Introducing Peak Prosperity

Welcome to Peak Prosperity!

After more than a year of planning and hard work, we’re thrilled to share this new site with you.

What We Focused On

Our principal goals for Peak Prosperity are to offer a better user experience than (our recently-retired previous site -- may it rest in peace, *sniff*) and to introduce solutions for the needs most frequently voiced by our readers over the years.

We gave priority to the following benefits when building this site:

  • make it more intuitive to navigate and find what you're looking for
  • improve our ability to deliver more content, more frequently, to our readers
  • clarify our brand, our positive vision, and what we stand for
  • better empower resiliency-building at the personal and community level
  • improve site performance, stability, and reliability

What to Look For

As you start to use the new site, keep your eye out for the following enhancements:
  • New brand - We chose Peak Prosperity and its supporting tagline and logo in order to be much more clear that, despite the warnings within the Crash Course, our mission is one of purposeful optimism and gain for those willing to take control of their future. Our core message is: "Even in the era of Peak Everything, you CAN prosper." It just involves assuming responsibility for your destiny, as well as expanding your definition of what "prosperity" means beyond simply the number of dollars in your bank account.
  • New look & feel - The design of the site seeks to combine the best practices of website usability with a clean, appealing look. The layout is much more intuitive, cleaner, and less cluttered. And the friendly, calming color scheme complements well the positive message at the heart of our brand.
  • More visible content - If you look at the front page of Peak Prosperity, you'll see nine headlines before having to scroll down the page. That's eight more headlines than were visible when landing on! We also make it much easier to discern which content is available to everyone and which is only available to our enrolled users. (Enrolled content has a differentiated golden color scheme, as well as "$" icons and sashes associated with it).
  • Easier-to-read content - We've added design changes as well as introduced new tools that make the article content easier to read. For instance, you can now easily increase or decrease the font size of any article you're reading. It's also simple to print out a "printer-friendly" version of the article for reading when away from your computer.
  • Enhanced Comments - The most notable change here is the new ability to vote on comments that you like. We then surface the highest-rated ones as Popular Comments, so you can easily find the day's best gems of wisdom. We've also dramatically increased the number of comments per page, so you're not having to continuously click to new pages to follow the conversation on a post or forum.
  • Dedicated Section to Resiliency Building - Our new Resilient Life section is accessed by clicking the "Prepare" tab in the site header. This brings you to a home screen for all our resiliency content and resources. Some of those resources, like the What Should I Do? series, are familiar to you. But a number of important ones are new:
    • Groups - Groups allow you to (finally!) easily locate other like-minded individuals in your area to collaborate with. And they also let you connect with others around a specific topic, passion, or skill. Watch the brief tour of Groups in Video #3 below.
    • Wikis - Our new Wikis are primers that contain the collective knowledge of the Peak Prosperity community on many of the most important topics related to building personal resiliency. Video #3 below also gives you a brief tour of the Wikis.
    • Daily Prep - Similar to the Daily Digest, the Daily Prep is a compendium of resiliency-related headlines that catch our attention each day.
  • Locating users by expertise - Looking for a seasoned gardener to bounce a question off? Would you love to check with a car-maintenance junkie before sending your car into the shop? You user account now lets you identify skills you're willing to let the community know about. We'll soon allow you to search users by expertise, so that you can find expert minds to tap when the need arises.
  • Better site search - Many of you will be relieved to hear that we've updated the horsepower behind our site search. Now you'll actually get instant, focused results about what you're looking for.
  • Better spam protection - We've put in new security measures that should foil most spam posters attacking the site. The trade-off here is that you will occasionally find yourself prompted to prove you're a human when submitting a comment to the site. It shouldn't be an inconvenience outweighing the benefit of freedom from spam, but let us know if you find you disagree.
  • More social media options - We've added Google+ to our portfolio of ways to follow us via social media. You'll now find Google+ and LinkedIn 'share' buttons at the top of every article, along with Facebook and Twitter. Our popular YouTube channel is getting a makeover as well.
  • Warmly welcoming new users to the site - For those interested in referring people to this site, we've created a nice onboard experience for those new to Peak Prosperity. If you're logged out, just look for the tab in the upper right corner of the site that says "New user? Start here." If you're already logged in, you can access it by clicking here.

How to Use the New Site

If you haven't watched them already, spend a few minutes watching these overviews of the new site.

Peak Prosperity


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What You Should Do Right Now

If you have a few moments, here's what you should do right now (provided you're interested, of course):
  • Visit Groups and search for a local group in your area. If one exists, join it. If not, create one yourself for others in your area to join
  • Update your Peak Prosperity user account with any skills you care to share
    • go to your user account and click on the "Personal Information" tab

Thanking Those Behind the Curtain

Finally, we'd like to thank those who made this site possible.

With deep appreciation, we’d like to acknowledge the professional talent involved in designing and building this site – namely the Shimshock Group, Ann Stringer Design, and Ward Hooper. In particular, we’re grateful for the expertise, perseverance, and patience (!) of Ron Shimshock which were critical in making our vision reality.

They are all looking forward to some well-deserved sleep now that this site is live. A few more minutes and I’ll join them…

We hope you find this new site to be as useful as we intend it to be. We’re sure there are likely to be some kinks to work out, so please be liberal with your feedback. We’ve set up a quick poll you can take (< 5 seconds), and also placed a blue ‘Feedback’ link at the left of every page – so if you have a thought to share or see something not working the way it should, please use it to give us a heads up.

Chris and I and the rest of the Peak Prosperity team are very excited about where – in partnership with you, our members – we’ll be able to go with this new site. It’s certainly going to be a big asset to our mission of helping to create a future worth inheriting.



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for the tremendous amount of work and dedication to improving the site, and making our (the members) experience here more rewarding. 
Get some sleep. LOL (lots of luck) wink


for my withdrawl pain. Looks good folk.  robie

First, thank you to the team that made this possible.  The amount of effort, persistence, and skill that went into this new site was enormous, if not heroic at times.  Building a website as complicted as this one is every bit as demanding and complicated as building a custom house with a lot of nifty features.
Second, thank you to all of our faithful readers, and especially members, for your patience as we migrated between the old site and this one.  Thankfully the world cooperated and was relatively calm during the transition.  And by 'relatively,' I mean compared to current events, not to, say, five years ago. Oh, how the world has changed.

Third, I am quite excited by the new offerings of the new site; we really took to heart your feedback and ideas and have addressed the largest and most pressing of them here.  There will be a few glitches and fixes to be addressed; there always are in a migration as profound as this one, so be sure to use the 'feedback' tab on the left of your screen to alert us to anything that you think needs to be addreeed.

Finally, enjoy the new site!  We built it for you.


Chris Martenson

Thanks for the hard work!Glad to have my CM community back.

I took a look at one of the groups and got a prompt mentioning that in the future it would cost $10 a month to be in a group.  It said that current CM paid subscribers would be free.
Please explain how this will work.

Does that mean that current subscribers are grand-fathered in forever or does it mean that current subscribers will be allowed into the groups as long as their paid membership is active.

Does that mean that new paid subscribers will have the same free access?  What about a suscriber who has a short lapse in their paid membership?

Is access to the groups just one more benefit of standard paid membership?



Wow - the few days' absence of this website sure showed me how much I rely on it to stay depth-informed and connected to like-minded folks.  What a gem.  I'm having fun scooting around your new creation.  Thanks, Martenson and Co., and rest up!

…Thanks to all involved… I love the new site name.   Fits with what happened when my partner Linda sold her home and moved in with me… We are at "Peak Stuff".   and will continue to sort, sell and give away our "stuff".   Again, Thanks!
-Bob O

I notice several sites that deal with gold under the 3E banner. FOFOA's blog at blogspot is not there.
FOFOA NEVER promotes his site so I will. On the site are some of the best articles about the economy one can fnd on the web. He deals with much more than gold. His analysis of the current financial crisis is explained using the entire history of finance from the ancient through the Genoa conference of the mid 1400s, the changes made in Genoa again in 1922 and on through Brenton Woods, the Nixon Shock and our current paper gold market.

Freegold is a concept that many casual readers see as a cult like vision of the future and often mock it as such. Those who read through the bulk of the site however will see a much deeper and better explanation of how we got to our present position than is found anywhere else.

In the years I have been reading there I have learned more about gold's role as a wealth asset than I have from any of the oher sites that are listed. 

In the final analysis, no one will committ to buying gold unless they understand why it is going to be important in the future. Once you have an understanding of the past, the future becomes a bit clearer.  You can get a clearer vision from FOFOA.

[quote=cmartenson]… so be sure to use the 'feedback' tab on the left of your screen to alert us to anything that you think needs to be addreeed.
The new site looks fantastic and I'm eager to explore it.  However, that feedback tab at the left of the screen is ANNOYING BEYOND DESCRIPTION.  It overlaps and blocks the text in the prime reading area.  It leaves only a small portion of the screen where the text is entirely readable, so I have to continually scroll up or down.  Please fix this first.  I realize it is important to have it, but the top, right, or bottom margin would be a much better position.

Travlin - Just posted this message over on the poll:

Just letting you know we're listening to the feedback we receive very closely.
It sounds like for a number of folks, particularly those on iPads, the Feedback tab is getting in the way of the content.
We'll push a fix within the next few hours.
Please keep the feedback coming!

It seems that the feeds still point to the old site and are now therefore broken.  Being able to use RSS to subscribe to the site is the best way for me to keep up with Chris' gang's insights.

Hi Chris,
Congrats & thanks for the new site.
Was listening to the interview with Carolyn Baker again today, wondered if that optimistic outlook influenced the new sites name?
ScubaRoo :slight_smile:

[quote=Adam Taggart]Travlin - Just posted this message over on the poll:

  Just letting you know we're listening to the feedback we receive very closely. It sounds like for a number of folks, particularly those on iPads, the Feedback tab is getting in the way of the content. We'll push a fix within the next few hours. Please keep the feedback coming!
[/quote] Adam thanks for the quick reply, and quick fix.  I saw your message at the other location.  I GREATLY appreciate being able to read the content easily now. Travlin 

joesxm2011 -Here's how we plan for it to work.
Our new Groups service is in "beta", which basically means we plan to continue to materially evolve/improve it over the next several months based on feedback from our users.
While it's in beta, Groups will be free to all users.
We estimate the beta period will last at least through the end of 2012.
After that point, if the product's long-term prospects are viable, we plan to make the service available at a $10/month subscription to anyone who wants to use the service. Active enrolled users, however, will be able to access Groups at NO additional charge to their regular enrollment fee (it will be yet another benefit of enrollment). 
If you're enrolled and then let your membership lapse, you will not be able to access Groups during the period you're not enrolled. However, as soon as you re-enroll, your access will be reinstated.
[Some may be asking: why charge for Groups?
The short answer is: it's a relatively complex offering technologically-speaking, and expensive to develop. The development costs for Groups comes on top of the much larger cost of building all the other features and improvements of this new site. Chris and I have funded every dollar of this redesign out of our own pockets. We are taking the gamble that we can deliver enough value to users through Groups that this lower, reasonable fee will subsidize enough of our (now higher) operational costs to enable us to continue running and improving this site.]

I was gonna submit this feedback via the tab, but it seems to have disappeared…So here goes.  Is it just me or is the "friendly, calming" color scheme controlling my mind?  I love the tree logo with the sunburst behind it,  but when it is overlaid on the "flag" with the same style "rays" or burst graphic, I feel like I'm being hypnotized.  My sweetheart, you know, the one with the tin-foil hat, is wondering if the site got taken over by the illuminati or something…Getting used to the new site and liking it so far- 'cept for that mind-control  thingie…Aloha, Steve.
ps:  what's growing on that tree?  Chili peppers?  Mangos?  Wait, don't tell me!  It's that tree that the money grows on in Ben's backyard!

Chris & Team,
Thanks for all the hard work. The new site looks wonderful!! 


Yes. Feedback tab or radio button. I'm not sure where to post feedback.

Until we're able to return the floating Feedback tab in a more convenient location, please use the Contact Us link in the site footer (at the bottom of every page) to submit feedback.If you categorize your submission as "Feedback" when doing so, it will help us notice it more quickly.

Over the past year I would guess I have made comments 10 times but I see my post count is 2. What does this number refer to?
I'm not sure this is the proper place to ask this question but I did not see a 'Contact Us' link.