Is Nuclear War Survivable?

This story was originally posted in March of 2022. I really hate being here again. Seems every so often world events come together to make the prospect of the use of nuclear weapons a possibility. Here was a tweet from Michael Yon just this morning.

Part 1

Is a nuclear war survivable? Yes. Well, as long as you weren't in the direct blast zone. And as long as all the nukes aren't creating some global nuclear winter nightmare. But the fallout from a blast? Very survivable as long as you know what to do. That's what I cover in this video using my usual combination of facts and framing. Here's some context on the situation:

The highest America ever raised its nuclear war rating system was Defcon 2. The year was 1962 and the Soviet Union was attempting to place ICBMs in Cuba (just minutes from the U.S. coastline by missile). President John F. Kennedy responded with a blockade around the island, and we came that close to an all-out (nuclear) war.

Many “trusted advisors” called for a war back then. Luckily, our young president knew war would have been madness, and he backed us off the cliff.

My how things seem to have changed.

JFK is not here, and it’s not a blockade with ships and sailors. Instead, for a nation that has little strategic value to us (unlike missiles in Cuba), our president decided to spike the entire Russian economy by banning its profitable energy business. Combined with the actions of banks, corporations and other nations, Biden’s economic blockade is not of a small puppet island, but of Russia itself. Whether you agree with the decision or not, I have no doubt that President Biden’s decision is destined to send Russia to economic lows that nation hasn’t experienced in decades.

What happens when Vladimir Putin decides to respond is anyone’s guess. He’s made it clear to everyone, Russia is a nuclear power and he’s not afraid to use his missiles. Nuclear war in 2022 is just as mad as 1962, yet we seem hellbent on poking the bear and possibly starting a war no one should want.

So, while Biden has yet to change the Defcon levels, prudent people need to ask: Are we at Defcon 2 again? And what can we do about it?

The reality is there is a lot we can do.

Part 2

In 2014 and then 2016, we were “there.”

So, time again to revisit the sort of preparations you can undertake to improve your odds and chances if nuclear events occur.

I have covered this extensively in the past, and those pieces stand up well today. I’ll be revisiting them and updating them, but in the meantime, here’s a trove of material to help you get oriented.


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Prepare For The Worst

This is my opinion, not a demand. Although I appreciate bringing forward the topics in this video, and agree for the most part, the part I want to tease out is the preparation-for-nuclear war bit. Most people who try to prep for Armageddon fail to process that, without a plan AND a community to defend that plan at the point of a gun 24/7; all your storage is a waste of time and focus. IOW, the only solution I see to the nuke issue is the pressure we can put to disarm, unlaterally would be fine (especially since permanent Washington has thrashed to death any notion they are trustworthy in regards to treaties, since the 1800’s in fact). As a lifelong peace worker, I would ask that you separate the war prevention narrative from the prepping narrative. Prep is great for the relatively slow degradation of supplies following economic issues or collapse; but totally inappropriate when contemplating nuclear war. Full stop. One needs preparation, the latter needs prevention. Two very different solutions and should be addressed as such.

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Derektennant wrote: “As a lifelong peace worker, I would ask that you separate the war prevention narrative from the prepping narrative.”
Tell us about some of the successes you’ve seen from the beginning of your lifelong peace work until now. Where do we go from here? What should we be focusing on and what strategies and tactics should we be using?
Are you saying it’s pointless to make personal preparations to survive nuclear war, and that preparations are only sensible for a slow economic collapse?


Water Supply

If you don’t have a well with a manual pump, self-pressurized spring to your bunker, or some other source of uncontaminated water - bottle up at least 100 gallons per person for the first 50 days. More if you plan on flushing the toilet or bathing.

Part 2 Is Viewable By The Public

Just a heads up. The part 2 of the nuclear war video is not locked down behind the login. Anyone currently can view it. I tested this twice.


Whew! Coup Is Over(?)

Looks like the coup or whatever that was is over.?
Thank goodness.
That’s the reporting on Twitter at any rate…looks like we can put these articles away again, thankfully.

Thanks for dusting them off Chris. Now they will be much easier for you to find for the next crisis.

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Do you have a recommendation for the best way to store that much water?

I Guess My Question Got Answered By This Topic Creation

I disagree. The two goals can be pursued at the same time. I intend to survive if I were to make it through the initial blasts. It’s doable. Distance, community, supplies, mental resilience, fitness, and a wicked array of weapons and skills. You do you, I’m going to be hard to kill.


In my mind, there’s a lot of variables at hand (such as what Chris mentioned with how many warheads were exchanged). I wouldn’t want to be eating, breathing, and drinking Cesium indefinitely, and I sure as hell hope that it doesn’t come down to that. At the same time, it does make sense to train and prepare for going full savage if need be. Godspeed to you all!

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Shouldn’t this post be censored?

Thanks for the heads up on this. That was actually by design. Chris made the call to allow this whole post (repost) to be public.

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Tsar Bombastic

Thermonuclear warhead (hydrogen bomb) tested at 50 Megatons which is 1/2 its theoretical yield.
Russia has great nuclear tech and size to make up for inaccurate missiles.
We have non-serious politicians in DC.’They are fearful of North Korean atom bombs, yet brazenly stupid when it comes to ordinance that makes NK look like fireworks. Stunning lack of awareness, with a carelessness that is mind numbing

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Thanks spell checker it is “Tsar Bomba”

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My last month paycheck was for 11000 dollars… All i did was simple online work from comfort at home for 3-4 hours/day that I got from this agency I discovered over the internet and they paid me for it 95 bucks every hour……>

Grid Dependence

While human biology can certainly continue after anything but directed nuclear radioactivity, the electromagnetic pulse impacts to electronics and the power grid seems incredibly impactful. Many solar panels have micro inverters to optimize power collection, yet these would be fried by a line-of-sight nuclear detonation. I have a part time farm, but keeping animals fed with grains (chickens, pigs) and hay for winter livestock (cows, sheep) have decent supply chains for fuel, bailing twine, and grains. Even transport of these commodities would be put at risk after nukes. In just 100 years we have lost the ability to locally feed ourselves in all but Amish communities.

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My cynical side tells me the “coup” was funded by the U.S. government. Maybe that $6 billion accounting error, accidentally falling into the Wagner Group’s hands. Then maybe a deal between Prigozhin and Putin to stand down, take the money, and celebrate a little at the enemy’s expense.
It’s speculation, but normally Putin quickly dispatches his enemies. In this case, he let his “enemy” go free.

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