fit $150 worth of groceries into a single paper shopping bag now. It’s depressing and alarming.

Insurance costs for home and auto have been spiking miserably, to say nothing of health insurance. Many people are now going “naked” without insurance.

Now, finally, wage inflation has entered the game and will conspire with price inflation to drive costs higher.

Add it all up and we’re facing much more inflation – that pig is still working its way through the python.

In Part II, for subscribers, I take us through both the evidence that we’re coming into a rough patch and steps you can take to minimize the harms of high inflation.

Remember, inflation is a form of collective punishment that falls most heavily on the lower socioeconomic classes, so it’s really poorly disguised class warfare being conducted by the banking and political classes against the rest of us. We really should protest it more.

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Yesterday I made my mother a pumpkin pie. The price on the can was on sale for 99 cents (this was after Thanksgiving just prior to covid) for a large can of organic pumpkin. I stocked up before covid (thanks, Chris) and now I feel like an archaeologist when I excavate my cupboards and see the prices. My freezer still has hamburger I bought at $1.50 a pound. It is like finding an heirloom family Christmas ornament wrapped in an old supermarket ad, showing bread for 19 cents a loaf. Except that now, the shockingly low prices are recent. And the really scary thing is knowing that in a year what we are paying now will seem cheap. Hyperinflation, civil unrest, blood in the streets…the inevitable trajectory of fiat currency, always and everywhere.


Inflation? Who? Me?

Ten years ago, I paid a very competent crew to paint my three rural residential buildings (house, office, shop). They were expensive, but they did a great job. $5,500.
I just received a bid to do the same thing.


Hallo Nochmal


They Raised Our Chocolate Ration To 20 Grammes Per Week!

“It appeared that there had even been demonstrations to thank Big Brother for raising the chocolate ration to twenty grammes a week. And only yesterday, he reflected, it had been announced that the ration was to be REDUCED to twenty grammes a week. Was it possible that they could swallow that, after only twenty-four hours? Yes, they swallowed it.” - George Orwell’s 1984
Propaganda is propaganda no matter the year. We will be gaslit and lied too until our dying breath.



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Energy Is Crippling Australians…and Politicians

We are paying about $2.20 a litre for fuel ($10 a gallon) here in Australia. Diesel is needed in a just about all parts of our living essentials, which in Australia, is crushing us as trucks are the lifeline to our massive country. And now the Union wants more pay increases, which as Chris points our far better than I ever could, inflates the cost of living.


Doubleplusgood comrade :wink: Oldthinkers unbellyfeel INGSOC :slight_smile:

Inflation != Price Increases

Hi, Chris,
Greetings from Nicole Foss and me, and a reminder that price increases are not inflation, but can be a lagging indicator of it.


Always a timely and good reminder! Thank you.

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Ha! This is true on so many levels. I feel like this all the time. Told my amazing wife no more than a month ago, we made a lot more on stocking up that anything else has returned market wise. Something as simple as shampoo, stocked up from Sams for ~5 bucks per big container. Those same containers are now 9.89. Their sale price is still like 7.89, lol.

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Psychohistory Is Real

As I told you before:
On the money issue, I suggest you may want to read or re-read the work of Frederick Soddy. Chapter 5 is about money, pretty basic but I think it’s important.

This Process Is Continuing

This process is continuing into 2023. I am unemployed at the studio @geometry dash lite and really tired at the moment


If you’re interested in learning more about the money problem, I recommend Frederick Soddy’s writings. There’s a chapter on money that seems quite fundamental, run 3

Could someone please consider doing a piece on ‘The Alpha Strategy’. Available as a free downloadable pdf from a simple web search. Or here: It is a study on and an explanation of what causes inflation and the chennanigans behind it. Skipping to page 59, Part 2 The Solution Chapter 7 and on, it systematically explores personal inflation busting tactics every individual can put in place. Very insightful, I’ve used it and would highly recommend. Especially insightful is Chapter 9 ‘Save Consumables’ for example considering the cost of storage per cubic foot and the cost per cubic foot of item stored or not storing fashionable items lest they go out of fashion and lots more besides.