Introducing “The [BRICS] Unit”

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In this week’s episode of Finance Paul and I discuss the huge moves taking place that confirm the notion that huge, tectonic moves are taking place on the world economic and financial stage.

Spurred on by the weaponization of the dollar, possibly the dumbest and most clueless policy ever devised or implemented, the rest of the world has decided enough is enough.

They are tiptoeing away from the dollar and quietly implementing cross-border currency settlements and now have a proposal on the table for a decentralized, gold-backed settlement system.

With a proposed 40% backing by gold and further backing by other commodities (such as oil?) this new currency represents an enormous threat to the fiat-only Western central bank offering.

Backed by nothing but bluster and bombs, the US dollar, yen, and euro leave a lot to be desired.

The West will have no option but to also back its own currency, ending 5 decades of unbacked printing and borrowing.

What does this portend for our investments? Tune in for the exploration…

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Interesting moves in the industry as well.


You forgot: they also have the dreaded weapon SANCTIONS!!


There was some funky audio on Paul’s end in this episode. Otherwise great discussion as usual.



Very interesting timing for Jamie Dimon and James Gorman to be stepping down.

What does their retirement allow them to do in regards to selling/buying stocks?

I imagine they can liquidate their position and pivot without having to report to the public but I’m not well verse in what they can/can’t do while employed.


Melinda Gates and Klaus Schwab stepping down too. Must be that everyone suddenly wants to spend more time at the beach. :face_with_monocle:


I am getting a “failed download”, tried three times. Downloads about half and fails.

Edit: Went to Rumble link and downloaded using Download Helper.

What the heck is wrong with the Democratic party? Why would they vote for CBDC?


I don’t understand Democrats or anyone for that matter voting for CBDC. Won’t they be under the same “financial pen”?

Or will they be under a different set of regulations and “restrictions” ? Will they get more financial freedom despite low social score that may eventually linked to CBDC?

Why would anyone vote for their own enslavement?


Just noodling on why the US Retail Market isn’t interested in Gold. Could this be part of it? AARP reassures us that it’s nothing but a quirky fringe thing, right? A barbarous relic and certainly not doing very well against inflation these days :laughing:


I found this on Kitco news site. It goes along with everything that Chris is saying. She explains things in sync with what is being said here at PP. I do not have any ties to this person, but wanted to share that there are others that are ringing the bell about this.

Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News, interviews Carol Roth, New York Times bestselling author of ‘You Will Own Nothing,’ who warns that we are on the brink of a financial world war where financial stakes will shift. She dives into the global elite’s plan to come out on top – the process that threatens to leave us owning nothing and under centralized control. Roth explains what is behind the World Economic Forum’s 2030 agenda and delves into the risks associated with central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). She also highlights the importance of personal ownership and what you can do to fight back.


They are convinced it is what they have to do. Curious if that is by coercion or simply lust for power/greed…


The elites, as well as their politicians and also their underlings, were never required to take the vx shot. They get exceptions. Same with the carbon tax idea. They get to keep their mega-yachts, private 747s, etc. etc. etc. etc. The dem party has been one of their wholly owned subsidiaries for some time. Much of the republican branch of the uniparty is in the same boat, usually anyway. The dems seem to normally vote as a bloc, and those that transgress get a dressing down over it. They pretty much all stopped caring what their constituents want long ago.


Agree. I get all that.

What I don’t get is how will they benefit under CBDC? So are they promised by TPTB above them, to be under a different set/standard of rules?

The only thing I can think of is since CBDC is program-able $, their ac will be program to be more lax than us little folks in terms of restrictions. Their ac will allow them to buy more meat for eg. higher or possibly no limit to buying meat.

Unlike the jab mandate, we little folks have no control over our decision to opt out of CBDC. I don’t want to play their game and I have no option to do so. I don’t want their stupid prizes.


Isn’t the line ‘Spend more time with family’ or is that just politicians?


It is really about the greatest trick the Banksters ever pulled. Comparing everything to imaginary money, i.e. the US dollar. I heard a new comparison this week, in the 60’s Australia had a 50 cent piece with 1/3 of a Troy ounce Silver content. It could buy you lunch at the time, now said coin’s Silver value can still buy you lunch. Where’s the the real value, in Silver or Central Bank dollars?


Awhile back on some social media site there was someone who said he worked on the programming of the upcoming digital IDs. He said they were being made to be easily programmable and that anyone chosen could be given privileges that will be denied to most everyone else. So yes the Dems and some Repubs, if they good boys and girls, can continue to travel freely eating meat or whatever they wish (this is, anything but bugs) and have many other privileges we hardly know exist. That is, all will stay pretty much as it is currently for them.


My guess: they don’t care about their own freedom. Partly they don’t understand it: there’s a conceptual disconnect between their day to day actions and the various laws. So they think minimum wage laws for instance are kind and help low wage workers. They don’t see it as an infringement on company and owner rights, or the consequences of rising input costs driving up the cost of their own purchases. They will just blame “greedy management.”

But they also see government control as a good thing (in some loose abstract way). So yeah - give government more authority; let them directly set interest rates to “more efficiently” run the economy and everything will be better.

I don’t think there’s a big secret here… the proponents put out their supporting arguments and there are a number of folks who believe it and never question it.


@elina90 @redneck-engineer Thank you for both your input. Quite enlightening.

Hope those programmers will one day choose the right side of history.

CBDC = total enslavement when paired with social credit score.

OTOH, maybe the sun will burp a solar flare and all digital currency kaput into digital heaven. Haha