Make Your 'Dent In The Universe'

Having spent a career launching iconic products – including Apple’s first Macintosh computer – Guy Kawasaki knows a thing or two about what leads to success and fulfillment in both business and life.

These are insights more and more of us could benefit from right now, as the economic disruption caused by covid has thrown many households into turmoil as millions of workers have been laid off, hundreds of thousands of businesses are closing, and many industries have been upended.

As we look ahead to the coming decade, challenges abound. More and more experts foresee a “lost decade” for the markets, as today’s sky-high valuations have pulled tomorrow’s returns into today. Many of the jobs lost to the pandemic simply won’t come back.

How can we chart a course through this uncertainty that will give us hope, happiness and fulfillment?

Kawasaki advises developing an accurate understanding of your talents and then optimizing them for a niche others aren’t serving well. Ask yourself: How can I maximize the value can I bring? And how can I make it as unique as possible?

In Guy’s long experience, the people who manage to exist in the upper right quadrant of the chart above have the most successful careers, the most profitable businesses, and the most fulfilling relationships.

Guy thinks this framework is more important than ever given the continued disruption and challenges ahead.

Which is why now, more than ever, is the time to partner with a financial advisor who understands both the opportunities and the risks in play, can craft an appropriate portfolio strategy for you given your needs, and apply sound risk management protection where appropriate:


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And if you’re one of the many readers brand new to Peak Prosperity over the past few months, we strongly urge you get your financial situation in order in parallel with your ongoing physical coronavirus preparations.

We recommend you do so in partnership with a professional financial advisor who understands the macro risks to the market that we discuss on this website. If you’ve already got one, great.

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“MacKintosh” Computer? No “K”. Anyone would be run out of the industry for that misspelling. Also, “the economic disruption caused by covid” - I disagree that it was caused by the virus, but rather the media-led extremist public policy response of forcing businesses to shut down, people into lockdown, etc. “Many of the jobs lost to the pandemic(*) simply won’t come back.” (*suggest substitution: “plannedemic”.)

i would love it if there was a downloadable .mp3 version of these conversations. when they were on youtube i could use an online editor to strip the video and convert the program to a mp3, but this week there is no youtube link.

Is there a particular reason you guys didn’t put this on YT? In the YT app I can download these (I have a YT Premium subscription) and then listen when I do household chores.

Probably more like you ought to be wondering “why am i using YouTube?” (helpless human)


One of Peak Prosperity’s recent COVID videos was flagged by YouTube’s AI, thus putting our channel in the penalty box for a week.
We’re currently unable to upload any new videos to YouTube. That embargo should be lifted by Thursday (fingers crossed).
Once we’re back in action, the above video will be uploaded to our YouTube channel as will all future ones (provided the YouTube censors don’t clamp down again)

I figured the ivermectin videos were part of an AI problem of casting too wide a net. It has to be pretty infuriating for anyone trying to get quality info out that challenges Big Pharma.
Welcome Teacut.

Thank you Mickey 0 for posting this interview of Jaron Lanier’s proposal for a tool leading to peak prosperity in communications within our decaying society.
Lanier’s idea of banding together into data unions like we did for labor unions is very interesting. In particular, we should contemplate making a voluntary group wherein each member communicates as a group union member. Low quality data or ideas such as fake news and goofy logic are groomed out.
Listen to him from 36 minutes on. He refers to the fact that distributed trust and attention to quality was destroyed by Facebook and social media and turned discourse into “crap” by simplifying human discourse down to a single layer of complexity.
But, we can recover from the destruction wrought by social media by forming our own collaborative groups that own their own data (and can bargain as a group/union) and thus intentionally create higher quality data by providing more layers of discrimination of the information.
This could be applied to PP membership by self forming subgroups in topic areas where members cross check each other and take responsibility for each member’s statements, which would be made on behalf of the group and thus of inherently higher quality…

In Guy’s long experience, the people who manage to exist in the upper right quadrant of the chart above have the most successful careers, the most profitable businesses, and the most fulfilling relationships.
Nothing against Guy. I am sure it worked for him and many others when it was easier to get loans for new commercial ventures. But it’s a new day. And it can be argued that those who apply his philosophy will outdistance all those who don’t. Brains and luck also play a huge part.
I want somebody to explain to me how average people, with average abilities can survive.
That’s the challenge. How does the average person in the service industry apply all of these ideals?

Hi 000,
I’d love to be off Youtube. But the truth is that there isn’t either an app or an app with downloads available for most alternative video hosting sites. And a lot of content creators are (still) on Youtube, even though more and more are diversifying. Keeping fingers crossed that Youtube and the other censoring platform are on their way to extinction.

Thanks for the update Adam. I was suspecting that there was more to the story because the kind of videos you make are mostly Youtube-friendly, so it was a bit odd that this week’s video wasn’t on there.

I personally am a bozo.