Medical Imperialism Driven by Pure Greed: An Interview with Robert Kennedy Jr.

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At Peak Prosperity we will interview anybody at any time about anything as long as we believe we have something we can learn from them. Today we are talking with Robert F Kennedy Jr about money, power, and influence.

These forces are driving horrible medical policy and worse outcomes. If we want a better future, we’re going to have to confront the truth about our current circumstances; something RFK Jr has done selflessly and fearlessly year after year.

While many people have probably been told (and many will believe) that RFK Jr is “antivaxx” (a modern pejorative), most here at Peak Prosperity won’t be surprised to learn that he’s been the subject of an intense campaign against him by the same forces that brought us all the “NO TREATMENTS FOR YOU!” medical nihilism.

We know we’re taking a risk by running an interview with RFK Jr simply because of how relentlessly he’s been attacked. As a result, many people have quite strong opinions about him despite having never heard him speak nor investigated any of this claims or underlying data.

So it’s time to peel back the covers and find out the truth beneath the fiction. Let’s begin with this interview and then bring the data, and then decide for ourselves what the truth is and where it lies. The future belongs to those who can bring an open mind and a clear heart. Let’s dive in…



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“Suddenly and mysteriously” are the words that we can concentrate on.
If our mental models are good, then they are predictive. A poor model is one that has surprises. Therefore I put it to you that our mental models have serious fundamental flaws.
The assumption that we make that only humans are involved is suspect. In my model Dr. David Jacobs aliens have both the the Means and the Motive to pull this off. My intuition supports my model. The main players in this fracas give me the creeps.
Opponents of my model have to prove a negative. They have to argue that there is no Alien presence on the planet. Their other argument is an appeal to incredulity.


I am in for purchasing the book , Is there anyway we can do it directly through peak prosperity? I do not want to give dime of this to amazon.


”When they want you
to die for profit they will let you know.”


Mr. Kennedy is a true patriot. Thank you for this interview.


Thank you Chris for this superb interview. Given Covid I thought you might skirt the wider vaccine debate but I’m very pleased you haven’t. It’s only recently (ie the last few days) that I’ve completely flipped my opinion on them. Now very very wary. Something has to explain the skyrocketing cases of autoimmune and neurological diseases in children and the wider population - bad food and/or contaminated environment and/or vaccines. Take your pick but I now suspect the ever increasing number of vaccine shots are the front runner.
Here is an interesting video with associated links to 3 studies. Wouldn’t mind if you could cast your critical eye over them. Peak Prosperity is such an important drop in site for sanity. Just fantastic and thank you from NZ
Hooker-Miller study:…
Lyons-Weiler/Thomas study:…
Mawson study:


Fantastic interview, Chris! Please get him back sometime, he’s got some fascinating stories to tell.


As a child of the Kennedy era, this was a great interview! Mr. Kennedy has chosen a difficult road, but he was raised in family not afraid to challenge the status quo. Thanks for that interview.


First, i am not anti-vax entirely. The problem is these are all risk reward and they are toxic and cause immune damage. ALL. Just just any drug , you have to take them when the rewards out-way the risks. I am ok like Robert, that most of us pre 1989 got less than 10 or so vaccines. Most people can handle this without too much damage. Today, we have 72 shots on the schedule before 60mos of age. That is just not reasonable and the reward does not warrant the risk anymore. AND then they want kids to take how many COVID shots? It is nuts.
Of interest, not everyone is as susceptible to autism, Genetics does play a roll. If you are familiar with the MTHFR polymorphism ( I spoke of in other threads ) It means that you cannot convert folic acid to folate properly. (45% of the population has this ) This is not a genetic disease or defect. As folic acid does not occur in nature ever. It is a synthetic medicine that only half the population can effectively convert. However they have sacrificed half the population by adding this toxic compound to our food - it is again mass medication like flouride in the water was. or still is ( both flouride and folic acid banned in the EU ) but not US.
Of interest regarding this Folic acid. They took levels of B12 and folic acid of pregnant women and at time of birth. They found women who had elevated folic acid , had a 17 fold chance of having a child with autism and women who had both elevated folic acid and elevated B12, had a 34 fold chance of having a child with autism. This is important because those with the Polymorphism have at risk alleles , if you carry one you covert poorly , if you have two , you almost dont convert at all. If you have elevated levels of either , you have what is known as methyl block ( blocking of the cellular methylation ) If you have elevated levels of both , you are in complete methyl block. This methylation process is like cellular house keeping , and cellular detoxification… The use of folic acid ( poison ) not folate ( nutrient ) has crippled peoples detox ability. Load them with toxic poisons including aluminum and mercury. found in all vaccines., and you have all the chronic conditions we now see. ( both are toxic ) getting rid of mercury didnt solve anything because people were concerned - they just substituted aluminum. Which is no better. But now you can see a pathway by which is possible that these drugs harm - And make no mistake - that folic acid is mass medication and has host of other problems , dont even need vaccines. You can not only chart that increase in autism and chronic disease, with increase use of vaccines, but that overlay of folic acid addition to our foods mirrors the same. Either case our government is mass medicated healthy people with absolute undeniable consequences.
Regarding Robert trying to convince that vaccine compensation board with little evidence ( as said ) if paired with the undeniable other mass medication ( and correlation data ( it cannot be refuted that mass medication does harm ) you can do a quantitative test for Methyl block ( with elevated levels B12 and Folic Acid ) and confirm with a genetic test for the polymorphism, and you know you have been harmed by taking 72 vaccinations.
I want to thank Chris for this incredible interview. And also thank Robert, not only for his time with the tribe, but his dedication to the vaccine awareness cause. I respect his work and his integrity. We are lucky to have such people dedicated to protecting the people in lieu of $$$, as most politicians and governors.


The diagnostic criteria of autism has drastically changed so anyone who is mildly socially impaired can get diagnosed. It is a fad diagnosis.
So, the numbers are very inflated.
I can accept that incidence of severe autism has increased, but not to the degree depicted.


That is what MSM and CDC and vaccine pushers use to validate the correlation , that somehow we have better diagnostics. Yeah really? Show me a blood test for autism or even a xray or other scan? You cannot look at someone with autism today, and say geeze we would have called this normal 30 years ago. NOPE, I am not going to even entertain this garbage line “we have better diagnostics today.”
AND I am going to back it up even more. There are countries who did not engage in the vaccine campaign at the same time as the US ,and therefore do not have the same timeline of autism cases. But they do have modern medicine and modern diagnostics, just latter into the vaccine campaign. But you know what , they did not have autism before the vaccines, and their diagnoses also mirror their campaigns identically as well.


He just wanted to protect hallowed father son fishing rituals, which were messed with by greedy polluting corporations, which was discovered by VAX damaged mothers…
this is the story of someone with a true moral compass, because then it led him directly into conflict with friends and acquaintances in his exalted social circle, yet he persisted…
it is an irony of the old High Yankee morality and upbringing, that some of the values they instilled to differentiate themselves from gauche scumbag nouveaux riche , these values directed them to oppose and call out some of their own class colleagues.
Ah well, they’re not making them like that anymore … or are they? C’mon, stand up if you are an heir to that proud tradition. Don’t let it die out in this sad decade. Look at your Uncle’s nice rug. Have you got a better heritage of values? Our mayor goes to Kennebunkport to preside at some declensions wedding, is this the new through line of morality for your clan? C’mon Man.


means I have skin in the game.
I had never heard of autism before these kids.
The other grandparents are Normies to the bone. “It happens” he said, and walked away. (The Government wouldn’t harm the children. Impossible) They are the parents of my beautiful daughter-in-law.
My son listened in to a Big Pharma lecture conference. He was the audio engineer. He knows.
They raved on about a “blockbuster drug” that was going to make them all as rich as Midas. That’s what Blockbuster Drug means to Big Pharma. Did you really think that it was going to cure tropical diseases in Africa, Gladys?
My son is thoroughly black pilled. He knows. But what to do about it? So I slipped him a copy of “Fooling Ourselves” to leave on the coffee table so that she could go through the 5 stages of grief on her own terms.
I fear that she will go from being our sweet gentle Angela to being Mommy Bear.
Read these graphs and weep.


My daughter related this story to me and then sent me a link.

I can’t tell you how angry this makes me.  


So. It can not fly in the rain? This is an important throw away line. Why? Because the stealth Bomber is grossly underpowered, by design. The Jet’s purpose is as a van der Graaf generator to produce the (Very) high voltage leading edge. Rumour has it that ground crew may not approach the aircraft until it has discharged.
Ionized water would short out the voltage.
What’s the significance of that? They are using Townsend Brown’s electro-gravitics. (Demonstrated to Admiral Rickover in 1957).
Meaning? TR3B craft sightings are valid.
NASA has abandoned rocketry because they have something better. Much better.


The “Good” for mankind is this interview is available to learn from (Thank you Chris),
The “Bad” is that I have heard the Anthrax material was US way back, hearing this interview has a ring of confirmation. The fact that we may be experiencing greed at unprecedented levels is not so new for a dictatorship. However the greed we see based on a our democracy, has failed our social contract for “We the People”. We may want to be human and blame someone, anyone, such as our trusted leadership, except this volition is becoming all to regular.
“Ugly” is when we see bureaucrats ruining our lives, taking anything and everything across the planet they want for the sake of power. It’s not so funny, if a bureaucrat never has to risk and often points to leadership for any mistake made…
When a resources is a limited commodity, such as public trust, the time will come when that resource is in short supply. We must learn to think as if our lives depend on it. Think about how or why Vit-D helps, or EVMS covidecare works. Think about how hypochlorous acid is such a great antimicrobial material that is safe to use.
I am new to PP; I wish everyone peace and prosperity. Love your family and friends…


The linkage between environmental activism, mercury, coal robber barons, US imperialism, gaslighting of vax side effects causing autism in young boys, and now Fauci (and Wellcome) and their COVID medical imperialism by controlling all the funding - it is all of a piece. RFKJ’s story hangs together in a really consistent way. I love his big picture presentation.
How do you know who is who?
Real liberals are punished by the system for what they do. Fake liberals (like the “woke” group today) gets funding and rewards from Oligarchy. That’s how you tell the difference. If the media bashes the group - that’s the marker for “real liberalism” which is threatening MSM ad revenues.
Thanks for the interview. Real liberals do still exist. And I’m grateful that they do.


This video really opened my eyes, thank you Chris and the PP team, interested in more please keep up the good work. P.S had first pfizer jab and had a terrible reaction, metallic taste in mouth, feet freezing and couldn’t get warm, hot and cold shivers for 24 hours along with a very puffed up red arm, felt like I had a ton of bricks on my chest. Think I will pass on getting the second jab, no job is worth it, especially now my eyes are open…add in a persistent high pitched ringing in my ears to the new list of symptoms from the first jab



Great interview Chris. Kennedy really tied up some loose ends in the relationship between the Intelligence agencies, the MIC and the Covid 19 pandemic of fear and irrationality that is being inflicted on us.