Medical Imperialism Driven by Pure Greed: An Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

More and more I believe that true courage, integrity and honour are manifested in the choice not only to face the rabbit hole of horror but then to decide to go down it and investigate.


The vaccine ground under me has been breaking apart in the last few weeks as I read more and more. Those are the same three studies that I have been looking at. Even before Covid, I was noticing the enormous amount of advertising for the flu vaccine. Every pharmacy had multiple signs about getting jabbed.
I know that I should stop using the term, antivax, but that is what I am becoming. As I attempt to follow truth, I also look for the lessons that it teaches me. One of the lessons in this twist in my thinking is that along the way I have found that the people ahead of me include some deeply religious people. They have been antivax. I’m not religious and not spiritual. I find it interesting the number of times I have found strong connection with that group on a number of issues. Out of 100 coworkers, I have only found one that stepped outside one sunny day and made a comment about vitamin D. She is religious and she is the only person that I can completely connect with on the topic of Covid at my work.


So the collusion between the biomafia & intelligence agencies has not been good for our health. The institutions which used to provide the ‘checks & balances’ have all but been captured, & the MSM has been co-opted to serve as a mouthpiece for the power elites.



Phenomenal interview - although I’m not sure it was really an interview since Chris asked, what, 3 questions in an hour? lol
Book ordered. We went through Children’s Defense Fund to support the cause, not Amazon. This way CDF gets both Kennedy’s royalty and the difference between wholesale and retail prices - maximizing their benefit.


Long video which covers similar structural problems in the system & questions the flawed ethics of the ‘noble lie’… I started watching it at about 1:30:00 - it seemed to get very juicy there.


Great short essay by CJ Hopkins (American in Berlin) reprinted today by Dr Mercola. Says that Global Capitalism has created this thing it calls “reality” and we are all living inside this cult. Says the best way to subvert the cult is to make it show how totalitarian it really is, so the sheeple start to wake up.
Go visit if only to see the picture of the sheep wearing masks. (and before the article disappears)
"we need to make GloboCap (and its minions) go openly totalitarian … because it can’t. If it could, it would have done so already. Global capitalism cannot function that way. Going openly totalitarian will cause it to implode … no, not global capitalism itself, but this totalitarian version of it. In fact, this is starting to happen already.
It needs the simulation of “reality,” and “democracy,” and “normality,” to keep the masses docile. So we need to attack that simulation. We need to hammer on it until it cracks, and the monster hiding within in appears.’


I’ve been here 12 years. And I plan to be here 12 more…
But I need to see an equal and opposite guest who presents the other side of (some of) RFKjr’s argument.
I joined Peak Prosperity (really, because I didn’t have time to read all the news with enough detail and skepticism to get any actionable information out of it. Because I was in a demanding career which shunned Malthusian views of the world. I needed someone smart and inquisitive, who thinks like I do, and is willing to believe “crazy” things if that’s where the evidence takes him. I’m starting to see enough evidence to (at least) question certain vaccines, but I’m also seeing some cracks in my original calculus for joining, which can be repaired by bringing in some alternative voices/arguments. We are ALL susceptible to confirmation bias.
Every family has a crazy uncle (mine included). It’s easy to take the thoughtful/coherent words of someone who was in “the room where it happened”, but we are all human beings, and we are all susceptible to being hacked by social media and internet rabbit holes.


I’ve found the opposite side easy to access through the MSM.
I do agree that it is important to collect information from a spectrum. I get bombarded with the “everyone should get a flu, Covid, pneumonia, shingles whatever shot” message daily.
Getting the alternate message of “hmmm maybe we should look into this more” is why I come to PP.


The revelation that Jeremy Farrar was MI6 was a bit of a shocker. I am going to try to back check that one since it is so shocking.
I ordered a copy of the book since much of what Kennedy said seemed to tie things together in ways I had not considered.


The EXACT same arguments can be applied to the food industries nutrition message. The US Gov. happily supports catastrophic nutritional info as it pockets food and drug industry funding and donations.
The difference is that poor nutrition is the number one cause of death in Western Society, where covid falls lower in the ranking. Experts say 75% of us die younger due to poor diet.
Peak Prosperity regularly encourages manufactured supplements, rather than delving into nutrition research that is easily available and overwhelmingly consistent.
We all, to some extent, see what we are willing to see.
Perhaps I am guilty of that, because I’m vaccinated and intend to remain current on vaccines. For me it seems simple. If the benefits seem to clearly outweigh the risks, the decision is simple, even if some level of risk exists.
But again, I’ve very thoroughly researched the number one cause of death, nutrition, and continue to do so, rather than focusing on the much lower risk posed by covid vaccines.


Stephanie V,
You wrote:

I always wondered if vaccines had anything to do with my immune issues.
I really never gave much thought to the overall vaccine debate. But a co-worker had an autistic child. Later, when I found out that some people allege a connection between vaccines and autism, I told him about it. He told me that theory had been debunked. I didn't think much more of it at the time. Later, I looked into the "debunking" studies. They were complete nonsense. They compared "vaccinated children" with "less vaccinated" (but still vaccinated) children and did not find any "statistically significant" difference in autism levels. I thought to myself, "this is nonsense." I am not anti-vax. I got the polio vax and the smallpox vax as a child and am okay with that. But I think Kennedy may have a real point that the massive overvaxxing of kids since the 1980's may very well have damaged the health of the succeeding generations.



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[quote]regarding inflated numbers

That is what MSM and CDC and vaccine pushers use to validate the correlation , that somehow we have better diagnostics. Yeah really? Show me a blood test for autism or even a xray or other scan? You cannot look at someone with autism today, and say geeze we would have called this normal 30 years ago. NOPE, I am not going to even entertain this garbage line "we have better diagnostics today." AND I am going to back it up even more. There are countries who did not engage in the vaccine campaign at the same time as the US ,and therefore do not have the same timeline of autism cases. But they do have modern medicine and modern diagnostics, just latter into the vaccine campaign. But you know what , they did not have autism before the vaccines, and their diagnoses also mirror their campaigns identically as well."[/quote]
our environment has changed and it is foolish to just blame vaccines. The definition of autism has changed entirely.
Autism used to be a severe developmental disability under the pervasive developmental disorder umbrella.
They got rid of PDD and called it all autism with different function levels. There are many people who would qualify for a mild autism diagnosis that look/seem pretty normal and for the most part are. Do not get me wrong, this does not mean that vaccines can not trigger severe regressive autism, but stats like 1 in 22 are junk.  

I don’t reply to your comment out of objection to what you say. I agree mostly.
I get triggered when people blame “capitalism” as a system and point to it as the source of all the problems of the world. But that may be because I have a different sense of the definition.
To me, as you say, Capitalism CANNOT be totalitarian. It is inherently opportunistic. It is built on and thrives on competition. It is the method of economic evolution, purely darwinian. And though monopolistic for a time, the diaspora of those successful ideas into the market ensures that monopolies can only naturally exist for a brief moment before they collapse and divide through mitosis and entropy. The same thing happens with pure Democracy. The same with environmental dominance by any species, eventually their success is mimicked and they overconsume in their environment and they suffer collapse or die back. Regression back to the mean.
What people most frequently point to when they say “Capitalism!” With a snear on their lip, is the interaction between government and corporations. I would call this Corporatism which to me is a violation of the economic laws of nature because it is an unholy alliance between two powerful forces by artificial means. Anytime regulation is imposed to create barriers to entry into a field, that is not a natural economic process. That is a protective act, but one that weakens the economy by preventing a group or a product or a business from facing true competition, and thus incentivising them to reward their protectors, who then can trust them to serve at their behest. Thus stitching together the fates and fortunes of two disperate ideas. It is inorganic, it is unnatural and is destined to die.
To me the repulsion really comes when it is used as the impetus to reject economics entirely and promote socialism or communism. Laying the blame primarily on the business and the generation of wealth as the real crime rather than regulation and the force of government to choose winners or losers in an environment.
It is the same as when a government agency declares a species off limits. Which basically ensures its extinction. As it goes, if you can’t cut down the tree posing an insurance liability to your home and family, because a snowy owl is nesting in its branches, you are going to take actions to convince that owl to move on. This stress causes snowy owl birth rates to plummet and the species slowly dies off except in captivity, where it begins to evolve a dependence on its captors. Now tell that story for any business serving the government. Conversely, any species targetted for eradication flourishes and hardens under the pressure. Dandelions, marijuana, rats, flies and mosquitoes… all seem to do quite well in spite of human eradication efforts.
Capitalism though, is a system fully oppressed by government. I can’t point to an industry that enjoys true capitalism once the government determines a value in the product. Government is inherently antithetical to freedom and nature. Government represents control, and Capitalism to me is freedom, without favoritism or coercion. I don’t see that we’ve really had that in America since the 1800’s at the latest.
But I agree that the fascism, the unholy marriage of corporations and government needs to be tried and allowed to fail for our country to learn from its error. To create that visceral revulsion in the hearts of the population for what that becomes. Though most here already are keenly aware of the fundamental flaws of these systems, the population at large is still enamored by the individual parts of that monstrous whole. Though I can’t point to Germany or Italy and say that this lesson was learned by their people as a consequence of their failed foray’s into fascism (as they are today engaged in similar systems). I think unless the distinction is made that it is Government driving this, we will be destined to keep enduring the same cycles over and over in history. The thing that characterizes ALL the nations that have succumbed to this whole fraud, is that ALL of them have strong central governments with strong influence in the economy.
We need to recognize that first before we can sequester the root cause of the problem and truly learn from all this. I thought America’s founding fathers had, but obviously the prohibitions and consequences weren’t strong enough to prevent it’s growth.
We’ll see how we remedy that oversight in the coming days.


In one of their “get vaxxed” propaganda emails.
What a clever idea: disguise propaganda and lies as a quiz!
And in the link to additional information on the pregnancy and fertility question, notice an interesting implication about who can be pregnant?
I’m not quite finished with the interview. I’ll comment when I do.

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Great Interview.
Chris you did not get to say much…RFK Jr said it all.
You should do a breakdown video on this one for sure.
A lot to unpack in this one.


The problem with capitalism is, the logical end state of capitalism is a collection of monopolies.
Why is this true? If the goal of each capitalistic actor is to maximize profits - then monopolies do that best. So that’s the logical end state to which each capitalist actor legitimately aspires. “Maximizing shareholder value” is the ne plus ultra of capitalism. And that’s best accomplished by being a monopoly.
For “the capitalist system” to work best for the individual Plebes, no one participant - or group of participants - should be allowed to act as a monopoly. Otherwise, it isn’t “capitalism”, it is just harvesting. But in reality, harvesting is just “end-stage capitalism”, i.e. Oligarchy. Which is where we are today.
So for “actual capitalism” to function in a way that benefits the society as a whole (and the Plebes in particular), no one actor can be (say) larger than 10% of the total.
And so the State must intervene to make sure this is the case. State intervention is required to preserve “actual capitalism” for the Plebes, where competition takes place vs the Plebe-harvesting that is executed by the monopolies, in service to the Shareholders.
That’s my theory anyway.




Dave, you wrote:

The problem with capitalism is, the logical end state of capitalism is a collection of monopolies.
This is true and this is what we are seeing. That is one of the reasons that I liked Teddy Roosevelt. He saw that monopolies were destroying capitalism and worked to break them up. It worked for a while but the system became corrupted all over again. This is just the human condition. As John Lennon said: "Nothing is people proof."  


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