Lone Star Standoff & British Citizen Armies

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The Federal Reserve Inspector General’s report on former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan’s trading activities has raised eyebrows due to its lack of investigation into key aspects of potential insider trading. Despite clearing Kaplan of violating laws, rules, regulations, or policies related to trading activities, the report did not delve into whether Kaplan was shorting the market during the COVID pandemic or if his brokerage firm was cloning his trades for its own benefit. The report’s incomplete information and lack of investigation into whether Kaplan’s trades were purchases or sales have led to questions about the integrity of the investigation.

In a related development, the Federal Reserve (Fed) has announced that it will stop making new loans to banks through its Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP) on March 11. The Fed has also revealed that it will immediately shut down the arbitrage that banks have been using to profit from the BTFP. The BTFP balance has been increasing since November, but it is expected to stop growing now that the arbitrage opportunity has been closed.

Meanwhile, the European Central Bank (ECB) has asked certain banks to monitor social media activity in order to detect any negative sentiment that could lead to a deposit run. This increased scrutiny comes after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse in 2022, which triggered concerns about banks’ ability to withstand sudden liquidity shocks.

On the border security front, the argument that illegal border crossings are solely driven by people seeking a better life is debunked by the fact that individuals can follow legal immigration processes. Under the Biden administration, there has been a rise in known terrorists entering the US, despite Washington downplaying the threat to national security. The US-Mexico border has also become a major entry point for fentanyl, with authorities seizing a staggering 27,293 pounds of the drug.

In response to the border crisis, Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared the migrant crisis an “invasion” and invoked Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. The situation in Texas has come to a boiling point at Eagle Pass, where the Texas National Guard have taken control of a local park which illegal immigrants use as a landing zone after crossing the Rio Grande.

In international news, the head of the British Army, General Sir Patrick Sanders, has called for the training of a “citizen army” in preparation for future land warfare. He emphasized that simply increasing reserve forces would not be sufficient and highlighted the threat posed by Russia. Gen Sir Patrick has previously expressed concerns about the growing threat of war and the lack of readiness in Britain.

Finally, the annual gathering in Davos, Switzerland, where wealthy and influential individuals convene, has been criticized for its perceived agenda of reestablishing feudalism. The control of money, energy, and food is highlighted as the means through which these entities seek to dominate populations. The farmers’ uprising against oppressive policies is highlighted as a sign of growing resistance.


ECB Requests Banks to Monitor Social Media for Signs of Deposit Runs

European regulators have sharpened scrutiny of banks’ liquidity after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse in March last year, the people said, requesting anonymity because the discussions are private.

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Texas Governor Declares Migrant Crisis an “Invasion” and Increases Use of Razor Wire

Texas’ razor wire is an effective deterrent against the illegal border crossings encouraged by Biden’s open border policies," Abbnott wrote on X Wednesday, adding "We continue to deploy this razor wire to repel illegal immigration.

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Head of British Army Calls for “Citizen Army” Preparedness in Face of Russian Threat

Britain should train a ‘citizen army’ ready to fight a war on land in the future, the head of the Army has said.

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“Davos Man’s Fear: The Growing Realization of Globalist Control Sparks Uprising”

I love the smell of Davos man’s fear in the morning. It smells like victory.

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Fed Shuts Down Bank Arbitrage Scheme in Response to BTFP Loans

The Fed confirmed today in a press release at 7 PM EST that its infamous tool to deal with the March 2023 bank-panic and bank-liquidity crisis, the Bank Term Funding Program (BTFP), will cease making new loans to banks, as scheduled, on March 11.

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Increasing Number of Known Terrorists Crossing US Border Raises Concerns about National Security

There is an increasing number of KNOWN TERRORISTS entering the US, but Washington wants you to believe it is not a threat to national security.

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Former Dallas Fed President Robert Kaplan Cleared of Legal Action, but Questions Remain About Insider Trading

What the Inspector General did not investigate is everything that a real insider trading investigation would have encompassed.

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The SCOTUS fucked up bad. They failed to “read the room” when they stayed the 5th Circuits order. I would bet money that they regret this decision. They could have prevented a potential constitutional crisis and failed.

I believe Governor Abbott has the moral high ground but is on shaky legal grounds. Neither side can blink now and the likelihood of this resolving in an amicable way is very low.

Biden has not only been a failure as a president, he has turned his back on the US Constitution and broken his oath of office. He is allowing this border crisis to happen for political gain in future census years. The census counts all people and not just citizens. This will give greater political power to the urban centers. The US Senate was made precisely to prevent the more populous states from taking all the political power.

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