Meet the New Team!

Meet the Team

It’s time to meet the new Peak Prosperity team!

As my long-time followers and subscribers know, there was a bit of turbulence as my former business partner and I went separate directions. That was finalized on May 12th, 2021.

Here it is just about a month later and our new team is not only in place but is already firing on all cylinders.

I am beyond lucky to have attracted such a talented team, and my only regret is all the very talented people who I didn’t (yet) have a place for.

This team is working hard to improve everything about this site, much of which will be happening behind the scenes. Our main aims are to significantly improve your experience with the site, and to make it more attractive and welcoming to new people.

I have decided to invest heavily in the business and that begins with people. Now we’re focusing on rebuilding the website (probably from scratch), and while I can’t give you a date yet to expect the new site, I will say that we are going as fast as we can.

Without further ado, please join me in giving these people a very warm Peak Prosperity welcome!

Aaron McKeon, Business Manager and Head of Technology

[caption id="attachment_629081" align="alignnone" width="1857"] Meet Aaron (and one of his Dorper sheep)![/caption]

Aaron McKeon, member of the Peak Prosperity Tribe since 2014 and former corporate renaissance man turned country homesteader, joins the Peak Prosperity team as Business Manager and Head of Technology.

During his 15-year career at a publicly traded medical device company, he eventually became the company’s only other general manager besides the CEO, personally running an $8 million sales and manufacturing operation in Australia / New Zealand. Prior roles spanned IT, sales, marketing, and operations, giving him a rich understanding of all major areas of the business. Ever since his high school days running his own company building websites, he has also maintained a passion for developing websites, one he now brings to the table at Peak Prosperity.

In 2014, Aaron discovered the Crash Course and has been a member of the Tribe ever since. He and his wife spent their time in Australia learning permaculture and, upon moving back to the United States, left Corporate America to build a homestead in New Hampshire. He has truly taken the Peak Prosperity ethos to heart.

Aaron’s aim is to maintain alignment between the vision of Peak Prosperity, the business strategy, and its day-to-day operations.

Jeanne Sheffield, Head of Marketing and Strategy

[caption id="attachment_629084" align="alignnone" width="1628"] Meet Jeanne![/caption]

Leading our Marketing and Strategy department is Jeanne Sheffield of Charleston, SC.

Jeanne spent nearly 15 years rising the ranks of corporate America, managing many areas of the business from retail operations to data analytics and ultimately customer experience marketing. However, she left the comfort and security of the corporate world to pursue her own entrepreneurial goals; ultimately launching 2 successful businesses of her own, a marketing management consultancy as well as a niche self-directed IRA real estate investment agency. When Jeanne learned that Chris, one of her most trusted resources during the COVID-19 pandemic, was looking to build a world class team of experts to spread his critical message far and wide, she did not hesitate to offer her talents and skills in order to help Chris help others during this time of great crisis and transition.

A born adventurer and of an eternally curious mind, Jeanne is always looking for new ways to engage with and learn about life, people and the world around us. She is an avid world traveler, speaks 5 languages, and can be found in her leisure time travelling North America in her sustainable RV, chasing her unique version of the American Dream.

Livio Sanchez, Head of Production

[caption id="attachment_629135" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Meet Livio![/caption]

Award-winning editor, producer, and director Livio Sanchez joins the Peak Prosperity team as Head of Production.

Throughout his career, Livio has worked with numerous world-renowned advertising agencies, brands, studios, and foundations, spanning an immensely diverse and distinguished body of work – from documentaries, commercials, and music videos, to feature films and 360°/VR experiences. His work has earned top industry honors, including a Cannes Entertainment Lion Grand Prix, AICP Most Next Award, and Television Academy Honors.

After stumbling across the Crash Course and attending a Peak seminar in Denver, Livio’s collaborations with Chris began earnestly in 2011 with a visit to Zuccotti Park during Occupy Wall Street to witness firsthand what was really going on.

Livio brings his passion for visual and emotional resonance to the Peak Prosperity community, helping the tribe to craft stories with maximum impact.

Whitney Easton, Content Manager

[caption id="attachment_629087" align="alignnone" width="2560"] Meet Whitney (and Amiatina donkey)![/caption]

Whitney Easton, an anthropologist, works with Chris and the team to change minds and build resilience through content.

Whitney has worked in both industry and academia and anthropology’s context-rich, holistic lens on human experience is always at the heart of her work. She has consulted on projects for major international clients, ranging from design research for global mobility ecosystems and financial wellness products, to cultural analysis of pastoralists’ livelihoods. For her dissertation, she conducted long-term ethnographic field research on agricultural change, livelihoods, and tourism in Italy. She is committed to building sustainable food systems and is glad that Peak Prosperity has a healthy contingent of food producers, homesteaders, and gardeners.

Whitney is a lifelong asker of “big questions” and in her early days, her father urged her to “just watch the Crash Course!” Finally, she did, and she doesn’t regret a thing. Her “resilience” shirt is far and away her favorite.


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Welcome to all! Good to meet all of you.

A warm welcome to all of you! It is so nice as well as reassuring to know that the people behind the scenes already ‘get it’! The learning curve is that much smaller because of your level of awareness and how you are living it.
Best wishes and much success to all of you!

Let’s Rock!

Welcome to all of you!!! Been following Chris since 2005/06… We’ve come a long way and who knows what’s next… Should be fun either way.

I can’t imagine how you could have gotten off to a better start !
Our future is so bright, we’ll have to wear shades.
Thanks for the great introduction, and a big Welcome to your new team,
– Chuck

I would like to welcome the new team. All seem uniquely accomplished, and bring some interesting things to PP. I cant wait to see what will be done moving forward.
Love the photos too.

I’m sure they are both capable at what they are good at, but the one on the right its hard to picture with 15 years of experience.

For a great cause

Where are your shoes man?

I’m a finance nerd and would be happy to help out with any financial modeling or ongoing financial operations stuff you’d want to offload.
[Edited: previously said “I’m a finance need…”]

I’m the slightly less attractive one on the left. The one on the right has 1 full year of experience in lawn maintenance, soil fertility, and building food security.

Splendid to meet you. Good on Chris and you all.

Nice to hear about the new crew!

Looks like a strong group.

Here’s hoping they are as impressive in practice as they are on paper!

A big welcome to the new crew.

Huge welcome to the new team.
I figured it would take 3 people to replace Adam. Four sounds even better. Can’t wait to see some big stuff now.

Welcome! Glad you’re here!

" There is nothing more powerful than an Idea whose time has come." (Or words to that effect.)
You’re all at ground zero.
Stretch that Overton window.

The Truth is a many faceted diamond. Me.