It’s Either Capitalism or Failure 

The authoritarian-minded people who have sought to stifle free speech and open debate are the same people who seem to hate capitalism and favor Marxism. As Robert Kiyosaki explains to us, there’s a similar mindset involved in both cases.

Both demand fealty to an ideology, they demand purity of thought, and they share a lack of awareness of where and how prosperity actually arises.

Because of these traits, and their fervor for enforcing compliance with their worldview, the world will face hardship and ruin if they are allowed to run things for much longer.

In other words, it’s now or never.

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Freedom In Thought And Action

Free minds and free markets are corollaries. Freedom of speech limits government intervention in our thoughts. Freedom in economics limits government intervention in our actions.
In fact you can’t have one without the other. To express an idea in public requires some means - TV, newspaper, radio, social media. Even if on paper you’re free to say why you will, if those means are under tight control of government you’ll see your actual freedom is nonexistent.



The problem is that people think in black and white, not in shades and colours. We latch onto ideas and simplify how we think the world works to fit those abstract ideas; this is simply a requirement of the human brain to make sense of and function in the workd. We then tend to deny those parts of our beliefs that are not consistent with how the world works, and promote those that are. People who believe opposing stories about the world do the same thing, only from the other side. As a result we have a bunch of people arguing, pointing out what’s wrong with the other side but not listening to what’s wrong with theirs.
Does the world work on principles underlying communism? No it does not. Does it work on principles underlying free market capitalism? No ot does not. It works on it’s own set of rules. All our different isms do is put forth ideas, stories, on how societies larger than 100 individuals shoild organize to live together harmoniously and prosper.
Here’s a thought: maybe many of those people promoting “communism” or socialism are doing it in good faith, in response to the inevitable failings of free market capitalism. Maybe every extreme isn is susceptible to corruption regardless of how rosy the textbook theory portrays it.
Another thought. Maybe free market capitalism does not work. It may fail in different ways than communism does, but it is simply not sustainable in the real world. Maybe that’s what we’ve seen over the last 100 years. We arent going to convert people back to capitalism until we genuinely address its inherent fatal flaws. I think this site here is the best forum to discuss the fatal flaws in the various isms, in relation to the real world constraints we exist in, and the nature of human behavior.
From that, we develp the best ism possible, one that cherry picks the wisdom from each of the other isms, and establishes ways of best addressing the inevitable fatal flaws of the other ism which the proponents of those isms are blind to.


“so You Like Hard Assets?”

Timing on that question was suspect. Or was that a subliminal joke?

People To Interview

Martin Armstrong
Catherine Austin Fitts


Del Bigtree


Youtube Steam Stopped?

Steam says it’s now in Private, Video does not exist on YouTube.


Marxism Killed Many Millions Of People In The 20th Century. That Is The Only Thing It Was Ever Good At.

I think we are in danger of the elites turning to Marxism to maintain their power and control. They can’t stand the thought of smarter and more talented people knocking them off their perch of privilege.
If our society has a terminal case of Marxism, I am not sure what the best personal solution to this would be. Maybe being in a low population density area with like minded people with your own homestead is the answer. Without exception, Marxism leads to human misery and famine. You would want to lay low. You don’t want to see a bunch of hungry people showing up to steal the fruits of your labor.
Look at the fallout from the collapse of the USSR. I was only 9 when that happened and I recall seeing tragic stories play out. I remember being in college 20 years ago and seeing ads about women from the former USSR trying to find men to marry in the USA to escape.


Aaron Siri! (the FOIA king deserves more limelight) :slight_smile:
Neil Oliver
Can you interview Joe Rogan or is that only the other way around?


Capitalism’s biggest flaws are caused by stupid policies of a government that is forced to clean up a large mess when things go bad. I can understand having a escape path for debtors when they can no longer service their loans. It is called bankruptcy.
The US has been bailing out gamblers for many decade that should have lost everything in the casinos of Wallstreet. I think this is the primary cause of many of the problems of western civilization.
These policies have distorted the free market so badly that actual productive economic behaviors is valued less than people that work in finance. This has killed our productivity .
The Federal Reserve could only get away with their bad policies because the economy had enough excess productivity to hide these bad policies. They can no longer hide it. Until we fix this, we will continue to see our standard of living decrease.
We must also keep politics and economics separate. We need a method of preventing the elites from rigging the system in their favor by buying the politicians in the legislature.


Um…your source is a NYTimes article? Okay, not a strong source especially for narratives shaping material that supports US conquest and imperialism which the NYTimes is very much in favor of, every single time.
But, let me go there and see what sorts of comments people left?
A few said “yep, I never experienced that” but quite a few did experience something exactly like that. In the scheme of things, I trust comments more than NYTimes “articles” these days.


Interview Suggestions

Neil McCoy-Ward
Art Berman
Whitney Webb
Peter Zeihan
Michael Burry


Peter Schiff
Ed Dowd
Catherine Austin-Fitts


Paying Federal Income Taxes?

Hello Chris and Robert,
Simple question. Are either of you still paying Federal income taxes? Your answer to this question will tell me what you really know about this system. Please reply openly and honestly? Thank you.

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Better Question - Are You Filling A Federal Tax Return?

A person might not pay any taxes after they make their “legal” deductions but the question then is are you still filing an annual tax document? Again your honest answer will tell me what you really know. Thank you.

Ed Dowd


Peter McCullough


The Inherent Racism Of The United States Is In The Fraud Of The 13th And 14th Amendments

Hello Chris,
This is not a loaded question but again your answer to it will tell me what you really know and understand about the foundations of this so called United States. The question is, Are you a citizen of the United States? Thank you.

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Good choices. Also, Greg Hunter is another.

I second Catherine Austin Fitts and Neil Oliver. Would also add James Corbett