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Liquid Salt Reactors Don’t Use Water

The reactor is unusual in that it has molten salts circulating inside it instead of water. It has the potential to produce nuclear energy that is relatively safe and cheap, while also generating a much smaller amount of very long-lived radioactive waste than conventional reactors.


Trusting Your Gut Is Likely An Evolutionary Advantage.

Ideally you’re all three of these characters. Analyze sources with your gut and brain to determine truth and subversive motives of the source to determine your plan of action.


The USA experimented with these many decades ago. We used to have a lot of bench strength knowledge on this but they are mostly now in the ground or too old to work.

The French

Having lived in France during and after the '68 student riots, they have a long history of insurrections (as well as their version of prepping), the anarchists (think our libertarians with a tendency to violence) are a strong part of French culture. The woke culture(in North America) of imagining our desires for reality as approximating actual reality, will soon come to a comeuppance. Your concept of parallel structures was the successful strategy in Eastern Europe, and is time tested. I still struggle with ‘monetary wealth’ storage, that is portable, usable, and resistant to seizure/electronic vulnerability.
the riots (in '68) were put down with the French version of shock troops (the CRS) a truly nasty group, feared by all.


Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Appreciate Chris and Evie chuckling in the beginning of this. You know, there is so much heavy going on that in the least, a bit of ironical chuckling makes me smile. Thanks you two. Oh, and congratulations on the 500k You tubers…it’s partially how I first discovered Chris during Covid palooza…


Plant A Garden

Wish I had more time to comment on these videos. I feel like I’m constantly just trying to catch up. I’ve been following Peak Prosperity for over 10 years but in the last 3 it’s become my number 1 source of current events and how to see past the headlines (not that I bother reading headlines anymore - better to be uninformed than misinformed, right?)
I love how homesteading is going mainstream! I’m farther south than you guys so I’ve already got most of my chicks and ducklings in the brooder (they’ve been hatching out all week). More than doubled the size of my flock from 32 chickens, ducks, and turkeys to 71 and counting.
Spring garden seeds are already in the ground, though no seedlings yet…I might have to replant but hey, that’s why we start early. And I’ve just started sweet potatoes so they’ll be ready to plant in a month or so. Regular seed potatoes are almost ready to go in the ground, just as soon as my neighbor can get out to my field with his plow to finish prepping it. It’s good to be on friendly terms with your neighbors - we can’t afford a plow but we have plenty of eggs to share.
Keep doing what you’re doing, guys - I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s always listening, even if I’m often too busy with the kids and the homestead to take the time to comment or join the live chat.


Lies → Truth… Ugliness → Beauty

To help me see through the lies, I come here for truth. Thank you.
And when I get tired of all the lies, I kick off my shoes and take time to breath in where I live. Switzerland. And that energises me to face it all again.
If you’ve never been and want to see it, check out the video link below…and yes - what you see is real (even though it’s been converted into a relaxation video). I really really hope the world’s idiots (Davos crowd) don’t wreck it all.


Oe Ellis

I have a 1956 Scientific American magazine on the subject of energy sustainability. I bet admiral Rickover read that article

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When I was young on the prairies and during an infestation year, the road was slippery like ice because of the grasshoppers.

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Precautions Against Vax Shedding While Traveling?

Chris, I am wondering if you and Evie are at all worried about vax shedding while traveling (on airplanes, etc) and if so, what precautions are you taking to avoid getting spiked?


Small Modular Reactors (smrs)

Chris, Evie, and fellow Peak Prosperity friends who seek resilience and a promising and happy future:
So, a long time ago I used to operate nuclear reactors. In general, they were pretty cool in terms of technology, produce lots of energy with a small amount of fuel, but there were risks, such as a meltdown here and there. (I will keep the list short today; there are more.) They relied on smart people to protect them, and, backup methods and electricity to safely shut them down and keep them cool after an emergency situation.
Bottom line, they now have a bad reputation in the populace, and probably rightly so based on things like Three Mile Island, Fukushima, and Chernobyl.
However, most recently, there are new types of reactors available, but we aren’t using them yet. They can be small, use a type of fuel that can’t melt down, that don’t require backup safety systems, and don’t require humans to operate. A small one the size of a semi-truck can provide power to a town of 10,000 people for 25 years.
The price points of this power extended out over a lot of time is about the same as gasoline is currently.
What has gone wrong, however, is that now nuclear power has a bad reputation, but most of the main problems with it have been resolved. I think it might be time, possibly, to start to evaluate it and take a look at it again. I left the industry to work with computers, but I’m starting to see a glimmer of hope again in this industry. We’re running out of energy, and this might be one area we could look at further for a part of the solution.
I’d be happy to provide more information on the this, but also, would welcome further thoughts from those out them who also know things about our potential future with nuclear power.
Best wishes to all here, glad you’re here. I feel better knowing I’m not alone.


Thank you for the post =)


Unless you own gold. Unless you have it in your hands. It’s not physical gold. It’s paper gold.
Just ask the American people who, in the 1930s, had their gold seized and confiscated by their own government.
“In January 2013, Germany made a gold repatriation request to United States Federal Reserve in New York and Banque de France in Paris regarding a portion of the gold they held on deposit at those entities. At the time, Germany cited the potential of a currency crisis and the need to have its gold close by.”
The banks said: “Sure. Come back in ten, twenty, thirty years, when we have found it all.” True story.
Just ask a certain South American country who, during one of its many financial crises, tried to reclaim its gold stored in the United States and London, only to have them step in and say: “Hey. Hold on there. You owe us billions and billions of dollars. We are going to keep your gold as collateral.”
If countries can be lied to, imagine how much (or little) one person counts.
I have the same problem with these private companies who promise to take care of your gold in their vaults. “We will even send you a picture of your gold.”
The real alarming fact is how countries and banks know if you own physical gold. That’s like putting a great big sign on your house and saying: “Physical Gold Kept Here!” Think your home won’t become a target? Think you won’t become a target?
When the SHTF you just have to lie – cheat and steal.


Ahh, I lived in Switzerland for quite a few years and it was an absolutely beautiful place. I had some wonderful times hiking, cycling and skiing.
Unfortunately, it seems to be in danger right now of falling to the globalists as badly as most of Europe and the Western World is doing. Hopefully the Swiss people stand up and don’t let it happen. They always struck me as a lot more aware and aware of the bigger picture than people in regular Western countries.


Amazing how utterly gullible and lacking in common sense most of the ‘follow the science’ crowd is, yet they imagine themselves to be the epitome of rationalism and intellgence.
Actually, more irritatating than amazing.

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“A lot more aware”…for past voting, yes - the older folk remembered and voted accordingly… I hope you’re right about the general awareness and that the “easy life so far + no living memory” of the younger folk hasn’t erased that general awareness here just like elsewhere.

Kabul Is A Mess

Not finished the video yet, but need to get this out there:
Kabul is a disaster. The Taliban’s takeover is no success story. Currently, people in Kabul get 30 minutes of electricity a day. That’s it. A friend of mine is there with an NGO. He’s told me things I can’t repeat here due to his NDA but I’ll be able to say more when his contract is over in a couple of months. Will have an article on it when he’s able to open up. But yeah, it’s really, really bad there. Anyone involved with the withdrawal process is absolutely furious at how it went.


Enjoy The Show

Chris and Evie:
It is interesting that you mentioned Michael Ruppert. The other day I purchased at a used bookstore Michael Ruppert’s 2004 book Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil. He saw the dangers of peak oil long before others. His theory is that the US government knew that 911 was going to happen and did not stop it. That provided the excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, secure access to oil and provided the basis for our disastrous foreign policy in the Middle East.
Given the direction of our country, many are considering creating a parallel economy in which like-minded people support each other. I applaud your efforts in this regard. Keep the programs coming.

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Nato Is In Deep Sh*t In Ukraine And Putin Knows It

Regarding Bitcoin

Chris, I’m with you on the reason you haven’t invested heavily in BitCoin. The government won’t tolerate competition with their CBDCs. BitCoin may be distributed, but with Quantum Computing capability, it won’t be secure. True, functional quantum at scale is a ways off, but the government is investing heavily in advancing this technology.