Is Nuclear War Survivable?

I’m glad you put it up because it got me thinking once again about my own game plan, which I think I have decided to change.
Anyway, this is what prayer and trust in God is for? I believe in miracles.

A Nation That Has Little Strategic Value To Us

…well, that depends on your perspective. If you are in the USA, Ukraine (5,000 miles away) is no doubt of little strategic value. From where I’m sitting in the British Isles (1,500 miles from Ukraine) it has a lot more strategic value to us. And if you are in Ukraine itself, I’m sure everyone there is very grateful for the help supplied by the USA and hopes it will continue.


Although I only farm as a hobby, I am able to reliably procure the fuel, bailing twine, and grains I need to keep my hens, pigs, and cows and sheep fed all year round. game-survivable/#wpdcom

Many Thanks Chris!

Thank you Chris! I just rewatched this as a quick and convenient refresher given the recent outbreak in the Middle East. I just ordered a Geiger counter/dosimeter, plastic to seal windows and doors, and duct tape. I already purchased full face respirators, potassium iodide, and tyvek suits for my family after the Ukrane-Russia proxy war war kicked off. I really appreciate this service you provide!
Best to you,