Market Mayhem Update: The Empire Strikes Back!

Just to be clear, I don’t begrudge or bemoan Chris’, Adam’s or PP’s right to remuneration for their hard work and considerable expertise, including establishing and maintaining relationships with New Harbor and other businesses.
I said, “In the interests of full disclosure and transparency, I think you should note up front any aspect of profitability or financial remuneration between PP/its principals at any initial communications (e.g., PP, videos featuring NH and thereafter).”
There is a great deal of high quality PP content that is provided for free on this main PP website and on YouTube and other platforms, for which I’m grateful. When one crosses the “threshold” from free information to information/referral where there’s a vested financial interest, then I think that should be made clear at that threshold. A simple written or oral statement is all that is suggested, not details regarding how that relationship is structured or the amounts or nature of compensation, if any. Stating that NH is an entity that is “endorsed” by PP inspires confidence, but it doesn’t inform that there’s remuneration in that relationship.
I’m clear and content that my paid membership to PP allows access for all to the public content, while providing me and other PP premium members exclusive access to some unique content. I don’t think it is clear that there’s a vested business interest in the PP/NH relationship in the videos or articles featuring NH, until perhaps one is accessing the NH services directly.
I also said in my post, “I also think that it would be helpful and efficient if PP/NH would specify up front the financial thresholds, if any, (e.g., $100,000+) in portfolio valuations for NH active account management.”
I don’t recall which PP member who had accessed NH’s free initial consultation noted that the NH representative he spoke with (paraphrasing here) seemed interested in those with accounts of $100,000 or more. I don’t know if that is/is not true, but it would be helpful to know that up front to make best use of everyone’s time and effort. My “portfolio” is more modest than that, but I have referred others to NH that may/may not be within NH’s preferred target audience. If there is a suggested minimum portfolio or account level to make the NH services worthwhile, then knowing that and the amount or range upfront would be helpful, IMO.

I understand Adam. And yes you have made it clear over the years. However there are a lot of new people who have come to Peak Prosperity that may not be aware of your relationship with New Harbor. A lot of these new people have learned to respect you and Chris, and rightfully so! I have heard grumbling from a few of the newer folks I’ve recommended visit PP who were unaware of the relationship until after they had spoken with New Harbor. It was off putting to the point that at least one has thrown the PP baby out with the bathwater. Just trying to give you a heads-up.

Firstly, I broke my NUMBER 1 rule of posting: re-read my postings at least 3 times before hitting the submit button so I’m assured the receiver will understand it correctly, and it’s what I really want to express. I didn’t, and it didn’t. I stand by my first sentence, the latter two would have been best left out…
Secondly, I, and I assume (Yikes!) most on PP, agree with your “issue” at the end of your post. But that really is a totally different discussion than protecting one’s personal wealth. And as an aside, many of the people that will suffer the present trajectory of the real economy, will do so from self-inflicted wounds- F-350 Dually! 72" HD Flatscreen! iPhone 10s for the kids! Stupid college degree!- fueled by credit and debt. We’ve most been coerced into having to function in this predatory fiscal/economic system at one level or another, and we hopefully play the game to our advantage- it’s human nature. Being well-placed does give one a greater capacity to care for others and there is should be no guilt or shame in that…
To planfortomorrow- “bully” Granny? Nobody bullies Granny. A long-time and prolific poster here might suggest such a comment is “snowflaky”. Jeez, I hope I don’t “trigger” anyone with that…;^) Just two folks with different opinions, no harm, no foul.
So in the spirit of Easter- forgivness and rebirth- I wish us all Well, Aloha, Steve.

And as an aside, many of the people that will suffer the present trajectory of the real economy, will do so from self-inflicted wounds- F-350 Dually! 72″ HD Flatscreen! iPhone 10s for the kids! Stupid college degree!- fueled by credit and debt
I agree, many people bought the propaganda, hook, line and sinker. Like the notice I saw on the top of the J.C. Penny’s rack of clothes “want it, charge it”! And the credit card applications I receive several times a week. Many bought into the propaganda. Post Pandemic a lot of peoples habits will change. IMHO
Being well-placed does give one a greater capacity to care for others and there is should be no guilt or shame in that….
You are absolutely right. And I know people will step up and care for others. Many live in a bubble though and may not realize the extent of suffering out there. There is a cultural backlash coming and it needs to be discussed and looked at. But not today.
So in the spirit of Easter- forgivness and rebirth- I wish us all Well, Aloha, Steve.
And to you and your family as well Steve. May we all find a little peace this Easter Holiday. AKGrannyWGrit    

Adam & Chris, thanks for the periodic New Harbor updates, I do appreciate them. Hearing Mike and John’s market assessments is comforting to some extent given the storm we’re facing. (Probably better than me just calling Justin out of the blue and bugging him on what their latest market strategy is.)
FWIW, I set up an account a couple of years ago with NHF, and carved out 1/3 of our IRAs as a hedge and sent it to them for management. Fortunately back then things weren’t so chaotic and NHF’s min was less than 6 figures. That sucker has been flat-lined since it opened, but in the past few weeks it’s starting show some life with a little bit of wigging going on. As for the other 2/3 of our IRAs, “aaaaaand it’s gone…”
Fortunately I’ve been reading PP for nearly 10 years, and have been heeding your advise over the past few years and we are much better prepared for this coming Shit Show Storm…

Miquel, I don’t disagree with anything you said but, it can take a long, long, long time before this beast of an economy will deflate enough to tip the boat completely over. 10 years ago it was imminent but then things just stayed upright, no inflation, Gold went down to $1000 an oz instead of $10,20,30 thousand an oz. Until recently the economy was in a state of low interest, 3.4 unemployment and everything seemed headed to better things. We got the trade deal, part 3 finished and we were on our way. Working on phase 4 even! So, my over all point was, until the complete failure of the entire world economy hits you can make plans to profit and plans for a more resilient life style and do it on your terms. Time is a gift and no one on this planet knows when time will run out. So, I’m going to live this life to the fullest, continue to fine tune every aspect of life and bring my family along for the ride so that when I’m gone they will have learned a completely different skill set that they can just apply to what I think I have started and is well tooled and ready for a continued reliance on just their labors. Man, we grow our own food, process it all too and the food tastes better than anything store bought. If you have never eaten an egg from your own chickens you are truly missing out and that is the bottom of the food chain that we have and will continue to refine. We ate turkeys we raised for Thanksgiving, Fred and Emily, they were great and naming them just made for fun exchanges as we ate them. Turkeys have personalities and we shared their lives and the funny things they did in theirs that made eating them even better. Be good, I didn’t mean to disturb your sensibilities I was just reminding everyone that if you thought the world was falling apart in 2009 that it actually was still moving forward and a lot of easy cash was left on the table as the economy just kept roaring on, especially with Trump as our leader. Good Luck, I’m betting that life will continue and that it can be made easier by betting on things that surely will go up. Right now, my bet is on oil, and no doubts in my mind that it can only go up. Why: Oil is the most important resource, commodity, the world has ever known and the entire system is rigged to grab oil to run every hamlet in the world. At $23 bucks a barrel makes this an easy double, triple in the not to distant future because the world economy will go back to work and at 50% I’m betting oil will rise into the 50’s and a triple seems likely. We shall see. Yes, debt deflation will happen, it must but, when? Everyone is calling out Inflation! Again, we shall see. Good Luck and Happy Easter

Geez, Granny, I get tired of your “vice-signaling” toward anyone who you assume might be better off than you, and wants to protect their wealth. May I suggest if you don’t like the relationship PP has with New Harbor, keep it, and your personal finances, to yourself. Your posts on this topic are getting boring. Aloha, be well, Steve
thatchmo, hey forgive me, this sounded like you were tired of Granny, that what she had written was the last straw and that if she keeps writing this way that she should pack her stuff up and leave was your message, By calling you a bully, I was actually asking Granny to stay put. That not everyone is so critical of the way she thinks at any time. It was more for granny’s sake than to massage your sensitive side. I apologize , I didn’t know you were so sensitive and my use of bully will never be used on you again. It’s like calling you a sissy and I wouldn’t ever do that. Yes, forgiveness, and Happy Easter as well to you thatchmo, I do envy your living in Hawaii, like being on vacation every day of your life and the fish their are scrumptious. This from a Navy Man, Sea Bee who still remembers eating some of the best fish on the planet, Be good Brother, none of us here mean anyone any harm, I certainly don’t mean any discontent. I was wired to protect Lady’s and Granny’s tough but still a Lady. Peace

Awh shucks, you made my day!

Thanks, you guys.

pft- whatever…But that interaction got me thinking about terms we use. Bullies pick on those perceived as weaker or unable to defend themselves. Now, a Challenger confronts those considered equal or perhaps stronger. Saying I was bullying Granny, suggests you may consider her “of the weaker sex”. Just saying…I did recind my several- ill-considered- comments, after the fact…Aloha, be well. Steve

Where can this warning be found?

@Peter Smith: If you followed the link Chris posted on today’s youtube video, then you will be unable to view unless you pay for a premium account. I mean, I know everyone has to make money, but I take a bit of offense when an article with supposedly very helpful and useful information is only available if you pay money for it.
I’m the mother of 8 children, and our family lives solely on my husband’s income, which needless to say, means I can’t afford to pay to access this information. I had always felt Chris was an advocate for the sharing of useful and helpful information, like a coming, significant food shortage, but this paywall feels like a slap in the face. I’m very disappointed, but c’est la vie, I suppose.

Hi, the issue Chris has is that if he publishes these warnings publicly he gets attacked for being an alarmist. I am a premium member for 11 years, will just have to keep looking for the link. Peter