Musk's Auschwitz Visit Sparks Twitter Pledge Against Antisemitism

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Elon Musk, the world’s wealthiest individual and owner of influential companies such as Tesla, SpaceX, and Twitter, has recently pledged to combat antisemitism on his platforms. This commitment follows his visit to Auschwitz and has sparked conversations about his global influence and power. Musk’s actions mirror those of other public figures, such as Mel Gibson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who have allegedly also responded to pressure from Jewish and pro-Israel organizations. According to the report, the Holocaust continues to serve as a justification for the existence of the Jewish state and its international actions, including the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

In related news, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has been training new FBI agents and intelligence analysts since 2014. The ADL’s influence on the FBI’s perspective on civil disobedience and genocide has raised concerns. The organization’s training materials frame any analysis of genocide in Palestine or civil disobedience against it as thought crimes. The ADL’s influence extends to college campuses, where it has targeted anti-Israel protests, attempting to portray them as hate crimes. Despite the FBI’s promise not to investigate peaceful pro-Palestine protests, the agency has a history of creating fake terror plots under political pressure.

In international affairs, the situation in Ukraine, the relationship between Russia and China, the conflict in Gaza, the possibility of war with Iran, and the Israeli lobby in the United States are among the topics of concern. The effectiveness of political strategies and the impact of external influences on domestic affairs are under scrutiny. The importance of considering geographical, economic, and cultural factors in analyzing international relations is emphasized.

Meanwhile, issues such as population control, the impact of the pandemic on small businesses and poverty, corruption in public health, bioweapons research, and the loss of public trust in the pandemic industry are being examined. The manipulation of public perception and vested interests in certain industries are also under investigation.

In India, farmers belonging to the Samyukt Kisan Morcha-Non Political (SKM-NP) have decided to continue their ‘Delhi Chalo’ protests after failed meetings with Union Cabinet Ministers. The farmers’ demands, including an assurance on guaranteed Minimum Support Price (MSP), freedom from debt, and cancellation of free trade agreements, were not addressed. The Centre’s refusal to meet these demands has led to increased security at Delhi borders and a ban on gatherings and processions.

In the United States, over 1,000 Black American pastors have joined the call for a cease-fire in Gaza, a demand supported by a majority of Americans according to a recent poll. However, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi has suggested that this demand was influenced by Russia and called for the FBI to investigate groups speaking out against Biden’s pro-Israel policies. Pelosi’s comments have been criticized by progressives and various organizations, including the Democratic parties of Arizona and Texas, the United Auto Workers, and Doctors Without Borders. Despite the criticism, Pelosi has not called on the Biden administration to stop aiding Israel or to address the preliminary ruling by the International Court of Justice.


Pelosi Suggests Cease-Fire Demand by Black Pastors is “Putin’s Message”

As The New York Times reported Sunday that more than 1,000 Black American pastors have joined the widespread call for a cease-fire in Gaza, U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi suggested the demand was ‘Putin’s message’ and said the FBI should investigate groups that are speaking out about Biden’s pro-Israel policies.

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Farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ Protests Continue as Talks with Government Fail

“The Ministers did not give us any assurance on MSP. The talks collapsed. We will continue our protests,” K.V. Biju, a senior farmers’ leader told The Hindu after the meeting.

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“Exploring the Power Dynamics, Economic Fallout, and Controversies Surrounding COVID-19”

Why The Bioweapons Research Industry Is A Danger to Society

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International Relations and Geopolitics: Analysis of Ukraine, Gaza, and Global Power Dynamics

The West’s favorite figure in Ukraine is Zalinsky or Zi. In your opinion, neither. They’re both duds. They’re done. Again, the whole project is a complete failure.

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ADL Trains FBI Agents on Genocide and Civil Disobedience

The FBI has become subordinated to ADL trainers, and any past legitimate investigations of the ADL’s relations with the Israeli government and covert operations in the US have basically become unthinkable, because all these new agents leave their first years of training basically having been shown that the position of the ADL is subordinating their employer.

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Elon Musk’s Submission to Jewish Power Raises Eyebrows and Sparks Controversy

Given this history, it’s hardly surprising that the phrase was widely circulated a couple of weeks ago when Elon Musk traveled to Auschwitz to offer his abject submission to Jewish power, donning a skullcap, promising to root out ‘antisemitism’ on the platform he controlled, and even declaring that he regarded himself as ‘aspirationally Jewish.’

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The farther away we are from the source/action/event the more our imagination is engaged, and therefore swimming in illusion. Hindu’s, I think, call it the “vail of Shiva”, if you remove it you will go mad.

In Semitic terms, why maintain the expense of building camps when you can, like Jesus, sacrifice yourself and kill the problem where it stands?

“You can work on specific attachments and aversions. One modern psychotherapeutic technique for phobias, extreme aversion, e.g., is desensitization. If a client is dreadfully afraid of spiders, you show them pictures of spiders that are far away while coaching them on staying relaxed. As a client relaxes to the sights of a spider at a certain distance, you then show pictures of closer spiders, etc., until the aversion is significantly reduced.” – Dr Charles Tart

We must warship the Eensey Weensey Spider:

If forced to make a choice between supporting an islamic terrorist organization or a civilized jewish state, i will support the civilized jewish state. I believe hamas are a bunch of murderous cry-bullies.


I remember standing on a street in Israel where one side was Jewish and the other Arab. The contrast was stark. Like driving from San Diego to Tijuana.

The standard of living is different because the CULTURE is different.

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Not all criticism of Israel is antisemitism but holding Israel to standards far beyond what is normal, expected or demanded of other countries is clear and blatant antisemitism.

It always amazes me the very same people who believe Russia has the right to defend itself from having a corrupt and violent vassal state of a sworn enemy on their border are the same ones that condemn Israel for protecting itself in a similar situation. Made worse since Hamas being a bigger existential threat to Israel than Ukraine to Russia and Israel taking far more precautions to protect civilians than any other country ever has including the US and UK. That is antisemitism.

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