Inflation Lies & Monetary Madness

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Welcome to this week’s Finance University episode.

This week, we’re tackling a hot-button issue: inflation. With government figures often underplaying the real impact of inflation on everyday lives, it’s essential to peel back the layers and understand the true picture. We’ll be joined as usual by Paul Kiker from Kiker Wealth Management, bringing his expertise to our lively conversation. Whether you’re grappling with rising costs or curious about how inflation shapes our economy, this episode is a must-watch. So, set a reminder, tune in, and let’s explore these critical financial issues together.

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For those who watched the video, this appears to be the clip which had David Webb in the TN state legislature giving testimony about what seems to be this bill


Seems to me, since 06/07, we’ve come full circle again, to a point where return on our money isn’t as important a consideration as return of our money, going forward.


What amazes me is you continually point out the evil and corruption that enables it, on fronts from biological weapon releases (intentional… or perhaps just too early), government corruption that is absolutely laughable along with intentional malfeasance at the behest of some large global entity, our monetary system of control that was engineered from the beginning to be the shackles of humanity… but in the pointing out of the evil, you fall short in calling out the steps needed to stop or even slow what’s coming.

Perhaps, you’re not quite there… perhaps you don’t think your audience is ready…

Voting is a false supplicant for the masses. If it worked, it’d be made illegal. The monetary system is built as it is for control, and they are turning up the knob of pain. Taxation without representation is a crime (and I am absolutely not represented by the US government).

The only path forward that I can see is a revolution to create a truthful, sound, fair government and monetary system. But absent the group will for enough mass for a revolution to work… the beatings will continue until morale improves (and continuing to take money paid by all of your taxes to pad Ukraine’s pockets, and bomb Gaza in a genocide, and pay apparently $136k/yr/person for illegal immigrants)


Thanks John for sharing this clip. I appreciated especially Rep Parkinson who asked the speakers essentially to translate the finance mumbo jumbo (my words) into something he (and I too) can understand. This seems like financial/legal “experts” obfuscating and burying the details, overselling the benefits and papering over and ignoring the risks. Hope this bill passes and that Chris and others can explain it to me like I’m a 5th grader. And maybe I’ll need to transfer my brokerage accounts to TN (?).

Indeed, dishonest money = dishonest everything else.

I submit that it is impossible to write enough clever laws and rules to somehow enact moral compliance when the underlying money is completely dishonest.

Money (should) = work stored up.

When money is printed out of nothing then that was the first act of dishonesty and it only gets worse from there.

Instead, debt-based money is an advanced form of control over people. That is, it is slavery where the slaves keep themselves and are somehow unable to see the big lie for what it is because of the illusion of freedom.

Sound money fixes a lot of things, but I can’t say that it will be easier…most people will experience sound money as quite difficult compared to the current arrangement.

We’ll all have to work a lot harder, but that comes with its own rewards it turns out.

Finally, as I’ve often said, none of this can be voted, tweaked, or amended into better shape. It’s too far gone.


If I recall, the end of the 1980 inflation was a collapse in oil prices.

And that leaves us with… work on yourself… body, mind, and especially spirit. For I believe what we see all about us is a spiritual issue.

Most humans are active only in the physical, relationship, and power levels of consciousness (first three chakras). Some have tapped into the realization that we are all the same at the source, and thus love begins to flow. Truth, wisdom, and connection with the divine are all consciousness levels accessible by humans with just a little desire, knowledge and experience.

Separate from the corrupt systems, gather into supportive tribes, and work on becoming as close to divine as each is able.

Spiritually whole people do not want to exploit or dominate others (including our animal brothers)

The most interesting thing to me is that the systems are all designed to let the worst/lowest among us to rise to the top. The more hatred, greed or selfishness one has the easier it is to exploit everything around them.


The rationalization for floating the Mag 7 is because of the # of 401k mutual funds and ETFs held in brokerages that are market cap weighted and supporting their rise. The narrative must meet the stock evaluation in order to keep many tax situations positive and taxable among the investor class, instead of turning negative and being a negative feedback loop on incoming tax flows.