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There's a new Martenson Report ready for enrolled members.  It can be accessed by clicking the title below, or going to the Martenson Report page.  As always, it has already been sent as a newsletter so you should also find it in your inbox.

Here's a snippet:

Food Outlook 2009 - Understanding the Risks

Executive Summary

  • Global grain stocks at lowest levels in over four decades
  • Shockingly low fertilizer sales suggest possibility of a disappointing yield
  • Food supply and demand are tightly balanced
  • Food distribution networks are cost-efficient but not terribly robust
  • Ways you can increase your food security


Food is something that many of us take for granted, but it is important to recognize that this luxury is a recent development in human history. It is time to give more thought to this critical staple in our lives.

In March of 2008, food commodity prices hit an all-time high. This coincided with a world-wide food crisis, food riots, and even a few instances of national rice hoarding. Many believe that this was triggered by economic conditions (e.g. a flood of cheap money), not a fundamental or structural shortfall in food production. But I hold the view that both were at fault.

Food demand has grown steadily over the years, as has food supply. However, in recent years the excess margin of supply over demand has tightened and even gone negative several times. Reserve stocks are incredibly tight, resting at levels not seen since the early 1970's. 

It is easily conceivable that food deliveries could be disrupted within any country, leading to rapid onset of local food shortages. This report will apprise you of several of the challenges that currently exist regarding world food supplies and the possibility that these challenges could lead to a structural shortfall in global food supplies in 2009 or 2010. It also contains specific actions that could greatly enhance your own food security.

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Don’t forget protein.  We live in a very urban area, but we are also just a few blocks from a large lake.  A fishing pole, lots of extra tackle, and a backyard full of worms lets us pretty much pull fish out whenever we want.  (Yesterday my eight year old caught four).  And there is a reason why Joy of Cooking (first published 1931 I believe) has recipes for such things as squirrel, rabbit, porcupine, racoon and a variety of birds. 

We have a large (100 acre) lake in our community with a large population of fish.  It is a fun pastime and people catch fish here almost daily.  BUT,  I think most people are afraid to eat them because of the run-off of fertilzer into the lake as it surrounded by homes in most parts.  I don’t know if that is a concern in your area.  We also have many squirrels, rabbits, etc… I would hope they would be less tainted in a dire emergency.

     In our Area  the fish biting   depends on so many things like dropping barometer  and water temperature and spawning season .As for hunting Rabbit it is very important to only eating them when the month has an R in it .   This sounds like old wives tale but if you eat wild rabbit caught  in the month of July etc. you will  have worms as surely  as the sun came up today .    We keep  Black Walnut tincture to take for such parasites that find us a great place to grow . Many things passed down from our grandparents are coming back to help.  Hopefully the kids will not be to squeamish .   We make the rabbit into sandwiches  like ham salad  and do not tell them until they are done eating it.  I can tell you I am not a fan of butchering the bunnies  but would have no trouble if I was hungry enough .   Recipes on cooking wild game might be a good thing  as wild turkey is challenging to prepare well.
 Wow I am a sidetrack sister got way off here  … sorry .

I found the article below by simply entering the words "Executive orders food" in the search field.
FEMA Executive Orders Paved The Way For Emerging Police State Hell

Among others, make sure you read

Executive Order 10998

I look forward to reading your comments on this.


interesting, but not surprising. Well the one surprising part to me is that apparently Kennedy signed that executive order back in 1962. With all the truth he spoke about in his brief term, it was interesting to see.
I was trying to see if it was receded or something, but no luck. I will say that in my opinion, if the situation ever came to that (god forbid) and the government start taking peoples food, that would be one heck of a spark to light extremely violent civil unrest.

m1sdsa,  my comments on this executive order (and others) are in a previous post, here.  The comments apply equally well to your post:
"I have gone to the trouble of reading these executive orders.  As I did, I must admit I became slightly irritated as it became clear that you did not read them yourself.

I have seen some of these executive orders floating around conspiracy websites before.  Most of them were issued in the 60’s by J.F.K., and have developed something of a cult following with conspiracy theorists, despite the fact that most or all of the programs which they originally created have been defunct for years, and that these executive orders do not say what conspiracy theorists like to claim they say.

The following 4 [see orginal post] executive orders of J.F.K.'s were cold war measures designed to survey available resources and provide incentives and strategic guidance to industry in order to encourage stockpiling and distribution in ways that would not be detrimental to the needs of the country in the event of a nuclear emergency.  None of them say what is claimed by conspiracy theorists.  Furthermore, each of these executive orders have been defunct for decades.

Executive order 10998 was issued by JFK in 1962.  It says nothing about hoarding.  It would be peculiar indeed if it did, since this was at a time when the federal government was strongly encouraging hoarding.  It was revoked by Executive Order 11490, October 28, 1969.

[ . . . ]"


Thats what I was looking for, but I had never heard of those orders untill I read this post earlier today. I figured it had been revoked, but didn’t know for sure.


Will you please tell me how I can learn if a specific executive order has been revoked?

Certainly.  The national archives keeps a record of all executive orders, and these records are available online.  Go to this address:

Once there, click on Executive Orders Disposition Tables

Sometimes I really feel Washington has become so disconnected from reality they really don’t understand how food gets on their plates.

Looks like the food crissis is getting some mainstream media attention
The Global Food Crisis: The End of Plenty (National Geographic)