It’s Either Capitalism or Failure 

Who To Interview Next

I keep meaning to bring the substack up in the forum but since you ask who you should interview next, I suggest the writer of the substack Harvard 2 the Big House. I believe his name is Dan Sirotkin. He has written extensively about covid and was so ahead of the curve. For example, in March of 2020 he was writing how the virus was created and why. Link
He has been also documenting the coverups right from the beginning. Link This guy knows his virology and has lots to say about covid.

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Can confirm

Who To Interview Next

Chris MacIntosh

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Who To Interview Next ?

First off I enjoy Robert very much, he’s an old school guy that reminds me of my uncles. Love to hear his unapologetic and patriotic views.
Who to interview next ?
-Edward Dowd
-James Lindsay
-Peter Boghossian (for a second time)
-Whitney Webb
-Alex Berenson, just to hear why he thinks Ivermectin doesn’t work.
-Mark Crisping Miller
-Jessica Rose
-Aseem Malhotra



Robert is for sure an interesting person, with a intersting life, and a wealth of experience. That to me is the major essence of this discussion. As for his statements, it reminds me of sunglasses: it changes the color of the world around us, can we really answer the question what color the world is when we do not know if we wear sunglasses or not?
That said, we all wear sunglasses unconsciously. Wrt the importance of financial freedom, and the rational decisionmaking, Robert is a giant.

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I’m not an American, instead of quizzing Chris, could you enlighten me? And, maybe some other non-Anericans?


Future Interview

Neil Oliver would be a good shout.


Burry wow!

Next Interview

Arpad from Starpath Academy on youtube.
He lived through the hyperinflation of Romania in the 1990’s and offers great insight.


It’s Now Or Never

Please interview Brett Weinstein



The end of slavery correlating with the industrial revolution makes so much sense and scared the bejeezus out of me because… it probably means with the undoing of industrial society, slavery will make a come back and not just for sex this time.


WhoTF are you?


The Vietnam War…

is a perfect example of rats in a cage. I’m surprised the guest has not done more introspection into that military intervention. I hope the day arrives when no one ‘answers the call of duty’ to make excursions into other nation states. Can we ever trust any intel anymore? Haven’t we seen enough?


Next Interview Subject

Andrew Henderson.

“oil” Is No Longer What The Iea Claims It Is

Interview Art Berman and (separately) Nate Hagens, or watch this interview:
Those reassuring charts showing the US petroleum industry reclaiming the Nov 2018 high are bunk. Perhaps 20% of what is shown in the charts as “oil production” isn’t oil. Industry can make lots of plastic baggies with ethane, fire lots of BBQ grills and heat some homes with propane, etc., but crude oil (and therefore diesel and gasoline) extraction rates are declining significantly.
Buckle up


Interview Suggestions

Joe Rogan, Peter Schiff, George Gammon


Not Impressed By Kiyosaki

I may be in the minority here, but Robert strikes me as soulless, who’s passion in life is acquiring ever more wealth. His whole schtick seems to be defending the use of wealth to generate more wealth.
Don’t tax the rich? No labor unions? Great for the 1%, not so much for everyone else. How does that not lead to serfdom?
Then there was the “my good friend Donald Trump” comment, which clearly made Chris uncomfortable, as did the numerous Biden bashings.
Capitalism sounds great in theory. Problem is it doesn’t account for human greed. Pure, free market capitalism doesn’t exist in this country, not even close. Not sure such a thing is possible. And if it is, how do you prevent the rich from getting richer at the expense of everyone else? To me, that is an inherent flaw w capitalism.


-Jimmy Dore (up/down politics and class war)
-Richard Wolff, although it may become more of a debate than an interview


Here is the section 1 of the 13th Amendment
SECTION. 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.
Can anyone tell me what is missing? Clue: What is allowed to be legal by omission?

Hello Scott,
I take it that you refer to yourself as a U.S. Citizen as defined by the 14th Amendment. Is that correct? Thank you.