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Society: Who Can You Trust?

A great live show. I always enjoy watching them and feeling as if some people are actually on my side of the conversation and can be trusted to act rationally. Although, the normal media chute has also effected my own perception of norms and gas-lit the self confidence I have in my own ideas.
In reference to the livecast, Chris and Evie say that like-minded people should come together for support and to reassert true rule of law (my words). I want to know from everybody who these like-minded people are? I defined a Society as ‘a certain group of people voluntarily agreeing to norms of behavior that will keep the Peace’. I believe the Peace has been broken and I do not personally trust the other side, or agree with their norms, or wish to collectivize with them.
So, we are forming in to two societies? My open question is; Who is too alien to be in, and who can you trust and work with? Nationalists, racialists, statists, cooperatists?

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I think we are forming 4 societies:

  1. The right wing lunatic psychotic mass
  2. the Left wind lunatic psychotic mass
    3) Normal people who are just frightened into compliance with whatever they are conned into thinking is the norm (unable to resist media and social media manipulation), not buying into the psychosis on either side, but afraid to be seen as non-compliant
  3. What Chris calls the remnant - folks like us who see BOTH lunatic fringes and are unwilling to comply with either.
    Always remember that the collective tyrants on the left are NO different than the collectivist monsters on the right.
    While the left is more vocally insane on most issues these days, don’t think that the right is less dangerous because they complain about the excesses from the left. Chris is right, both sides of the political divide are corrupt and totalitarian.
    Also, if you can keep the anger and vengeance and criticism out of your voice, you can talk to group 3. They are not fanatics, just frightened and becoming more and more aware that things are wrong. Ask them what’s NOT WORKING for them instead of telling them how cowardly and stupid they are. Your attitude could be the communication problem.

Collective Psychosis

Couldn’t the collective psychosis around the gender thing be (only) a first step in dehumanizing population and cutting all ties with family, which is the cornerstone of society. Women are no longer women (but birthing persons), men are no longer men, children are no longer sons or daughters. All are directly under the command line, the management of the government.  This was Mao’s success, why not in the US. The legislation in CA seems to me to have been drafted along these lines.


Speaking Of Mass Formations And Social Contagions…

I went to a very progressive school, we went through Jane Elliot’s “Brown eyes, blue eyes” exercise in the 4th grade. Kids with blue eyes were demonized by the teacher before lunch, then kids with brown eyes were demonized after lunch. Children effortlessy turned on each other. It was supposed to be a lesson in superficial prejudice. It occurred to me, even at the time, that whatever the person in authority said was accepted as fact. It was an important lesson I never forgot. Satanic panics, gender ideology, irrational activism… children are putty for activist teachers. Parents are the only firewall.


Tcow: Great Way To Summarize

“The Cucumbers of Wrath,” oh man does that ever pack a lot into a single catch phrase.
I can see in years hence, DAs who play prosecution favorites being pelted with anonymously thrown cucumbers. Remember kids, the cops might be able to get fingerprints off whole cucumbers, but certainly not off of the peeled, gooey slices.



My sister was 11 years older than me. When I was 5, she and her boyfriend were in high school, their friends were getting shipped to Vietnam. I went to school with them one day, and while we were walking in the halls, there was an announcement on the PA, naming all of the boys who were killed.
I remember when the vets started to come back a few years later. One of them got sent to some kind of gov’t hospital in Canada. He was gone for a long time, like a year. When he came back, he told stories of the hospital giving him of this drug, called LSD (no one really knew what it was yet) and orchestrating these scenarios for him to be living through. Crazy stuff that went on for weeks at a time.


YES! They did that in my school too. I grew up on LI, where there were actual people from operation paper clip who melted into society and they had children who were terrible bullies and bigots.


I tend to agree.
Yes, there is “mass formation” involved. The people who are being victimized are the victims of a mass formation. It is like the tulip craze, the 1929 stock bubble, the 1980’s “satanist cult” hysteria. It is another “mass formation.”
But this time, the whole thing is not just crazy, it is “too crazy.”
Mutilating children’s genitals because “that is what the children are choosing?”
There must be some rational minds at the top of government, industry and media who understand that this has gone way too far. It is now damaging innocent children who cannot protect themselves.
But too few people in positions of power are speaking out or stepping in to stop it.
Draw your own conclusion as to what that inaction means.


Something Big Around The Bend

What could very well be coming is a Constitutional Crisis. I shudder to think about the outcome of such a scenario.
Aside, I have kept a copy of the Desiderata near, along with the Hsin Hsin Ming, for decades! These works have been a part of my “salvation” all these years.
On Conspiracy Theories,Let’s make 1984 fiction again.

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If Chris Is Non-partisan, Where Are The Examples Of Critiquing Right In His Videos

Chris, you say you’re basically non-partisan. I’ve been watching your videos for 3.5 years now. I’ve seen criticism after criticism of people on the left side of the spectrum.
I don’t remember seeing one in which you roundly criticized any prominent right-wing people.
Can you tell me which ones I missed?

I’m genuinely curious what right wingers should be criticized for over the last few years, in your view.
In my view, the real ideological battle is between authoritarians and libertarians, over individual rights. The left-right construction is largely political theater to distract the people and have them fight amongst themselves.
Largely but not entirely. The leftists are leading the charge with many on the right going along. A few on the right are pushing back. The leftists are setting the terms - school policies, media coverage, entertainment propaganda, ESG, deep state elite, universities.
So in that context, again, what are right wingers doing? I’m not saying they are perfect but the fears by some of an American theocracy or other right wing authoritarian structure is hard to see coming true. The left is far more dangerous to our freedom.



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As far as I understand and interpret things, Chris is not so much about left versus right but more about integrity or the lack of it.
Currently, a pandemic of left-wing hysteria is sweeping over MSM. A relatively large chunk of these self proclaimed “lefts” lack basic logical skills, integrity, coherence, and critical thinking skills. However, I’m sure that in a blink of an eye these mental zombies will self proclaim as rightish with accompanying opinions and attitudes. Left versus right is so old school, maybe prehistoric is an even better word.
In the maelstrom of opinions and stances we lose ourselves and each other. Instead, humility, integrity, compassion etc could be more helpful to navigate the enormous social, environmental, political, and economic challenges.



This poem was hung beside our contents headmistresses office. I read it many times in my youth while waiting to be told off!

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The Sphere Theory

I loved the discussion! I also enjoyed the description of the political spectrum as a circle rather than a line. Combining that with Chris’ “ I’m not a left or right kind of guy, but more of an up or down (good/bad) kind of guy,” it occurred to me that this would map well on a globe. North Pole is total Good, South Pole is total Evil, and the Equator maps degrees of Individualism to Collectivism.
The Northern Hemisphere would be much more preferable to people to live in than the Southern Hemisphere. Whether it’s completely Collectivist (Western Hemisphere) or Individualist (Eastern Hemisphere), it’s based on principles of fairness and good.
The Southern Hemisphere moves from neutral to ultimate evil as you go from the Equator to the Pole.
When people promote totalitarian “Utopias”, they sell them as Northern Hemisphere concepts. “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” The reality is they’re selling property near that South Pole to the ignorant masses. Others sell the idea of great personal freedoms, but even that can slide into the Southern Hemisphere.
I would always seek the closest thing to the North Pole that I could as an ideal, but would settle for anything 45 degrees north or above as a good baseline. Unfortunately, I think we’re rapidly drifting to that South Pole on a mobile landmass.

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Okay, I’ll start. First off, as for conspiracy theories, the QAnon one was largely right wing and was a total lie. Probably started as a joke then became a psy-op. As for right wing people, do the detestable neo-cons count? After all they have conservative in their name. Lindsey Graham is a disgusting warmonger. Most republican politicians are worthless, money grabbing, hypocritical, lying, back stabbing, bought and paid for kabuki theater actors. I had to stop that sentence because the number of insults is near infinity, and well, you get the picture.
I even question several of the politicians that I used to support and voted for. Same with many of the pundits and public figures.
The people in power now, not just politicians, but high finance, big tech, big pharma, big business, academia, big media, etc these people now are mostly left wing/woke types and I suppose that is why they come in for much of the criticism. So it may seem a bias towards criticizing the left, but I think it is more criticizing who is in power.
I am neither left nor right. I am anti big.


Barbara I must disagree with your 3 rd point description as being normal! People being frightened into compliance is not a normal state of being. Point four would be closer to normal, if not the actual norm. Otherwise you’ve nailed the state of play nicely.?

Family Code

What does the child want?

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Chris: “My Spidy Sense tells me that Something Big is Coming.”
“Spidy Sense” means ESP? Or, “Intuition”?