Mass Psychosis & You

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This video explains why people you know seem to have lost their ability to reason or even be reasonable.

Mass Hysteria, or psychosis, is a very routine and well-documented part of human history. It also describes well our current circumstances.

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The key questions are (1) is it deliberate or accidental and (2) either way, what can you do to avoid the worst effects of it all?


COVID-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria

Dancing mania

MASS PSYCHOSIS - How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

Dr. Fauci, Movie Star

‘Fauci’ Earnings Mystery: No Info on Box Office Take for Gushing Documentary About COVID Czar
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From my own perspective, living in the UK, there was mostly media silence around the early developments in south-east Asia. Number 10 was committed into doing nothing back in March 2020 - despite the apparent devastation in Italy. People caught the virus at race meetings, royals lost their sense of smell – I wondered who on earth was advising these people… Critical thinkers were targeted & trolled. Then BoJo supposedly nearly died in hospital…. It all looked like a bad B-movie script.
In summer, the narrative shifted towards scapegoating. People hiking in Wales, or broke hairdressers forced to open up in lockdown, were blamed for the pandemic - & the public bayed for blood (even members of my own family fell for the misplaced hysteria).
Jab sceptics became the new scapegoats after that - even though it has become clear that the jabs aren’t stopping transmission over here - with 15,000 new daily symptomatic cases in the vaccinated & rising. So now newspaper editors & nudge units promote cringeworthy public comments like this, which I saw on Sunday:
“I thank the universe for the vaccine, which means I’m not in hospital, not seriously ill and not suffering scary symptoms like breathlessness - just at home watching TV. That is why it’s worth having. It’s like a seatbelt leaving you whiplash, but preventing you being flung through the windscreen and killed.”
The fact that a simple aspirin (amongst other things) can drastically reduce hospitalisations would indicate that the jabs are an unnecessary & dangerous scam. But it can’t just be about government incompetence or racketeering - something else must be going on & even normies are starting to wake up now.


(I posted this on the part 2 portion, should have been here)
This website will give you an idea how demented the vaxxed are against “the anti-vaxxers”. Some really sick people!


One example of mass hysteria from Wikipedia which struck me was:
“The first Iraqi missile hitting Israel during the Persian Gulf War was believed to contain chemical or biological weapons. Though this was not the case, 40% of those in the vicinity of the blast reported breathing problems……Additionally, early symptoms of those affected by MPI (Mass psychogenic illness) are difficult to differentiate from those actually exposed to the dangerous agent.”
After studying hypnotism, Scott Adams once said that he switches channels whenever they talk about serious illness - so imagine what 24/7 coverage of covid could do to the human psyche & immune system?
Even worse, the constant gaslighting of the public & changing narrative U-turns - plus the trolling of anyone trying to question Establishment orthodoxy on public forums.



Weren’t some of the episodes of the dancing mania attributed to ergot poisoning? Vague memory from a pathology class in the early 1980’s. Moldy grains of rye caused deadly disease with hallucinations, muscle spasms, and convulsions. Some danced from poisoning while their fellows danced from madness?


My daughter is a high school junior. In her school, her History and English classes closely coordinate. They just finished reading The Crucible, which is of course, a play dramatizing the 1692 Salem Witch Trials - a famous example of mass hysteria. I helped her edit her essay on it down to length last night. She did a nice job of pointing out the role of the fearful environment in fomenting the event. The fear existed because they were trying to make a living surrounded by a vast wilderness they didn’t understand, trying to farm poor, rocky soil, and having to contend with Native Americans who knew the land and how to live off it, but had long ago realized the colonists were playing for keeps and had turned against them. She also addressed how the power of the court and their strong tendencies to believe the accuser when it was one person’s word against another even if the “evidence” was fantastical as well as to accuse people who tried to defend a family member of being a witch as well. Her theory is that the courts did this to keep up appearances of power and perhaps because they felt they had to go along with the hysteria.
Interesting tidbit: Anyone convicted could avoid death by confessing, but both the social stigma they would have to live with and their strong principles led 19 to choose to die (and 5 of them were men accused of being “wizards”).
The parallels of this event with today are striking.



for subliminal messages in that set? I didn’t find any even after turning my laptop on it’s side but tbh I’ve never been great at it anyway.

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Yes, there seems to be a few of us, use the contact page below.
Could it be CANADIANS only are affected?

Yes, I have been having this problem today also.

What is the difference between mass hysteria and mass psychosis? In this video, you seem to be using them interchangably. They seem very different to me. Leaving aside my concerns about adopting terminology from an approach that “others” those struggling with emotional difficulties, in part, with the labels that are assigned, there is a real need to have a way to describe this phenomena we are all witnessing.
So in this video we have the words “mass hysteria” and “mass psychosis.” When applied to this phenomenon, the word hysteria seems more apt because it implies a) it is temporary and can pass b) it is rooted in fear coming from external sources/ not an inherant problem within the person and c) retains a sense of social context that the “hysteria” exists between individuals, not just within a single person.
“Mass psychosis,” on the other hand, implies a) that it is permanent, b) that there’s something wrong or broken within the individual that cannot be fixed and c) loses the sense of social context because the word “psychosis” implies that a bunch of individuals can’t use their minds (vs something overcoming a group of people).
To me they land very differently. The latter is more shocking, more bleak. And given that you are speaking to an audinece already affected by too many shocks, it’s not clear why you are inclined to use the heavier-handed language to describe this. I appreciated hearing both terms this time, instead of just “mass psychosis.” Personally I think the best term would be something like “shock induced terror.” Because it clearly names the source of the difficulty as being outside the individual. And everyone knows how hard it is to think when we are terrified. That is not a “mental illness,” that is how our systems are wired with fight/flight/freeze. We are eventually able to regain the ability to think when the thing causing the fear stops.
And I raise the point because in times like these when it is incredibly hard for a lot of people to see their way forward, maybe they just lost their job due to a vax mandate that they wouldn’t comply with, maybe they are watching their loved ones experience vax adverse events but their loved ones are in denial it’s the vax and won’t hear anything about treatment for vax injuries, maybe they have been excluded from an important family event or treated badly after going because they weren’t vaxxed. Even those of us not caught in the “mass whatever-it-is” are still affected by suddenly having the pieces of the chess board all moved around and we aren’t in line where we were accustomed to being in line before.
And so when it comes to talking about this subject- which is important to talk about! To me it matters what language is used, because one term “mass hysteria” leaves the door open to there being a way through, that it could pass in time once conditions that created it change. And the other “mass psychosis” closes that door, suggesting that the changes within our loved ones are there to stay and we just have to learn to live with it.
And honestly, that was the same message that the mental health system gave to me at age 13 saying because of my anxiety disorder I would be on drugs the rest of my life. They consider the pain and emotional damage permanent fixtures, even if they originated in some kind of trauma, that must be worked around or drugged. But I can tell you that the mind has a tremendous capacity to heal. There is far more fluidity than the boundaries of the labels would imply. I stopped taking those drugs almost 10 years ago, shortly after watching the Crash Course, in part because I didn’t want to go through whatever was coming in withdrawal from drugs that would eventually run out. I’ve learned to manage my anxiety in other ways.
And my mind works, now, in ways I couldn’t have imagined while I was on the drugs. Sure, certain days or periods of time are harder than others. But I have tons of emotional connection and support and my mind gets clearer and clearer as I heal the hurts. I subscribe to the idea that you gotta feel it to heal it within the context of tried and true methods like EMDR, somatic release, meditation, sound therapy, NET and bodywork.
Please consider the possibility that the idea that they are permanent or that the mind can’t heal (menticide) is part of the “old story” that we are aiming to shed, part of the worldview that denies IVM for covid, fasting for obesity, etc… You are so clear in these other areas, please consider how else this phenomenon can be described. It may seem like a sublte thing, but making the internal shift from “something is broken in me” to “something needs to change around here” is a tremendous shift back into our own autonomy and empowerment. Especially so, for those caught in the “mass whatever-it-is” because it will be hardest for them to see where they have been deceived but are in the most need of a door being open to there being a way through.


Chris lobbed a lot of accusations based on a survey in which liberals estimated the COVID case hospitalization rate at ~ 50%.  I don’t see a link to that particular research, and I’m not easily finding it.  I’d be interested in digging deeper, if only to see how everyone did on all the posed questions.  Could someone please provide a link?


Did I miss your response on the under-reporting of SAE’s in VAERS? I was really looking forward to it. If you made one, and I missed it, I apologize. Although I did make an effort to look several times.
On today’s topic, I have a question for you liberals. (This, coming from someone who actually contributed to Mr Obama’s campaign in 2008. Does this make me a liberal today? Hahaha. No. That’s so 2008.)
Right, so based on the IFR of COVID, and your own personal situation, what is your assessment - let’s assume you were unvaxxed - of your annual mortality risk from COVID19? Let’s assume the attack rate was 20% per year.
Here’s something to get you started:
And then you might want to factor in activity:
And then perhaps any obesity issues - or lack thereof:
I get the sense you know how to write code. Maybe - you can fix this dreadful lack of understanding among your “liberal” friends by coming up with a calculator!
[By the way, “conservatives” aren’t all that much better than “liberals” - most people woefully overestimate their own vulnerability. You could help “conservatives” too with your calculator. Presumably human life is valuable regardless of party affiliation. Right?]
After about a minute of googling, I ran across this.


Stackable chairs, fake logo, fake whitehouse, fake news, fake president
Almost like the cabal of authoritarians ran out of money to prop up and pretend the Potemkin of the Potomac is real or Uncle Joe is really in charge.
The facade is crumbling.


Dave wrote:
After about a minute of googling, I ran across this.
For Joshua, here’s what Chris was referencing (pulled out of the link above)
The U.S. public is also deeply misinformed about the severity of the virus for the average infected person. In December, we asked, “What percentage of people who have been infected by the coronavirus needed to be hospitalized?”
The correct answer is not precisely known, but it is highly likely to be between 1% and 5% according to the best available estimates, and it is unlikely to be much higher or lower. We discuss the data and logic behind this conclusion in the appendix.
Less than one in five U.S. adults (18%) give a correct answer of between 1 and 5%. Many adults (35%) say that at least half of infected people need hospitalization. If that were true, the millions of resulting patients would have overwhelmed hospitals throughout the pandemic.
Democrats are much more likely than Republicans to overestimate this harm. Forty-one percent of Democrats and 28% of Republicans answered that half or more of those infected by COVID-19 need to be hospitalized. Republicans were also far more likely to get the correct answer, with 26% correctly identifying the risk compared to just 10% of Democrats.


I’m in Canada and I am on the premium site fine right now. But this occasionally being locked out of the premium content has been a recurring site problem for several months now. I solve it by either removing my PP cookies or closing my browser and rebooting.


This caught my eye: "…(the fact) that a young rock band sparked a movement that toppled the totalitarian system in Czechoslovakia unveils an important but underappreciated characteristic of this type of political system: despite appearances, it is by its nature weak, brittle, and in need of constant infusions of fear and lies in order to prevent it from collapsing. This weakness is why totalitarian regimes constantly slander and persecute anyone, even harmless musicians, who engage in even a modest attempt to live within the truth. For truth is the primary enemy of totalitarianism as it erodes the foundation of lies upon which it is built. "


Maybe it is all China led after all, most of the props including the stackable chairs in that fake studio originate from it for sure.
I even start to think that muttering, defunct robot attempting autocue reading is engineered by the Great People of China. It once met the original quality standards.
Remains the question who ordered Instant POTUS-in-a-box from alibaba.