Job Hunting for the Unjabbed

With millions of workers facing a looming vaccine mandate deadline, many are wondering if there are any good options for employment without vaccination.

I have taken notice of the number of comments on PP from readers that are facing job loss or fear that they will soon be facing one even if their company does not require COVID-19 vaccination at the moment.

The vaccine mandates are regularly being updated. At the moment, there are supposed to be some exemptions. Of course, that doesn’t mean your employer will not tell you that they are going to require vaccination no matter what.

Here are a few of the current exemptions. Keep in mind that this is as of November 7, 2021.

  • Companies with less than 100 employees unless the company is a medical office that accepts Medicare and Medicaid payments.
  • People that work exclusively from home even if they work for a company with 100 or more employees.
  • Those that work 100% outdoors and do not share company vehicles with others. For example, if you own a landscaping company with less than 100 employees and people drive their own vehicles, vaccination is not required. Have a crew vehicle and more than 100 employees? Then everyone has to be vaccinated.
  • Some health conditions or for religious reasons. These exemptions seem to be hard to get.
On November 6, 2021, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals issued a temporary halt to the Biden Administration’s COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate. This action provides those that think that being vaccinated should be a choice rather than forced, some hope that rational minds and freedom will prevail. At the moment, freelance and contract workers are exempt from the vaccine mandates if they start mandating it for freelancers and contract workers, then we will have truly reached the point where it is required for basically everyone.

Here are a few jobs to consider.

Online or Telephone Customer Service Representative

A lot of customer service jobs that were once done in a cubicle are now done at home. While customer service positions are not the highest paying jobs out there, they are plentiful and easy to do as long as you have a good phone, internet connection and are comfortable talking to others all day. Of course, you also need to be able to keep your temper even if you are having a bad day.

Data Entry

Data entry positions are plentiful, but duties vary based on the company. You may be working for an insurance company, government agency, or a law firm. Sometimes other duties are required, so it is important to read job descriptions carefully when applying to make sure you have the necessary experience.


Freelance writing is how I have earned my money for years. I had to start out with some very low-paying work, but that was back when the demand for online writing was just getting started. One thing to keep in mind is that some writing jobs that are lower-paying and entry-level have lower expectations in terms of skills. For example, you may be asked to write product descriptions or even reviews. Other beginner work may be writing short blog posts that require just a little research. You might be surprised how much you can get done in a single hour, even if the pay appears low per word or product description.

Web Page Design

There is always a need for web page design, but it is fairly competitive due to how many people from overseas there are in the job market. It can be hard for someone in the USA to compete with a design firm based in India. At the same time, a lot of people prefer to deal with a native English speaker because it can be hard to explain what you want when there is a language barrier.


Do you know a lot about something? Is your knowledge specialized enough that someone would be willing to pay to consult with you? Plenty of people make good money as consultants. Over the next year, I am going to be doing some preparedness and survival consultations to supplement my writing. Rates for consultation vary based on what industry or specialty you are in, but in general, it pays pretty well per hour. Even if you cannot make a full-time income from consulting, it can be a very lucrative supplemental income.

  • Look for work-at-home jobs.

Companies that allow you to work from home are less likely to require vaccination. At the moment, those that work entirely from home do not have to be vaccinated. Of course, the a company may require it anyway, just as a personal policy, so it may be good to ask before applying.
  • Work From Home Job Boards


This is a great job board for finding a variety of work from home jobs. You can narrow your search easily so you can hone in on the jobs you are most interested in. I was amazed at how high the pay rates are for even basic work-from-home jobs. At the moment, there are over 500,000 work-from-home jobs offered on Indeed.


The UpWork site is used by employers that are seeking workers for everything from short-term projects to long-term work. Creating a profile on UpWork as a freelancer allows you to apply for a ton of different jobs. This site is great for those who want to take on some part-time work occasionally to supplement their income or want a lot of different projects that add up to a decent income.


The FlexJobs job board features a good variety of jobs that offer flexible hours and/or offer the option to work 100% from home. I noticed a decent number of upper-level jobs, such as management positions. They also had plenty of entry-level work-from-home jobs.

ProBlogger Job Board

I am a big fan of the ProBlogger Job Board. The jobs that got me where I am today were all found on ProBlogger. There may not be a ton of jobs listed, but most of them are really good writing opportunities. ProBlogger is how I started writing for Backdoor Survival and Primal Survivor. Without those opportunities, I might not be writing for Peak Prosperity.

  • Starting your own business might be an option for you if you have the resources.

There have been people that have successfully started businesses during COVID-19. While it is still challenging for some types of businesses, if you can find something that there is demand for, then you may be able to get started. There are deals out there on office space if you need it to work, but it can save you quite a bit of money if you can work from home.

Small Farm

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While I know that farming is not for everyone, I also know that some of the PP tribe have moved out of the city and onto acreage. For some of you, it may be possible to earn some extra money farming. I am not saying that you should quit your other job or not find other freelance work because farming can take some time to get into and actually start making any money. I believe that at some point soon, being able to actually produce something consumable is going to be a lot more valuable. There are many reasons why a lot of people are going to have to start eating closer to home.


Those that work outside all the time are exempt from the vaccine mandates at the time of writing. This means jobs in landscaping. Just remember that if the company has more than 100 employees and you have to share vehicles, then the jab is going to be required.

  • Ask employers that require vaccination if you have the option of a weekly COVID test instead.

At the moment, there is an option for weekly testing. Part of the problem with this is there is no indication that this expense will be covered by any insurance. This means that employees that choose weekly testing over-vaccination will face a hefty monthly testing bill. With inflation on the rise, many people are already finding it harder to provide for themselves and their families.

Keep in mind that the weekly testing option is entirely up to the employer. They can deny this additional option entirely or take it away at any time.

The cost of a weekly COVID-19 test can vary widely based on what type of test your employer will accept. At home, tests are available and cost less, but some companies may insist that the test be conducted by a medical professional at a much higher cost.

  • Look at smaller businesses, especially those that are known to be or appear to be more conservatives.

Remember that businesses with less than 100 employees do not have to require vaccination unless they personally choose to do so. While I hate to bring the politics of the mandates into this article, it is impossible to avoid the fact that small liberal businesses are far more likely to require the jab than small conservative ones. Finding good employees is difficult right now, but that doesn't stop some from requiring the vaccine based on their own personal beliefs. That being said, don't make assumptions strictly based on business owner's appearance or age. Just because someone has blue hair and piercings doesn't necessarily mean they are going to ask you to get the jab.
  • Are you willing to relocate to secure a no-jab job?

If you are not attached to where you are currently living, perhaps you might consider moving to a more friendly state to the unvaccinated. Some people are making a choice to move to states like Florida and Texas. This migration started before the vaccine mandates when some people grew tired of the restrictions and lockdowns in their own area and decided it was time to move where they could have more freedom in their daily lives.

  • Search for work on no-jab job boards.

When there is a demand, someone will fill the need. Since vaccine mandates are affecting so many, there are now websites that have job listings for those that do not want to be forced into getting even a single shot. Here is a list of sites and links that I have found that have regularly updated job listings. If you have a business, need workers, and have no plans to require vaccination, you should consider listing your available positions on these sites.

Red Balloon

No Vax Mandate Job Board

As more job boards pop up, Peak Prosperity will make every effort to keep you informed. If you know of any companies that are hiring and do not currently require vaccination, please share in the comments section. I would also appreciate any links to other job boards that you are aware of that I have missed.

  • Be willing to take on multiple jobs that add up to a full-time income.

Some of the jobs I talked about in this article can be challenging to make a full-time income from, especially if you have never worked in that particular field. In order the avoid vaccine mandates, you may find that it is easier to make ends meet if you take on multiple part-time opportunities. You may even find that you like the change of pace compared to having one job where you basically do the same thing 40 hours or more per week.
  • Is retirement an option?

Those that are older and close to retirement that have built up a nest egg may want to consider getting out of the workforce early or at least take a break from working if mandates are actually enforced starting January 4, 2022. Consider taking on some online work to supplement your retirement income if you don’t feel comfortable dipping too much earlier than you initially planned.
  • Consider saving what money you can and then waiting to see if you actually get fired. Make whatever you can until then and pick up some freelance work in the meantime.

Saving money can be hard, but at this point, you have a few months to stash back what you can. See how long it actually takes an employer to tell you to clear out. At the same time, it may be a good idea to start taking on some freelance work, so you already have something going when you are let go.
  • Coping Strategies

A lot of people are currently wrestling with the decision of what they are going to do when January 4 rolls around and they are still not vaccinated. This is incredibly stressful. There are no easy answers for many of these workers. Switching careers is a big decision to make. There is also always the fear of what if it doesn't work out. Here are a few tips for staying sane through this extremely difficult time.
  • Take some time to do something you really enjoy, and that is relaxing for you.
  • Spend time with friends and loved ones that are supportive.
  • Remember that there are a lot of others like you out there, including people that own businesses and companies that believe that workers should be free to choose what they put in their bodies. You are not alone in this.
  • As people realize that these mandates deadlines are approaching, reality is sinking in, and they are fighting back.
  • Apply for some freelance jobs starting a month before the deadline for vaccination. Don't take on too much if you have a full-time job already but picking up a few extra hours per week can feel good because it reinforces that there are plenty of other opportunities out there that will allow you to lead your life as you choose.
  • Conclusion

While vaccine mandates are looming, there are currently quite a few job opportunities out there that allow you to work from home and avoid vaccination. Many people wonder if the mandates will be expanded until everyone has to be vaccinated if they want to be allowed to do anything. I think that people are starting to fight back, and I hope that when this is over that freedom will prevail. We are in for a tumultuous winter and spring as we begin to see mass vaccination results on people ages five and up.

Are you facing job loss due to your choice? What are you doing to deal with vaccine mandates? Do you know of any job boards or companies where people that are unvaccinated can find employment?

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Thank YOU! It’s the story everybody wanted to see.
I’d add a few more things – GET YOUR FINANCIAL HOUSE IN ORDER
If you have a known large balloon payment coming such as prior 0% for X month credit card offer that you initiated last year and coming due in 2022, use a different offer to pull money, pay off the original and extend that due date into 2023.
Use all possible cards in your deck to put yourself into a finacialy strong position
Above mentioned Credit Card 0% offers where you write the check to yourself could float you a few months of living expenses while you find the best fit as well
If you haven’t refinanced yet, do that ASAP to stabilize costs and minimize future interest rate increase drama.
Look at pulling a loan against any retirement savings that you might have, if lose the job and decide to not repay the loan it’s treated as early withdrawl, w 10% penalty and regular taxes. One you are no longer with an employer, I believe you can access ALL of the retirement funds under the same conditions (penalty and taxes)


On the small farming angle: Some years ago I learned about SPIN (Small Plot INtensive) farming. This guy, Wally, turned his own back yard into a small garden, then extended it to several neighbors’ gardens. In each case, he either paid a small sum to rent the yard space or negotiated a portion of the production in exchange. He focused primarily on short-growing season produce and high-value vegetables in order to maximize dollar value per square foot (based on standardized rows, which allowed him to systematize and maximize his business). He sold the produce at local farmers markets, if I recall.
It seems to me some chickens could be added in where zoning permits, for eggs, too. Around here, I can get $5/dozen for free range, organic feed chicken eggs. If they’re wandering someone’s back yard eating grass and bugs, and the supplemental feed is certified organic, you’ve got a selling spiel built in. (Just be aware you can’t advertise your eggs as “Organic” unless they are certified as such - and that’s an expensive proposition - but you can explain to potential customers that your chickens graze, get exercise, and are only fed certified organic feed.)
Specialty lettuce blends are big, and a lot of it can be grown on a cut-and-come-again basis. (Personally, I’d focus on heritage breeds and market their higher fiber and nutrient density as value added. But, whatever, the point is to have a unique character without getting out of the mainstream. That’s why bunches of variously colored carrots, and rainbow chard are increasingly common at specialty stores and farmers markets.) I’d also be inclined to dedicate some space to popping corn. Sell at least some of it on the ear as a novelty item at a premium price. Bag it with some funky spice blends for yet more value added.
It’s easy to get wholesale spice prices from online providers - when I ran a spice blend business I had wholesale arrangements with Starwest Botanicals, Associated Buyers, and Frontier Coop. No minimum purchases, but free shipping at a certain dollar point with each. I can still get bulk pricing from them even though I no longer have the business; I think these days they’re happy to make any sales they can. BTW, I bought a low-end commercial grinder and bought whole spices; there’s nothing like freshly ground spices to make a blend grab the customer’s nose. More cha-ching for fresh and fragrant. (For that matter, jars of spices and spice blends could be a nice secondary business to the veggies and eggs - buy bulk, sell retail; if you’re grinding fresh you could have a competitive advantage over grocery store supplies, justifying your higher price point.)
What I like about the SPIN farming approach is that it’s a great way to produce food in an urban or suburban setting; it’s a way to start building resiliency (social capital) relationships with neighbors - through both farming arrangements and selling arrangements; and it creates the potential for an emergent informal economy. There’s also a CSA potential, locking in some income. A local backyard farmer can also become an information and resource hub for others; a player at the table as a community struggles with how to work together in hard times.
What’s needed is an entrepreneurial spirit, and some business sense. It’s work, for sure, but the guy who started it could make 100k over a decade ago. No one needs to corner the market, or to keep growing ever bigger. Rather, figuring out a reasonable dollar goal, securing one’s own food supply (or much of it), and perhaps even helping others spin up their own similar enterprises in their part of town, is all healthy behavior.
There are a variety of approaches to the general concept. I like the original SPIN farming site and material because so much of the process is shared in a duplicatable format; it’s almost like buying a tested and (im)proved franchise. At the least, the SPIN farming material can form a good basis for an independent effort. No need to reinvent a functioning wheel - just personalize it and make it work in your own context.
Resource: SPIN farming website.


Having a difficult time myself up here in Canada.
I’ve been terminated over the jab and it’s demoralizing to see how few people up here even see it as something wrong.


Unbelievable eh? Seriously messed up.


They are NOT always hard to get depending on the company and STATE you are in. There are companies out there that are feeling forced to comply that take any exemption request that is filled out. With the skilled labor shortage you should be able to find something if you are willing to relocate. I know this is not the best time to be relocating but it might be your best shot at securing your freedom. If you are in a state that has gone full commie get out now while you still can. Many companies are offering relocation packages and signing bonuses. Remember though, after moving to a free state DO NOT vote for that same shit that destroyed your previous state.


Well this article couldn’t be better timed.
I lost my job of 8 years with Battelle Memorial Institute over asking “uncomfortable” questions after they stated their covid vaccine requirement policy. I guess those “integrity” posters in the hallways, and the “be curious” training didn’t really mean anything after all.
On the plus side, I was able to pull my company 401k and reinvest in with New Harbor. And just today looks like there was a good gold/silver smash after a poor treasury auction.
I’m hearing from employers that people who want to work and put in the hours are hard to find.
Also, remote IT work right now looks pretty good.
Anyone looking for a senior Linux admin, shoot me a message.


Thank you for a wonderful article!
Below is an incredible open letter to Coles Group, one of the largest retailers in Australia. As we understand it, the Coles Group reversed its “jab” mandate shortly after receiving the letter, and it may serve as a model one can use in ones own situation:
“This is an open letter to Coles seeking answers to the following questions relating to the “jab” mandate that management is imposing on all of its employees without regard to consent or exemptions and individual health circumstances.”
On the other hand, would one really want to work for a company that mandates “jabs” in the first place? If your employer wants you to take the “jab”, it may be time to change employers…

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So far one can get a real estate license and become a Realtor without any medical requirements. If you would like to explore that option, send me a message. Especially if you have a background in sales or recruiting, or the military. Most opportunities are 100% commission, and administrative roles are available for salary or hourly rate

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If you are one of the blessed group that has work or actually hires people–let it be quietly known that you are open to hire unvaxxed people.
My parents require 2-24 hour aides–that’s 336 hours of paid work. Over 8 full time jobs! I have told the private agencies we work with that we are more than open to unvaccinated aides. We have also reached out to a friend who is an instructor at a nursing program to ask if there are any excellent students she knows of in need of work–she immediately told of of a great student she was concerned was about to drop out of the program because he could not find employment due to, again, his unvaccinated status.
I realize that not everyone is in the position to hire privately, or for their company but you get the idea. Every little bit helps support the cause for choice, the unvaxxed and the soon to be declared “unvaxxed” for refusing the booster.


I just saw this today and thought people would be interested. This is a very unique response to the virus in Japan that includes ivermectin, and possible mutations in the virus as well as the people themselves.;ab_channel=Dr.JohnCampbell

5 Likes;ab_channel=Dr.JohnCampbell

Thank you for posting this article. Been retire for 5 years, but have to go back to work. Just a note. All mortgage and rentals will want proof of income (i.e. w-2, 1099 - Self employ).


Thanks for sharing. I was looking for good sources that talk about IVM in Japan.

I thought you might find the folly useful (I am watching now). Take care… Brad

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@Travissidelinger - Be sure to check out the board and board. Both will certainly have plenty of companies that are large and going to support the mandate, but small companies and companies that are not going to follow the mandate will be posting there also. Check your local craigslist job board listing as well. You may be surprised at how many jobs of all kinds end up on craigslist to find local applicants.
If you want to do consulting as an independent consultant and you bill corp-to-corp, you can also look into some of the staffing firms who will many times let you bill them as a company instead of getting paid as a W2 employee. Then you would not be required to follow the mandate unless you elect to work for a government entity or government contracting company. Many of these companies post on Indeed,, and also on LinkedIn jobs. You just have to be mindful when you check them out.
A few others include,, and there are many more. Just do a search on “freelance jobs” in any search engine.
LinkedIn Profile Can Be Critical
For quite a few years now, it has been almost critical to have a LinkedIn profile as well. That is because it works not only as a resume and networking tool, but if you have a fully filled out profile it will also have recommendations from people you have worked for and then potential hiring managers and recruiters already have references before they even contact you. If you have a LinkedIn Profile there are a number of tips and tricks to getting your profile setup to be “found” by recruiters looking for someone with your skills. I’ve coached several people who were getting back into the job market on how to utilize LinkedIn to aid in that journey.
There are other ways to begin collecting a residual income as well that take a lot of work and dedication. Those are typically not IT type jobs. I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me for pointers (or maybe I’ll write and submit an article to follow up the fantastic job @Samantha Biggers did on this one).

I am in NC and own several companies. I am in need of hiring several positions. I am in construction, staffing, and real estate. I need sales people, admin assistant, recruiters, managers. I do not require the jab. Am very against it. Please contact me via cell phone 919-280-8121 or send resumes to We are hiring asap. Thank you and God bless you all! Kathy


If you are (i) an attorney with civil litigation experience, (ii) a paralegal, or (iii) an individual with legal marketing experience, a law firm that regularly represents ICAN has openings for these positions. If interested, please send a resume and short cover letter to

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What is the latest update on the mandates? I thought they were “stayed” by a court though every prospective employer won’t hire without proof.