More Evidence Covid-19 May NOT Be Natural

Natural or man-made/manipulated?

The debate rages on, though evidence is starting to mount on the side of at least some manipulation.

In Tuesday’s video, Chris talked about the polybasic furin cleavage site PRRA which looks suspiciously like an ‘insert’ in covid-19’s genetic coding.

In today’s video, he focuses on the RaTG13 sequence, which raises even more questions. It suggests that either the sequence itself is not natural OR that the larger covid-19 virus isn’t.

There are even further questions raised by the virus’ E protein. But enough of the science-speak. I’ll let Chris explain it all to you here:

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According to Mayo Clinic, Fish oil can help suppress blood clotting which could be a good thing or a bad thing. Read the “Interactions” section near the bottom of the article.

Hey Adam,

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Majority of new cases in NYC are people sheltering in place.

Maybe the at risk people with large public exposure already have been sick?
Maybe stay at home people are not practicing the level of decon that they need to for their limited journeys out?
Nearly half are minorities and old, are they getting this from family members?
Judy Mikovits main points:

  1. Dr Fauche took her paper on HIV AIDs and rewrote it taking credit and getting patents on it. This delay caused the virus to spread more quickly “killing millions”
  2. Individual goverment employees are allowed to patent vaccines that tax payers have paid for.
  3. She’s not anti-vaccine but claims No RNA vaccines work.
  4. Covid 19 was altered either in North Carolina or Wuhan
  5. Covid 19 Death numbers are not accurate because they aren’t testing
  6. Hospitals are incentivized to put Covid on the death certificate. 13k from medicare for the hospital, 39k with ventilator.
  7. A current Flu vacine used in Italy causes users to become more susceptible to all coronaviruses.
  8. Certain medicines we already have are effective in treating the virus but aren’t being used because they are too cheap.

Thank you again for the great reporting. Unfortunately, Covid-Fatigue has let my ADHD kick in to 100%… And alot of what you said, went right over my head, lol.
But I appreciate the hard work and maybe in a few months I might regain a clear head.
But where ever Covid came from, I am suspicious. Just because of the great measures China took. As is WELDING people’s doors shut.
I am think this might have some long term medical effects on people who don’t even know they have it. No medical reason, or science based fact. Just how extreme China went in containing people.
Thank you guys!

I think it’s fairly simple. The “Home” category probably comprises at least 90% of the people in NYC. I did find some stats to indicate that the U.S.A. nursing home population is about 0.5% of the population. I’m guessing it’s similar in NYC. My best guess without digging deep is that homeless and prison each are about 1-2%, assisted living is similar and other is perhaps a few percent. So 90% is probably conservative. The fact that only 66% of admissions are from home shows a lower rate relative to population (66/90 ~ 73% of the average). Conversely, if the other groups indeed represent 10% of the population, their rates are much higher (34/10 = 3.4 times the average rate).

Wouldn’t we expect the number of mutations to grow with the number of cases? A million people with the virus gives it a million times the opportunities to pick up a mutation, compared to when it was only replicating in patient zero.

I had that same issue few days ago, for all I know I still do. When I tried to read a message someone sent to me, someone else’s picture was HUGE and covered up most of my inbox. This process didn’t work each time, but I discovered that if I kept clicking on a message, then changing it back to unread, using the toggle button, and repeating those steps a few times I was finally able to read it. Sometimes it didn’t work, if I came back later, and repeated the process it was successful.
I know that’s a pain in he you know what, but it was a workaround until it hopefully gets fixed by the IT folks.

I can’t find the Spain study or the French study by searching on Google, Yahoo or Bing.
Are these available; how do I find these study results?
Thanks, John

James Todaro, MD has collected lots of hydroxychloroquine data links, including I think those you are looking for here;

Salon owner refuses says it’s not selfish to work to feed your kids. She gets a week in prison. This AFTER prisoners like car thieves, convicted bunglers are released because they might be exposed to the virus in prison.

Have you tried searching with Duckduckgo? Google has starting to ramp up their filtering protocols, especially when it comes to info on HCQ. Yahoo is owned by Verizon Oath now, I would about bet they’re filtering too, and Bing is owned by Microsoft which is most likely still connected to Bill Gates even though he “stepped down”. Yeah right…
I have used for 10-15 years.

Thanks for the great daily content, but PLEASE make sure that the mouse cursor is visible in the recorded videos uploaded to youtube. Especially when explaining the evolutionary tree of viruses or the point mutation in codons the presentation is really hard to follow if you can't see where Chris is pointing the mouse.

Thanks a lot!

The Lieutenant Governor of Texas offered to pay the Salon Owners fine of $7,000 and take her place.

This is some BS sandwiched between some things which are true … making you believe the whole is true. Overall, it seems to propagate the deep state theory and creating a cover for Trump’s inadequacies on preparedness for covid.

  • she was advocating against masks
  • It is very unlikely everything is a global conspiracy to take liberties away - we cannot seem to coordinate ourself to get chicken & eggs to store - forget able to coordinate a global conspiracy
  • Covid 19 Death numbers are not accurate because they aren’t testing” – Each state has a different regulation on how to count. Some are liberal , some are very strict - but regardless chris has shown that there are far too many deaths in lot of countries. Did she ask where are the tests, PPEs,HCQ and masks ??? nope
  • If someone invented, they should be able to patent it on their name, profiting is a different question.

Another browser option that doesn’t track you is Startpage by Ixquick

Is it possible that CRISPER technology was used to insert the furin cleavage site on the S protein if the virus?
Here’s a description of the technology - notice low on the page the descritionof its use to insert new genetic sequences very precisely.

The data refers to the state overall not just the city. It does not include nursing home patients per the article:“If you notice, 18% of the people came from nursing homes, less than 1% came from jail or prison, 2% came from the homeless population, 2% from other congregate facilities, but 66% of the people were at home, which is shocking to us,” Cuomo said.
My thoughts off the cuff: sources of infection could include food from the store, delivery people/family, and shoes. Many of these cases are in lovely suburban Westchester County where we get lots of food delivered.


So for cleaning, we are buying up alcohol hand sanitizers… And Lysol.
Hand sanitizers are rubbing alcohol.
Lysol is benzalkonium chloride. (I ain’t ashamed, I had to look that up.)
But what about plain old soap?
Does a mixture of soap and water in a spray bottle not work as well?
I am just asking, because a bottle of dish soap is alot cheaper than Lysol.
I guess bleach is best, but that is to strong. I have been spoiled by using those Fabuloso cleaners, apple smells so good. And I live in the country and have chickens. To bleach the house would be a futile effort. Plain soap is good enough for me.
Okay, yall go back to talking dna/rna strands, lol.