It doesn't have to be this way

This is insane. Even when something dead-nuts safe like Vitamin D finally emerges, irrefutably, to be of massive benefit, what does the UK NHS do? They decide to ship only 400 IU per patient/day.

That's roughly 1/10th what's needed to boost serum levels to the safe and effective range of 50 ng/ml.

A 'futurecast' from Hannibal Spotsbury explains what comes next.

Also the Drug Which Shall Not Be Named (DWSNBN) is back in the news. This time from India where it conferred a 90% reduction in Covid cases among high risk health care workers. Add it all up and there's a TON that we could be doing to effectively limit the spread and severity of Covid...but aren't.

It doesn't have to be this way.


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Whether it’s a desire to make megabucks off vaccines or desire to kill Trumps reelection it’s obvious that the suppression of information on Vitamin D and existing medicines is intentional. If stopping Trump is the main reason you can expect to see a change in reporting a few months into 2021 so the Biden administration can claim credit. If vaccine profits are the issue there won’t be any change next year. Either way it’s despicable. Prosecute them for murder

Especially if calcium supplementation is involved. K2 (not K1!!) is what helps direct calcium into hard tissues like bones and teeth where it belongs and helps keep it from forming deposits in blood vessels and kidneys. D and A must also be balanced for this to work correctly. D really should be obtained from sunlight (from exposure to as much skin as possible without any sunscreen). Of course, too late in the year now for most of us. Liver is a great source of A. Almost no natural sources of K2 so I supplement that.
So while it might not be a toxicity of D on its own, it can definitely do damage if your other nutrients are off.

One way or the other - whether pure malice or collective incompetence- the Vitamin D saga implies a dark future.
Either “we” can’t see our way clear to do the right things, even when it’s obvious and cheap, or we’re unable to get past our operative belief systems and intervening egoic structures.
Either way, given that, what chance do we really have of properly addressing much more intractable and complex predicaments?
Soil depletion and nutrient recycling? An impossibly more complex shituation [sic].
Endless money printing to benefit the “keys to power?” Sorry, no way you’re going to dial that back absent a lot of violence.
Oil depletion? Nope.
On and on.
That’s my meta concern: If you can’t even do the simple things, you should write off the more complicated things.
If your surgeon cannot manage to suture a small cut on your arm without making a mess of it, probably best not to go ahead with the open heart valve replacement and to begin seeking other options. Know what I mean?

Several that I know have found that these topic are deleted for violating terms of agreement or are shadow banned and never seen by others.

@richcabot If stopping Trump is the main reason you can expect to see a change in reporting a few months into 2021 so the Biden administration can claim credit.
As we're already seeing with the Pfizer vaccine. However, this is not going to happen, because if there's a declared Biden administration, it'll be an illegal parallel narrative-based administration (perhaps supported by secessionist states?). Watch this: ^ Truly a must-watch ^ What % of Americans voted for Biden purely in the hopes of returning to some semblance of "normalcy"? Not gonna happen; tyrants never roll back powergrabs.

Because it’s political. COVID-19 was politically weaponized. It can’t be adequately understood or explained outside of its political context.

Absolutely effective as prophylaxis and early treatment, with Zinc!
I heartily agree with Chris’ meta analysis, and I have for several years. We can’t have an honest conversation at any level until we get rid of the overarching matrix of lies and deceit that cause so many of our otherwise intelligent and idealistic brothers and sisters to trust the “solutions” being presented to them by existing Globalist and Deep State power structures. Job #1 has to be waking up the populace, whether through talk of 9/11, magic bullets, how debt-based fiat money really works, HCQ, or Vitamin D. I yearn for a future in which we can have a real conversation as a Nation, as a Globe… but for now every fucking thing is weaponized such that we remain divided and largely conquered.
Best regards to all truth seekers, Jim H

Since March 2020, many of our employees were in close contact with COVID-19 cases. We offered prophylaxis with HCQ 200 mg qd for 14 days to 204 of them. 76.4% of the group (156 HCW) used HCQ and neither of them presented with COVID-19 symptoms. Unfortunately, out of the rest 48 HCW that refused HCQ prophylaxis, three developed symptoms and tested positive for COVID-19. During the last seven months, 38 HCW at BCI tested positive for COVID-19, half of them symptomatic. We suggested the following treatment regimen as an early home-based therapy for them: azithromycin 500 mg qd; HCQ 200 mg tid and Zn up to 50 mg qd for 14 days. 33 (86.8%) of them undertook this treatment, with symptoms abolishing between 2nd and 4th day, none of them requiring hospitalization and with a negative PCR on 14th day for all. The rest five HCW (13.2%) employed alternative treatment regimens, none of them including HCQ. Three of them still tested positive at 14th day and two of them required hospitalization.
The two primarily discussed medical patents and the involvement from Dr. Anthony Fauci. Highlights of their conversation include:
- Breaking down Dr. David Martin's company 'M·CAM' and how he found a way to put up intangible assets as collateral security.
- The Bayn - Dole Act that led to Fauci profiting from royalties off University patents.
- Fauci working for the NIAID but failing to study infectious diseases and allergies.
- Fauci involved in dodgy deals and price-fixing medicine in the USA.
- SARS vaccine patented in March 2019, 8 months before the COVID-19 outbreak.

In France here we are locked-down (light). Children going to school, McDonalds is open – restaurants with real food are closed, people can go to work but have to be at home for 9pm curfew, etc
And this week the government has voted itself special powers. Meaning that Macron can decree whatever he so pleases “for a time” – oh yeah.
And Dr Didier Raoult who just will not fall in line – the squeeky wheel will get greased:
Well two can play at this game. The government in France does not yet hold power over the justice system.

Chris, I fell out of my chair on that British bit you did.  That was awesome!!!



MSM and alternative - and in between - media are reporting how Elon says something bogus is going on.
It is interesting to note the slant the different wings of the media are taking on this story.
Maybe Mr. Musk is controlled opposition -maybe not.
If you google ’ Elon Musk test ’ you will see many many articles to select and compare.

Chris, thanks for methodically revealing the effectiveness of simple, cheap, safe, easily available remedies for covid such as vit D, ivermectin and that other one. Might you give some attention to helping those of us who are experiencing long haul symptoms as well? I have no idea how to treat the persistent skin rashes I’ve had for 7 months. Is there any data out there on whether long haul symptoms should be treated as an immune system dysfunction, a circulatory issue, or a still active infection? I wish I knew where to turn to for reliable information. Any advice?

How can “they” be prosecuted if they own the courts and judges?

But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.

A quick search on Youtube for Vit. K2 will bring up lots of great videos on the benefits of K2 you’re referring to Kat. The health benefits are explained here in a few key vids on the subject worth considering, including strengthening of teeth and bones, but also myelin sheath at nerve endings (counteracts Dimentia, Parkensons, and Alzheimers disease), migration of calcium out of the artery walls, and pancreas insulin production, helps with Type 2 Diabetes. I suspect these benefits would also help fight some of the issues with COVID-19 but no one is doing tests on this combination. K2-MK7, and D3 activate something called Osteocalcin which then binds with Calcium, storing it in teeth and bones. It also works with something called Matrix GLa Protein to remove calcium from soft tissue, including your veins and arteries and preventing kidney stones, in the process of moving calcium from soft tissues to teeth and bones. Dosages of D3 must be increased when taking K2. For older women preventing/reversing osteo pinnea or osteo perosis, the recommended dosage is 200mcg/day. For reversing arterial calcification it’s almost double that. Ratio of D3:K2 should be around 5,000 - 10,000 iu/day of D3 for every 100mcg of K2-MK-7 Here’s a few key videos to watch on the topic:

Ive been ranting for a while that those who like Walmart and McDs have nothing to fear and everything to love about the changes coming with The Great Reset. Hell the meat in McDonalds burgers is mostly soy already so they don’t even have to change much when we stop having meat.
Still interesting to see it in France. One of the things I loved most about Paris was this culture of little family run restaurants where an extremely high quality home cooked meal was 100 steps away no matter where you were.
Incredible that people are just letting that go with almost no resistance. Also, not so incredible based on what Ive been trying to force myself to understand about human nature over the last few years.

Yeah, I listen to most Chris’ updates (rather than watch). When I heard the British accent guy, I thought I could tell instantly it was Chris but the comedic timing was so damned perfect, I started to wonder.
That bit about the pension was seriously top-notch.

Late to the party, but you know us, so reserved and unpretentious, not wanting to hog the limelight like our neighbour to the south, eh? But we never fail to bring up the rear and contribute to world affairs! (But only after the hockey game is over.) Sorry, could not resist. You know I am a true Canadian based on the self-deprecating humour thing that we do so well. Also for saying sorry, which is a genetic thing, I think. Sorry.
The Canadian Military Declares War on Canadians
James Corbett lays it all out in this short 19 minute video. The Great Reset propaganda machine is ramping up its efforts to foment fear and herd even we Great White North citizens into the You Will Not Own Anything, and Be Happy pen.
Anyway, just wanted to let you all know we up here have not shirked our responsibilities and we ARE doing our part to ensure the Fourth Turning unfolds according to schedule!
Also, I wanted to wake up a few Canadian readers - tell your family and friends, eh - we are being screwed with and it ain’t a joke! Wake the fuck up people!

I have no idea if Vitamin K2 would help with COVID. I commented because Vitamin D supplementation, especially if taken along with calcium and without Vitamin A, is potentially harmful if not balanced with K2. Because calcium will end up in the wrong places. Not to be confused with K1. Chris Masterjohn is one of the best sources of information on Vitamin K2.

I would like to read the paper written in India.
There wasn’t a link in the video or below in the other links.
Does anybody have a link ?