Migration Mishaps: Swedish Shift and Texas Tensions

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In a shift of stance, a Swedish MP, once a proponent of open borders during the 2015 refugee crisis, now advocates for significant deportations. The MP attributes the change to the serious problems that mass immigration has brought to Sweden, including organized crime, lack of self-sufficiency among new arrivals, and cultural issues. The MP’s call for a strict limit on migration underscores the need for integration into Swedish society. Sweden, once a beacon of safety in Europe, grapples with high levels of violence and criminality, particularly linked to migrant gang violence. The situation has escalated to riots and civil unrest, earning Sweden the label of the most dangerous country in Europe.

Meanwhile, across the Atlantic, the Supreme Court has permitted Texas to enforce a law empowering police to arrest migrants, despite objections from the Biden administration. The law facilitates the arrest and deportation of migrants crossing into the US from Mexico. This ruling, part of an ongoing clash between Texas and the Biden administration over immigration enforcement, could potentially impact the administration’s plans to increase low-wage labor in the country. Critics suggest that the surge in illegal immigration is a consequence of deliberate policy choices by the Biden administration. The Supreme Court’s decision has thrown a wrench into these plans, prompting questions about the future of US immigration policy.

On a global scale, Simon Hunt, a speaker focused on macroeconomic and geopolitical trends, discusses the fragility of the global financial system and the high levels of existing debt. He anticipates a major crash in the equity and base metal markets, followed by a period of rising inflation. Hunt also speculates about a potential war between major powers by 2030. He underscores the importance of gold as a hedge against instability and suggests it may reenter the monetary system. Hunt advises individuals to prepare for potential hardships by stocking up on essential supplies and keeping diesel tanks full. His conversation provides a sobering outlook on the future, encouraging individuals to take proactive measures for self-protection.


Economist Predicts Imminent Global Financial Crisis and Potential War

The world is sitting on the edge of a precipice. It is a world which is highly leveraged. Global debt, for every $1 growth in GDP last year, required $3 of debt, and that doesn’t exclude America. In the fourth quarter, for every $1 of GDP growth, it needed $25 of debt. And when you look at the way that the government in America just wants to continually print money, you know that something is going to break in the system. You can’t go on having debt increasing at a faster pace than physical activity.

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Supreme Court Allows Texas to Enforce Law Arresting and Deporting Illegal Aliens

Texas is the nation’s first-line defense against transnational violence and has been forced to deal with the deadly consequences of the federal government’s inability or unwillingness to protect the border.

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Swedish MP Who Once Advocated for Open Borders Now Calls for Significant Deportations

“Serious, organized crime is committed to a large extent by people with foreign assets,” that new arrivals are “not self-sufficient,” and that the “culture of honor, separatism, and Islamism is limiting and dangerous.”

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Yes they are “migrants” for which a system is designed. They are not “refugees”, for which a system is designed. The current welcomed crop, are invaders, which “history” teaches, are repelled or not, then “society” changes. To “aid” from within, is treason.

Real Estate investers better wake up and lower rents so their properties are occupied, or else this could happen; TikTokker tells illegal immigrants how to 'invade' American homes

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