Mandates Have Nothing to Do with Public Health

From a public health perspective the mandates may be pointless, but that suggests the people in charge are making decisions from another perspective.
Just what that perspective might be is what troubles me. Speculation here ranges from fairly benign motivations of greed up to the far more sinister, and even to the monstrous.


I read that Denninger article 2x this morning. Then sent it around to a bunch of mathematicians/statisticians, and I’m on a nifty chat group with people y’all would probably know well and they’ve been chewing on it all day.
For those wondering what the article says, Mr. Denninger combined two databases, one for the VAERS and one for the specific lots of each vaccine. You’d think that because VAERS was specifically set up because of an original lot-related set of injuries in children given specific lots of DTP vaccines, that the FDA and CDC wuld have been carefully tracking this now.
You’d either have been wrong, or the CDC/FDA decided not to make public the fact that some lots of each vaccine are much more deadly and cause vastly more injuries (in a power-law way, for the math-minded) than other lots.
Because statistical, temporal and geographical and age distributions do not make the power-law distribution go away, the most likely remaining candidate is that some lots/batches are probably at fault.
However, lots more inquiry needs to be done. As you know, the CDC and FDA will undoubtedly stone-wall, fritter away more time, demand FOIA’s be filed, and then many months later claim that the researchers operating on crappy, incomplete data are unable to make any claims due to their use of crappy, incomplete data.
Same old, same old.
Also thoroughly inexcusable.


I find this page on Colorado’s COVID website quite interesting. In all the press releases and live updates from the Governor they are constantly talking about relative risk reduction and never ever mention absolute risk. Today, they mentioned that Colorado has the 5th highest transmission level in the country (approximately 1 in 50 people are contagious) despite an 80% vaccination rate … then, they someone managed to not speak once about transmission amongst the vaccinated … pretty amazing spin, really.
Anyway, let’s talk absolute risk for a second. According to their own data (unless I’m calculating something wrong and by all means, let me know if I am) as an unvaccinated individual, on average, I have:

  • 0.4% chance of catching SARS-CoV-2
  • .02% chance of being hospitalized with COVID-19
  • .01% chance of dying from COVID-19
The data also says that median age of cases is 32, hospitalization is 57 and death is 74. I'm a 37 year old female with zero co-morbidities, good Vitamin D levels and metabolic health, and an entire COVID kit (including Ivermectin) on my shelf. I'd love for my governor to explain to me why it's so imperative that I get vaccinated? But seriously, the state update today was all about how it's still a pandemic of the unvaccinated and how excited they are to start vaccinating 5-11 year olds ... disgusting!

Another great video Dr. Martinson. Thanks for keeping up on the data and have to say the more data we find the more we should push against these vaccines mandates. The overall plan should be early treatment with the proper medications. Like we always say here the preparation of our terrain and then early treatment if we happen to get covid. Looking forward to other data that will come out in the near future.


Reminder of a news article this past summer from New Zealand of Pfizer vaccine doses that contained just saline solution. So the skewed distribution could have to do with a dilution factor all the way to 100% dilution with saline. Why was there a 100% saline vaccine batch anyhow? Seems intentional and premeditated.


As a male with, high weight, high blood pressure and high age, 72, my vaccine effectiveness should wane relative to days 121, 181, and 211 like people in Sweden. Does my probability of an adverse event wane as fast as the vaccine effectiveness wanes or does the AE probability hold up more than the VE? Just wondering.
In an attempt to side step the statistics I have made some changes. I shed 50 pounds, lowered the amount of blood pressure medication I need, added vitamins B, C, D, Melatonin, Quercetin, zinc and dwsnbn2. I have had another birthday and I am still male so there’s no improvement there. It is my hope that these changes will help with either the virus or the vaccine.


Kudos to you for doing the work necessary to lower your risk. Using the knowledge gained here you have invested in your most precious asset, your health. While there are no iron-clad guarantees I’m sure it will pay off for you.


Chris Martenson,
Would you consider it safe to go to the dentist?
EDIT: Yes.
Signed, Chris M.

You’ve just supplied an evidance base for my suspicions that the politicians and Elite get the saline, for the show value and we plebs are given the cats piss!


As all workplaces have been made exclusively vax only in Danoslavia (Trading as “Victoria” Australia), it seems rather strange for these platforms to be shut in. A rather big point of failure that will be ignored no doubt.


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A significant skew identified in the death rate from Covid-19 vaccines by lot number – opens another large can of worms.
If issues with quality control in vaccine manufacturing are true this raises so many new questions as to answering why this should be the case? It could be a double edged sword in that it might suggest that we down grade previously defined scientific mechanisms of harm which should apply in all lots unless the great majority of lots are effective placebos. This might explain why they don’t work in the majority of cases.
Another problem is that it opens the door to the possibility that authorities will soon say they have now investigated, identified and fixed the problems in order to infer that vaccines would then be totally safe. On the plus side, the significant skew in the death rate from Covid-19 vaccines by lot number shows that SAEs cannot be coincidental and would tie them directly to the jabs. That leaves authorities having to cover up their negligence in failing to monitor QC and having to admit that deaths were linked to the vaccines but with the MSM behind them they can probably pull that trick off and still keep the vaccine show on the road.


THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, I think she nailed it. Check this out:


I’m reposting this on the public side….Everyone needs to see this.


That was heartbreaking to watch. What is worse though is that he will not be alone. Those of us who stand up for the kids are thought of as cranks - the Labour Party was even discussing bringing in legislation to stop people gathering outside of schools where vaccines were being administered. Yep, you heard that right - the opposition party in the UK wants to prevent children being warned of this malice.
This story just broke today, nothing released about cause of death or whether vaccines had been administered. But I have my suspicions.


Anna has been a warrior over the last 18 months. Well worth watching in my opinion.

I really appreciate the “chapter markers” on the video progress bar. Thanks, Aloha, Steve