Moving Forward with SARS-CoV-2

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It is normal for pandemics to dissipate into endemics, and that is where we are at this point in the story. It’s time for us to learn how to live with SARS-CoV-2 as a part of our lives and our future. And it’s time for us to understand what the data really tells us about how best to move forward in our lives knowledgeably and gracefully.




COVID Is Over In Norway Declares National Health Chief

COVID-19 Classified as “Endemic”

Sweden data:

Vietnam data:

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The UK public debate is farther ahead than in Canada or the US on acknowledging the new reality of the pandemic due to Delta’s transmissibility. In Canada we are doubling down on the “Vax everyone at all costs–the unvaxed are delusional” hysteria. Whereas here is an op-ed from today’s (conservative) UK Telegraph newspaper:

HEADLINE: The new case for jabs makes the idea of vaccine passports absurd. A combination of new variants and fading immunity has left early hopes of 95 per cent protection in tatters BODY TEXT: While the vaccines are still doing a good job of reducing serious disease and death, their protection against catching Covid has proven disappointing. A combination of new variants and fading immunity has left those early hopes of 95 per cent protection in tatters. As Professor Neil Ferguson put it only yesterday, “92 per cent of adults may have antibodies at the moment, but only about half of those are protected against infection, so there’s a lot of transmission going on between vaccinated people.” His university, Imperial, now estimates protection against infection from two vaccines at 50-60 per cent. ...(the text goes on to say that in Israel it is now estimated at 39%) (now) the case (for getting vaxed) rests on protecting yourself from ill health, rather than other people. And you can leave behind any notion of dividing the world between the safe, clean, vaccinated majority and the scary unvaccinated hordes ...The implications of this development in terms of policy are becoming clear. It delivers a final coup-de-grace to the “Zero Covid” movement ...and it removes much of the moral argument for vaccinating the youngest...Perhaps most significantly, it represents a hole under the water line for vaccine passports. If you are worried about catching Covid at a gathering, which would you rather: that everybody has done a quick test at the door, or that everybody presents vaccination papers? The former now makes more sense – whether the powers that be admit as much remains to be seen.

Meanwhile in Canada:
“In an email sent to the biology department on Thursday, Dr. Isabelle Côté, chair of biological sciences said masks are mandatory in all biology classrooms and lecture halls, effective immediately. The email goes on to say staff have the right to refuse unvaccinated people entry to biology offices and labs.”

I would love to run the equivalent numbers on other state/province/national ICU beds per head of population! I bet it is about the same. If so, that would mean that all this pandemic lockdown was never about the health of the individual citizens, it was always about protecting a severely underdimensioned health care system, which as Chris says, is always a political choice. What is so shameful is the deliberate demonization of the unvaxed – rather than saying the truth – Oops, we screwed up and deliberately chose to permanently underdimension our ICUs, partly because you, the taxpayers, chose to avoid paying higher taxes (or whatever the reason). More honesty please!

  1. Those killed or maimed by the vaccine. (Or are going to be killed or maimed by the vaccine)
    And, eerm, what are those carbon nanoparticles doing in your brain, Gladys? Interested UFO buffs would like to know.

So she now writes the law? They have a right to refuse entry to the unvaccinated?
Says who, Ducky?

Thank you Chris. I keep thinking you can’t possibly make another really interesting video and you knock one out of the park again. We all needed this one to understand what is happening.

If the Delta variant causes 1000 times more viral load then that should show up as PCR tests being on average 10 cycle thresholds lower than the other variants (if you start with a single virus particle you need to double 10 times to get to 1000). Has anyone seen any evidence that this is the case?

Thank you for a good laugh. I needed that!
Humor is such an essential part of our humanness.
So Chris, I’ve got one for you today. A joke I heard recently. Which you might appreciate.
Question: Where do cow farts come from?
Answer: The derriere (said dairy air).

The Telegraph has been pretty much the only major publication in the UK that has been writing common sense articles like this since the beginning. Unfortunately, most get their news from the BBC, which has been a government propaganda machine. When the beeb starts showing stuff that goes against the grain, I’ll know we’ve turned a corner.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on PP. Glad to see Arthur’s back!
If any members know of a way to obtain Ivermectin in Australia (other than the horse paste version) I’d love to hear from them - please PM me. Asking for a friend.
This rash, foolish friend of mine is planning a trip to our Northern Territory, where temperatures are high and parasites are many. He’s planning on not taking any clean water with him, intending instead to rough it and and drink as much dirty unfiltered river water as possible. You know - just because. There’s a chance that he’ll be gobbling up parasites in the process, which will be a pity. I’ve heard rumours that Ivermectin is pretty good for dealing with that stuff, so I’d like him to be prepared for the trip in advance. Yeah I know - I’m that loyal, caring friend whom you all wish you had.
Please and thank you.

Go to your elders or Norco or CRT produce store, you can buy ausmectin, which is a pour-on product. (don’t drink it)
Go to eBay or chemist’s warehouse and buy ‘valuheart’ which is a dog wormer, low dose so you have to buy a lot, but it’s ivermectin.
Don’t buy the horse paste in AU, the main brand is equimax and the active ingredient is prazinquantel.

Hi, does anyone have the link to the study mentioned in Vietnam where vaccinated individuals carry 260 times the viral load?
Any link would be very much appriciated.

From the article:
“If you are worried about catching Covid at a gathering, which would you rather: that everybody has done a quick test at the door, or that everybody presents vaccination papers? The former now makes more sense – whether the powers that be admit as much remains to be seen.”
I presume Freddie the author, and all his readers are unaware that Bill Gates and George Soros in a “humanitarian effort” just bought Mologic a testing manufacturer in the UK? Of course that would have no influence on the decision to test. Forget the testing, forget the papers, time to get on with living. Captors of Covid are slaves to an agenda. “For the love of money is the root of all evils.”

Came across a mention of a new monoclonal antibody treatment from GSK called Sotrovimab. An article in Nature discusses this type of treatment. The article says that the need for this type of treatment goes down with vaccine use. I think quite the opposite, in this case the Sotrovimab seems to be an effective treatment for all known variants at this point in time. This MAb should really be given a prophylatic treatment against the virus as it seems to be a superantibody that was developed using actual science by looking at early COVID patients for all their immune responses and then testing.
@Chris and the Peak Prosperity team, a possible topic for an insider video?

Here’s the Vietnam study! -

Chris, you have links to everything EXCEPT the latest Israeli report that you covered! And that’s the bombshell one of the video, if you ask me. Can you add the link??

All that Vietnam study is showing is that viral loads and infection rates are a lot higher in poorly maintained air conditioned offices then they are in the rest of the hospital. Look at the data in supplemental table 1 and you will see huge differences in infection rates. For those in office based supportive services the infection rates are very high whereas the peak rates for those involved in patient care is 8%. We don’t know how often those involved in patient care visited the air conditioned offices so its all rather meaningless. Why are we paying attention to these low powered studies when organizations such as PHE have huge data numbers that could produce some meaningful stats but no-one wants to produce a study from them?

So now I’m confused. Natural immunity sounds great if I’m don’t end up seriously sick or end up with long covid issues. Vaccines that prevent the worst of Covid work for me (I get a flu shot each year), but severe vaccine side effects are no good. It seems we have established which groups - elderly, multiple co-mor idities are at highest risk. Do we have any data looking at Long Covid vs. Vaccine side effects that could help us weigh risks? Is it all just anecdotal?
I have taken the data from TB 18 and TB 20 and put them into an Excel spreadsheet as seen in the screenshot below. Sorry but I wasn’t allowed to upload an XLSX file as media.

HR = Hospitalization Rate INC/ALL
HFR = Hospitalization Fatality Rate Exc and Inc
% Exc = Percentage of cases admitted with a prior positive PCR test
Big news is that as the under 50s vaccinated group grows the CFR is getting on for double that of the unvaccinated. The under 50s vaccinated hospitalization fatality rate is also more than double that of the unvaccinated group and clearly growing. I’m not covering the over 50s because without more granular data on such small data sets we can’t make calls on what it really means. The fact that only 44% of the unvaccinated over 50s group admitted had a prior delta PCR positive test suggest to me that most of those died WITH rather than FROM Covid and were likely more elderly and not deemed healthy enough for vaccination.
It perhaps should also be noted that the CFR in the vaccinated under 50s group would now conventionally be reported as 0.1% whereas the unvaccinated under 50s would be reported as 0.0%.