Is Covid-19 Over?

Global deaths from covid-19 are on the wane. Most countries and states are starting to remove lockdown restrictions. And now we’re starting to see medical claims that the SARS2 virus is losing potency.

Is the covid-19 pandemic finally over?

Not quite, cautions Chris. Yes, there are encouraging signs that fatalities are slowing, but there are still a lot of unknowns to address before we breathe a sigh of relief. The fact that lockdowns are ending at the same time thousands are coming into close quarters at protests will tell us in just a few weeks how worried we’ll need to be about a resurgence in infections.

Meanwhile, lots of uncertainty continues to swirl around chronic questions like 'Is HCQ helpful or harmful?" and ‘Does covid-19 have lab origins?’. With each day it seems there’s a new wrinkle released that keeps the skeptics and the believers at odds with each other.

Last, the societal trauma and the resulting inequality the official “rescue” efforts are creating are manifesting in the growing social unrest underlying the recent outbreak of protests and riots across the country. We need to keep our eyes on the true villains in this story – primary among them the Federal Reserve – rather than fighting each other.

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… you are this good.
I have no comments for everything you spoke of here and are my conclusions also and my opinion to date has been centered on everything you have covered over the last 125 days (12 years) or so. Easily I have determined that until the Fed does something that doesn’t work to mask over our predicament, that this could, as it did in 2009, cause the ““Market”” to rise ever further. Greedily I imagine another 12 years like the last 12 years, why not?
Trump says a better 3rd quarter and 4th quarter are upon us and I believe him.
The gains of the last 51 (work days) days according to my spread sheet has been ridiculously high in spite of everything we shake our heads at, are profits that could buy much more in precious metals with the profits in the market that these metals have not come close to matching during the same time period makes my decision simply a good guess, a risk taken from the bottom, before the markets open fully and we can actually then determine where the economy is. Where we land will be profitable until then and I don’t think much in the way of a risky adventure. There will be new businesses that come from this set back, and to help cause a new run to what we lost when the economy closed.
Folks, I don’t apologize that I have accumulated some wealth, it was brought about by the DO NOT fight The Fed/follow the money disciplines and it hasn’t failed those of us who have kept to the script. Obviously the risk has worked out but just as obvious is that for me its acceptable risk because over and over when things looked dicey a 4am movement has been made to cause the algorithms to kick in and take the market higher. At this juncture I believe the Fed really needs to step up their game to show that we are in fact headed into a new Bull Market run. They need to establish their control here, not lose any ground to what they have done in the last 12 years or more. To do so would be to risk all the cash they so far have spent into the market to keep this beast running.
I believe that many positive spins will all rear their heads to show we are headed into a strong recovery. Stats like 40 million unemployed will soon adjust to 17 Million unemployed will give the market reason to celebrate but it was an easy call anyways, the country was still in lockdown mode and are now open for business. This alone will cause all the data to quickly reset. What I’m looking forward to is the announcement that this Virus is NOT in control any longer and that we collectively can look to a future again where the unemployment numbers slowly but surely falls off to 15, 13, 19, 8, possibly a weekly event that charges the collective phycology of the market and when looking out the next 3/6/9 months and because its very early in our restart that all boats will be lifted by the massive infusion of cash that WILL help those who have invested in this market to grow their portfolio. I’m not hopeful at all, I believe The Fed will create a lot my time for our economy to possibly pull off a miracle. Don’t forget that the world is printing so much too, Europe, China, all the major currency’s. The dollar is falling and that helps too the commercial end of things. Debt paid in dollars will support our markets and help the dollar denominated debt to be paid and not bankrupted on. It looks so good from my perch, then again I am optimistic but thinking clearly of the over all picture too. I think anyways and that’s all that matters. I can live with loses if there my loses. Oil is going much higher if the dollar continue to drop. It could be in how we finance things that delay defaults. Maybe 50 year or 100 year debt instruments. Maybe a massive rebuild to an electric economy, 5G, etc…I just know that time has a way of taking care of things.
I am not an MIT grad or any such things, I just work very hard, happily, every day. I read and research all day and I love it. Absolutely love learning whatever I can so I feel I can make a case for any subject, just wing it off the top of my head. I also follow my gut above everything and it serves me well. Nothing is a boast. My God no, it’s just simply work and my gut. If I offend anyone then I’m sorry but I really am to thick skinned to care unless your words teach me that I should adjust my thinking. People like Dave, Jim H, hell, quite a few of you give me something every day that I either agree with or take from your spin and it helps me see better. I wish you all well, good luck however you choose to get where you’re going. I’m going with my Lady and she is all I ever care about. My success is hers. I will NOT ever let her down. I need her, trust here and still want to spend all my time with. I already have in place our home, a food source and a good community of friends. Now, I am simply working so that I can leave something very important to our family. I am certain they will need all that we have created and by the energy they have expended helping us that they believe this too. They know the routines of our day and see that if you just do what is needed to do that the land will feed you, warm you, and give you a life that is so rewarding. I love all that we do. We lived in a farming community, my son’s learned hard work, farming work, working for their friends Dad’s. In many respects they are right there with me in creating what we have. I’m a visual person, high energy and I do the layout. Everything else is basically to enrich the soil and do the maintenance so that when we start to plant out, the plants are growing as soon as the roots get set in the soil. This year we will have my wife’s greenhouse and it has already served us well and now when we plant, next week, we will have hardened and strong plants going into the soil just yards outside her greenhouse. This will be the most fun.
I wish you all your happiness. PEACE

Thank you Chris for your hard work. Some time ago I posted (in French) an interview with Professeur Montagnier where he predicted in a television interview exactly what you have said in today’s video. He predicted the sequence that was added to the SARSCoV2 genome was a man-made addition from the HIV (Aids) to make it bind better to humans - that because it was not “natural” meaning existing in nature - eventually the add-on squence would get “rejected” (my words here) and the virus would become less contagious.
VIH in French is HIV
Sida in French is AIDS
Personally I find this whole story disgusting. I simply asked Google for Montagnier plateau de televison - giving me three videos - I attached the twitter feed. You can get the entire video by clicking on the link provided by Twitter - where he talks about the man-made add-on would eventually be rejected by nature.
What I find disgusting is the facebook copy of the same video prevents you from seeing the video - saying that there are false accusations in the video. Big Brother is watching after us to protect us - I feel totally reassured.
As for your charts Chris. I wish someone of your stature would some day please join me in my assertion that Gold, Silver (I don’t follow BitCoin) get knocked down each and every day when they out-perform stocks - SP500. I follow this almost every day - anyone can follow this on - you will see that should Gold futures be up +0.24% as it is right now 11am Paris time (6 hours ahead of New York) and SP500 futures be down 0.35% - that TPTB will work the two markets so that stocks catch up and gold slows down. Quite a game.

Here is the entire interview which starts at 51min30
His statement you will find at 1hr18
Dear Chris, I would like to add that after your video where you presented genomes and the way they mute or evolve - you stated quite clearly that a natural evolution would be that the virus would become “worse” in a sense - if it became milder it would contribute to its own extinction. Well this whole COVID-19 thing is perhaps driving me nuts - the same night I woke up and started thinking using your logic and that of Dr Montagnier that if the virus was an unnatural fabrication then the mutation would cause it to lose the human added part - its binding element.

There is lots of ranting about how current wealth distribution is unfair. But I haven’t heard anything about what is fair. Curious what others thoughts are?
Also, I literally face-palmed in my car when I heard the news that the stock market went up the day after I was watching rioters and looters swarm through Midtown Manhattan destroying iconic landmarks like Macy’z.

Just wait until the public finds out that this virus was “made” and that a cheap and safe drug was deliberately withheld by lies so that certain outfits could profit. India, the place where people pile all over each other has .6 deaths/million. We have 167.

Chris’ hypothesis that an unstable man-made mutation might be changing as it ages is absolutely worth exploring. I always considered that this thing would be stable or mutate into a more lethal form. To just have an alternative concept, that it could be unstable and have a tendency to revert back to it’s less virulent natural form, is fascinating. As always…will wait for data and proof.
The house of cards collapses. Translation from his Twitter
I have always liked the expression: He who laughs last, laughs loudest.

David, just wait until they hear it was Dr. Fauci, yes, our Dr. Fauci who paid Wuhan to make the changes to the virus. I know I’m out of my mind with that thought. How do people live with themselves, speak still with such concern when their responsible. Yikes!!!

“The government is urging caution as the country prepares this week to restart travel: the next big step in easing the national lockdown imposed three months ago.”
The doctor making the claims of a safer virus is Mr. Berlusconi’s personal physician. I worry they are grasping at straw to drum up tourism which is obviously a major source of income in Italy (and Mexico).

Hi, new here. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone thinking that the virus has HIV parts, is like an airbone with-aids-alike-characteristics.

Hi, been following for months, first time posting. Could the following article explain why Covid may be losing potency?? Basically the article (written pre-coved) describes how an engineered virus with inserted sequences can be unstable at those insertion points.

Well one thing is for sure, the direction we are headed at light-speed is not good for a society. In history, this pattern has been repeated with disastrous effects. So, what is fair? something much more equal than that which we have now. Perhaps something that we had in the US before 1975? maybe 1955? I would think anything where the majority of the people have the majority of the wealth. The middle 50% have half the wealth… ? would look more like this the middle guy has $5 - then for every guy that has $6 , one would have $4 and so on until for every guy with $10, one guy has $1.
what it looks like now is for every 100 guys with $1 we have 1 guy with $1000. But worse even when we get more to the middle we have 50 guys with $10 for for ever 2 guys with $500. Not really getting healthier even when we get to the top 15% earners maybe 175k per year , the wealth for these people is more like $50 each to those few guys with $500 and $1000 each.

Researchers Retract Study Linking Malaria Pill to Heart Risk

There have been a couple of significant developments in recent days. Last Friday, 5/29/2020 the Chinese CDC changed its line on the possible origin saying that the Huanan Seafood Market is no longer suspected “jumping site” of the virus to humans. It has been reclassified from a “potential source” to a “super-spreader” site.
Yesterday, the former MI6 director Richard Dearlove announced that he now believes the SC2 virus is man-made and that it escaped from the Wuhan lab. (The interview was with The Telegraph but the article is behind a pay-wall).
So it’s beginning to look a lot like the BS on the coronavirus origin has run its course.
Best, Jiri

The need for a vaccine against Covid19 is strongly diminished if there exists a cheap and very effective treatment. Why would one go through the risk of playing guinea pig for a hasted vaccine if you can wait for the first symptoms to show up and knock down the virus by swallowing a couple of pills for a few days with low to no side effects for a crushing majority of people. For some famous vaccine pushers with a major incluence on the MSM, HCQ+Azy+Zinc is a very inconvenient killjoy…

And here it is … I’ve been receiving abuse on Facebook for attempting to defend HCQ against the appalling attacks based on appalling ‘science’ … I wonder if those people on the attack will now go quiet, or will they just find another bad bit of science to justify their belief that it must be bad because Trump said it was useful? Personally, I’m not a Trump supporter, but politics should have no bearing on the science! If anyone spots the WHO or Fauci retracting their bias against HCQ, please do let me know … though I suspect Hell may freeze over before that happens!

I just spoke to a friend in Southern California who’s been feeling ill the last few days. He has a 101 degree fever, rash everywhere, and severe shortness of breath. He called 911, and an ambulance came to take him to the ER. I have no way of knowing whether my friend has a case of covid-19, but the evidence does suggest that he might have.
At the hospital, they took a blood test (but not a nasopharyngeal swab!) and they told him they think he has some sort of virus, but not covid-19. They sent him away to find his own ride home, so that he could have the opportunity to infect his driver.
If they were using the blood sample to test for SARS-cov2 antibodies, then of course that’s completely wrong. Since he’s only been sick a few days, it’s highly unlikely he would have developed any antibodies yet.
I had thought that since the bad early days of March, our national testing strategy had completely turned around. The official story is that we’re trying to test all the suspected cases and track down their contacts. Right? But apparently the reality is, we’re back to a “don’t test, don’t tell” strategy, and sending likely cases back into the world. If my friend worked at a supermarket, auto factory or meat packing plant, he’d be back on the job.
I suppose it’s possible that my friend just encountered an unusual ER situation, or even that there was something about his presentation that convinced the docs he wasn’t a covid case.
But that doesn’t seem very likely to me. And, I’m not buying that covid-19 is over just yet.

The question still remains.
How did this get published in the first place?
Why was (apparently) no peer review or editorial review done on such an obviously flawed article?
To me, that is the bigger story than the retraction.
Will anyone in any branch of the media (corporate or alternative) address this issue?