Medicine, Mayhem, and Meaningful Money Moves

In the realm of health and medicine, a series of significant developments have emerged. Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is under investigation for allegedly concealing COVID-19 vaccine-related deaths. The Rome Public Prosecutor’s office is investigating Speranza and the former director of the Italian Medicines Agency, Nicola Magrini, based on complaints related to emails suggesting they knowingly exposed the Italian population to the risks of the COVID-19 vaccine while concealing the associated deaths and serious side effects. The investigation also revealed that police officers and teachers were subjected to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination.

Meanwhile, Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, has raised concerns about the administration of COVID-19 vaccines to pregnant women, citing a lack of long-term safety studies. This comes amidst a heated debate about the possible link between COVID-19 vaccines and ‘turbo cancers.’ The issue was brought to light following an article in The Atlantic, which told the story of Belgian immunologist Michel Goldman, who believed the COVID-19 vaccine had accelerated his lymphoma. The story has sparked a flood of anecdotes on social media about people’s cancers becoming ‘turbo charged’ following COVID vaccination.

In the energy sector, a decline in shale oil well productivity and its impact on global oil production has been highlighted. The challenges of transitioning to an electric economy while maintaining oil production levels are being explored. The decline of conventional oil sources and the reliance on shale oil in the US are also under scrutiny. The geopolitical implications of oil decline are being considered, and future discussions on renewable energy are anticipated.

In the world of adult entertainment, a senior product manager at MindGeek, the parent company of Pornhub, admitted in secretly recorded videos that pornographic videos promote harmful, addictive, and unethical content. The manager acknowledged the addictive nature and negative social effects of porn, stating that watching porn does not leave viewers feeling good about themselves. The revelations from these recordings have sparked discussions about the normalcy and healthiness of regularly watching pornography.

Finally, in the pharmaceutical industry, AstraZeneca has increased its earnings forecasts for the year as surging sales of cancer medicines offset plummeting sales of COVID vaccines. The uptick in AstraZeneca’s revenues was largely driven by a 17% increase in sales of cancer drugs. The company also announced it had entered an exclusive licensing agreement with Shanghai company Eccogene, to develop and sell its experimental ECC5004 drug as a treatment for obesity.

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