Informed Consent Delayed One Week, Join The Tribe and Fight Censorship

As previously announced, Peak Prosperity’s ability to post new content on its public YouTube channels have been shut down for a week. This means the weekly Informed Consent LiveCast cannot be streamed until next week.

“The heat is back on,” said Chris when he announced the censorship by the social media channel. "We’re being actively targeted for removal due to my insistence on saying relatively tame things about vaccines and Covid. Things that often do go against ‘expert consensus.’”

He added, “Further, I’ve decided not to appeal or contest the removal of these videos because that puts us in the awkward position of begging to be allowed to speak our minds and tell the truth.”

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We are unable to post anything for a week to our channel and it raises the prospect of losing the entire channel permanently.[/caption]

While the “offending” videos (below) are still available here at Peak Prosperity, the ability to hold a LiveCast is disabled this week. Absent any unexpected circumstances, Informed Consent will return next week.

  1. Dr. Pierre Kory interview chronicling Big Pharma's historical deadly missteps
  2. Chris and Evie LiveCast discussing Dr. Fauci's admission that Covid vaccines don't protect you from contracting Covid
"The pattern seems to be targeting people who dare to question authority. A pogrom enacted by the cheerless woke mobs who increasingly resemble corporate authoritarians and who openly copy the tactics of various communist regimes," added Chris in his post. "Look, let me not mince words: we live in exceptionally dangerous times. Everything hinges on how things go from here. A huge battle is underway between the forces of freedom / popularism and conformity / authoritarianism. Those who would wish us all to conform to their ideology and submit to the chaos of authoritarianism are severely ignorant and/or misguided. They seem to be completely unaware of where prosperity comes from and just how easy it is to destroy it."
Informed Consent will return next week.

Call To Action

First, do not lose heart.

Chris and Peak Prosperity are working to ensure our messages reach as many people as possible without interference. Unfortunately, that desire to reach more people is why we can’t willingly ditch YouTube altogether…yet. Its reach is just too big to ignore. But that doesn’t mean we are going to play their game either. Today, we will fight for the 1st Amendment and freedom against all those who wish “to stifle free speech or legitimate scientific inquiry.” We will call out hypocrisy and the tell the truth everywhere we can. But creating a bigger change is a process that must be undertaken with serious intent. We are actively taking action. More on that in the near future.

In the meantime, the only sure thing against the forces of authoritarianism is our paywall. Subscribe to Peak Prosperity and you not only get uncensorable content, but you join thousands of like-minded friends who want a better world and more resilient life.

If you’re only watching the free content, you’re missing out on the real data and discussions. I would strongly consider upgrading your subscription to see the posts and the data behind the paywall, and partake in the discussions with fellow Tribe members. It’s a simple process that offers different levels of features and benefits. Check out our Membership Page for options.

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Why Are You Not Using Rumble Or Odysee?

Seems a far better idea than messing with the Gestapo?


Rumble Is A Great Choice!

Hey Chris I just noticed you are on rumble… excellent choice and I doubt you will be censored for speaking the truth. By the way I agree that people should be subscribers of you payed content.
Thanks Chris for the great insight in to the future… it has help me navigate big time!


We offer our videos on Odysee, Rumble and Vimeo. And the bottom line (as we alluded to above) is YouTube has the largest reach next to Google. We can’t ignore that fact if we want to reach and help as many people as possible.


Odysee, Rumble And Vimeo

Thanks for posting to the “alternate” video hosting sites. I wish one could simply give Youtube the big middle finger and just walk away from them, but I understand that’s where the majority of the users are, at least for now. Someday!


I think perhaps the question was why are you not using Rumble or Odysee for today’s Informed Consent.


PP could just post a tame video on you tube a
and invite the viewers to the PP website, rumble, odysse or video. Other channels on you tube are doing this.


The Woke Mobs

The woke mobs are not awake!



With respect, how does paying Peak Prosperity help “fight censorship”?
I understand how more money directly benefits Peak. But what progress will buying a premium Peak subscription make towards influencing the big platforms like YouTube/etc to evolve their policies?


Hello BigBlue, for one, it keeps the site going. Nowadays what passes for “news” (free) is actually mostly propaganda for the individuals that benefit from establishing a narrative. If you want real, objective data, you have to pay for it.
Eventually, sites such as this one can grow to a point where they don’t need big tech (google, yt and their minions).
Best regards,


I Agree With The Approach.

I pay because I value the content, and personally do not care about going directly to the peakproperity website or Odysee. But, I still watch on YouTube because I feel that getting the message out there on the algorithms is as important as the insights I gain. At some points, I do get worried about being labelled on YouTube because I watched too many ‘conspiracy’ videos, but will have to deal with that when the time arrives.   I’m sure I have been profiled already.


Odysee now has a official app in the Roku app store

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Growing awareness


How do you verify that ‘largest reach’ when you are the product?




Great question.

  1. Your membership helps us keep the lights on here so I can do what I do, which is spend close to 7 days a week reading, analyzing, synthesizing and communicating.
  2. Big Tech is caught up in Mass Psychosis. The way that spell gets broken is by people like us standing up and saying “no, I don’t think so…”
  3. By assembling The Remnant - gathering the tribe - we help to turn the tide. It is only ever by the actions of a determined minority that anything ever changes. Having that tribe behind a paywall functions on many levels to help build our strength.
  4. The stability of having support behind me allows me to edge right up to the censorship line without fear. If they kill my channel and take away our advertising revenue this won’t sink our personal financial ship. Many other people are not in that camp. This allows me to push a bit further than most. I’ve been pretty damn good at toeing the line but it’s obvious now that YouTube has recently moved the line again. Oops. I’ll adjust.
  1. I see how that benefits you. Not sure how that influences Youtube at all, or even catches its attention
  2. not seeing the connection here. How do more paid memberships break this “Mass Psychosis”? Again, Im thinking Youtube will take zero notice of what happens on peak prosperity
  3. how will this Remnant “turn the tide”? In what concrete ways? Honestly, just trying to understand how more new subscriptions (which I understand will send more dollars into your personal pocket) will “help build our strength on many levels”
  4. does the monthly revenue you currently receive not already allow you to act with such integrity? Your Youtube channel has near a half million users. Conservatively assuming 1 percent of them subscribe here, that’s around $100k in revenue a month, over $1 million a year. Seems like that should be plenty to edge up to that line without fear
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Information Scout

In the last month there hasen’t been a much content for the information scouts. I feel like 10 euros wasted. Im not going to pay 30 euros either for couple of alert videos. Maybe you should revise your subscribion strategy?

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I watch the videos and hear a consistent message from Chris. Prepare now. You want to be early vs a day late.
Yet you seem to be avoiding trying to migrate viewers to Rumble or Odysee, when YouTube could give you a 3rd strike at any time and the channel either down for a month or possibly a permanent ban.
Is there some issue with streaming to 2 different services at the same time? Why not have the livestream on one of the other platforms and alert the tribe that there’s been a change when this kind of thing happens?
Also post links and mention that you have an alternate channel on some other service, in case of interruption… which just seems inevitable.
The old adage, when you play with fire, eventually you get burned.
Lay the foundation now. Work on the assumption that the YouTube resource will be in short supply at some point.


Perhaps a PP video server with YT pointer videos would enable information sharing while still reaching an expanded audience.

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