Is Covid Actually Snake Venom??

“Watch the Water” is a hugely successful/popular “documentary” that purports that Remdesivir is actually snake venom, and that what we call Covid is really people’s reactions to snake venom. Worse, that municipal water systems are the means for distributing the toxins to people. Leave aside that snake venom could not be produced in such quantities as to poison entire nations. Leave aside that snake venom wouldn’t survive a trip through stomach acid. What about all the people who have well water that still got sick?

Snake venom. Graphene and Nanotechnology. These are the latest conspiracies that could be planted into the ether as a way to discredit anyone opposed to mandates and experimental vaccines. Don’t be fooled, BUT more importantly, don’t allow yourself to made into a fool.

These theories are easily destroyed with a little bit of simple science, doing a bit of research, and deductive reasoning, yet somehow they gain traction in the public.

My hypothesis: if I had an unlimited budget to promote my highly profitable vaccines, I’d pay my public relations teams to start whisper campaigns and plant false narratives that embarrass our opponents. The trick is to take down the truth you don’t want in the public eye by attaching it to an obvious falsehood and then sinking both of them at the same time.

Politicians and the media do it every year during campaign season. (Congressman Matt Gaetz has been accused of deviant sex crimes by the New York Times and his political opponents, but one year later, not a single law enforcement agency has charged the Republican.)

And there is no doubt corporations engage in these kinds of espionage/psyops campaigns. So, doesn’t it make sense that billion-dollar corporations could work to protect billion-dollar profits by anonymously planting these outlandish conspiracies?

I may be wrong, but I’m not confused. If you buy into these myths when there is no actual, simple scientific effort to prove or disprove them, you play into the hands of the same people that wanted to dismiss and de-platform you for thinking Covid could originate from a Wuhan lab. The lab leak claims included irrefutable, solid evidence exposing the idea.

There is zero backing that covid was derived from a snake. Are there elements that might look like a connection? Sure. But they are subtle and indicate areas of further inquiry that might be fruitful. However, by declaratively spinning an entire (and false) narrative about how Covid is actually snake venom those ideas will be buried in the ridicule that is sure to arise.

In our latest video, I’ll take you through what reasonable research, inquiry and due diligence actually look like. My aim is to prevent you from being taken in by a very shoddy piece of investigative work, bad science, and faulty logical conclusions.

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Great Timing

I finally watched the video yesterday on Rumble after seeing it mentioned so many times. I kept waiting for the actual evidence to be presented but then it ended. I haven’t watched MSM in so long that I almost forgot what unsupported conjecture felt like to watch. Thank you for raising my standards when it comes to accepting information. I feel bad because that doctor seems really invested into that narrative.


Logical Analysis Of ‘watch The Water’

I have just finished watching Part 1 - that was an excellent analysis of the ‘documentary’. You showed all the logical flaws as well as the medical ones.
Thank you.
…On to Part 2 now ?


Expect no less! Demand context, and full explanations.
You deserve them


Vaccine In The Food Supply

Thanks Chris for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I ran across a story last year from the website run by Mac Slavo with regards to the Covid vaccine inserted into the foods we eat. I was concerned but skeptical. Now I know better, thanks again for your insight.

Can You See Through Walls Chris?

Did not notice these folks were trying to put the Harlequin cap on all of us!

Real Fact Checking

This type of fact checking that you do is what I value most from you.  Fact checking, and logic checking backed by evidence, rather than opinion or conjecture.


Thank You

For being a voice of reason, as always!!

She’s A Witch!

The “logic” in the snake venom video reminds me of the logic in another this particular clip:
Some examples:

  1. Witches burn. Wood burns. So witches are made of wood.
  2. Wood floats. Ducks float, so if a woman weighs the same as a duck, she is made of wood, and, therefore, is a witch! I love how they confuse density and mass.
In the end, the scales are, shall we say, not honest. To his credit, Ardis's logic is not quite a flawed as the knight and the peasants who just want to burn their "witch".

Dr. Ardis

If I was a doctor, I would have called Dr. Ardis privately to discuss his theory with him and my concerns, rather than come out publicly and pick on his presentation / words and the flaws. Dr. Ardis explanation is certainly not peer reviewed nor 100%, as he did all the research and thinking on his own. If I was a doctor I would help him to unpack the theory to come to a plausible conclusion privately and have an open mind, instead of judging his intentions of being dangerous. How the hell people who are not in the medical field supposed to trust doctors when they do not agree on basic principles, such as virus are dead bodies, and and not lively enemies of man. I am disappointed to disregard a theory so quickly instead of going down the rabbit hole to see where it leads to.

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Covid19 has never been isolated anywhere in the world as I understand, and I would suggest to look at the interviews Mike Adams did with Dr. Ardis on Brighteon, where he produces all the documents he based his theory on. 4000+ documents, but when we use the wrong document, any theory can be defeated or ignored.

Brilliant Chris

Hi, Chris !
Thanks for lowering your rate.
I can listen to you teach for hours ! ?
You are superb at taking complex issues of chemistry and economics and make them understandable ?. You are a TREASURE.
Cynthia ?


If even one letter is out of place by several spots is too big difference to say that it is “close enough”.
Flaws picked up by Chris are enough to make concocted argument useless.

I propose that by the time you make a full documentary (with millions of views) with your very public assertions you’ve forgone your expectation of a private communication to begin to set the record straight.
The time to get your facts in order is before you go public with them. There is a process for that which I use all the time - I communicate with doctors and scientists in private. We call each other.


Actually, SARS-CoV-2 has been isolated and cultured many times.
In fact, researchers can even order specific live strains from the CDC.


The virus has been isolated. You can find more info in the following video, where you can actually see the virus under an electron microscope. While lab created, it is very real.
I am finding that in the circles I walk in, the people who are buying the snake venom hypothesis - and it is being talked about a lot - are the same people who believe the virus has never been isolated.
I concur with Chris, and have said before in another forum discussing this ‘documentary’, the due diligence and clarification of facts must be done before going to air. I too am fearful that this video will do a lot of damage to the credibility those who are fighting the mandates. Stew Peters does not help things with his sensationalistic style, which is why I turned away from him as being a reliable credible source a long time ago.


Thanks for posting; had not seen this. After everything I’ve read and seen about the injections, it was pretty clear the immune compromised should steer clear of the shot. Didn’t Chris say ‘you should only take the shot if you’re immune compromised and older with comorbidities’?
I’m waiting to watch this presentation, but am listening to Ms. Kingston:

Pierre Kory’s Medical Musings

Dr. Kory from the FLCCC who many of us value as a highly trusted source has also written about this topic on his substack. He also provides links to several of his colleagues’ opinions. In short, he likewise finds many faults with the hypothesis.
Snake Venom and COVID-19 - by Pierre Kory, MD, MPA (


Pfizer/moderna/nih Patents

Haven’t had time to watch Chris’ presentation yet, but I did listen to Ms. Kingston. Has Chris taken a look at the patents?