Mutation! Are We Now Dealing With A More Contagious Covid-19 Strain?

Well, it seems we are closer to solving the mystery of why some regions of the world exhibit higher covid-19 infection rates than others.

New research is revealing that covid-19 mutated early on in the pandemic to create a more transmissive strain: the G clade, which may also be associated with a higher viral load.

The G clade was dominant in Italy, which suggests that’s why the virus hit that country so much harder than many others.

In the US, New York appears to have suffered from a high percentage of G clade cases. That’s likely why the infection rate has been much higher there than in other states.

In addition to the news about the new strain, we’re also now seeing evidence that the impact of covid-19 can linger for much longer than previously appreciated. There are reports of patients still struggling with symptoms 50 or more days after onset.

To re-iterate our oft-repeated advice: You do NOT want to get this virus if you can avoid it.

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Hey Chris,
Thank you for your continues effort to provide us the info we need. It helped me and my family allot to prepare.
Not sure if you found this already, but Dutch Coronavirologists (not many of them in the world) have found a working antibody trough testing with Sars classic on mice. Heavy piece to read for me but maybe you can break it down. It has been published in Nature Communications 2 days ago.
Here is the Dutch page:
I hope this helps you with your research.
Yours sincerely,

Posted this earlier, but FYI - here is an interactive map overlaying what Clade is circulating in each area of the world:
Their Labelling is a bit different but as an example the Clade in circulating in countries (if I’m reading it correctly) is:
– Original Clade Predominant : Wuhan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines
– A2(a) Clade Predominant : East Cost USA, Europe, South America, Turkey, Russia
– B1 Clade Predominant : NW USA
– Mixed Bag : West Coast USA, Australia
Looks like you don’t want A2(a)!
This is a summary. I did not go to the journal.

How do I talk some sense into the anti-vaxers who think Bill Gates is trying to kill people?

Maybe they’re right… Listen to this interview “EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robert Kennedy Jr. Destroys Big Pharma, Fauci & Pro-Vaccine Movement”
I haven’t had a vaccination in over 20 years, probably closer to 30 actually. When I found out that mercury is used as a preservative in some vaccines, I blew my top. Did you know that it’s a nerve toxin, carcinogenic, considered hazardous material which is why if you break a CFL bulb (which have mercury in them), you aren’t supposed to just clean it up normally, there’s a much different procedure… Mercury is still used in some thermostats too.
And, yes I think he’s trying to kill people. A lot of people. He’s up to no good even though he puts on a good game face.

I appreciate when you add the links to the sources you use in your videos descriptions. The video “Mutation! Are We Now Dealing With A More Contagios Covid-19 Stain?” doesn’t have any source links. Would you please add them? Thank you for all the info.

Hi Chris,
Does the presence of the furin site on the virus mean that a natural furin inhibitor, like Scutellaria Baicalensis, could prevent cell entry?

Most vaccines are not profitable for the manufacturer per se, but because they are given immunity from prosecution by various governments, and the quality control measures are poor, they can make some cash. How much crap is in vaccines? It’s frightening- how about some broken glass?
You can get all kinds of contaminates per scientific paper January 23, 2017 entitled, “New Quality-Control Investigations on Vaccines: Micro- and Nanocontamination.”
Baxter Pharma in Austria sent out flu vaccine with live H5N1 virus in it. Receiving nations injected it into lab ferrets who all died. Everybody called Baxter. At first they denied it, then they said “don’t know how it happened,” then “oopsie.”
You’re not getting a “clean” Covid 19 vaccine but one that’s from animal cell lines. I think it’s dog cells. Animals have lots of coronaviruses. This vaccine has supposedly not been tested on animals but is going straight to humans. Bad form.
In 2011 researcher Dr. Judy Mikovits was put in jail by Fauci for discovering that all the RNA vaccines on the market are ineffective. She further found that because of the human and animal cell cultures they’re grown in, they can cause life-long diseases. She is not anti-vaccine but wants good immunological basis for things.
Those who’ve had the flu shots are 35% more likely to catch Covid 19.

I seem to have forgotten to put the links in the Youtube comments again.
Here they are:
G-Clade takes over
Excess deaths US and Italy
Excess Deaths all Countries
False Dawn
Fever, fatigue Fear

I was listening to another podcast on CrossRoads (Epoch Times) with Joshua Philipp
He is interviewing Dr Sean Lin, former lab director of the viral disease branch of the [US] Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.
After considerable discussion of the strange course of events, (at about 30 minutes) we get to the Furin cleavage site, but more surprisingly:
He says that it can’t be explained by simple evolution and that SARS Cov2 S-protein is closely related to the Bat Cov IGG13 but receptor binding domain is identical to the Pangolin binding domain and neither has a Furin cleavage site. (Did I just hear this?)
Question: Has Wuhan been blending viruses and adding cleavage sites?

Thank you. I appreciate all the information and wisdom you provide through these videos.
Very interesting topic. Question – is this information at all connected with the information that was circulating back sometime in mid-to-late March about two “variants” or “types” being identified? One was describes as being more easily contagious and more severe in its impact, and the second being the opposite (slower spreading and milder)?
I am working from memory here. I believe the thinking back in March was that the greatest number of early cases in Wuhan was of the milder form. At that time the second kind was identified in an area either within Wuhan or nearby. The kind in Washington state was the milder kind. Not known was whether the more easily spread kind would eventually overtake the spread of the slower version; whether the more severe kind would spread outside the Wuhan area and eventually reach the United States or Europe; and whether immunity to one version (variant or type) would confer immunity to the second version.
Your video just seemed to me as an echo of what I recall the discussions I watched on Youtube back in that timeframe. I watched this May 5 video just waiting for you to use the words “variant or type.”
I have not heard any of the medical channels I watch say anything further about these two versions of the virus since that time frame. I have wanted to ask you what you thought about the quick earlier discussion about two versions of the virus discussion, and then just a silence since then.
Anyhow, please continue doing your great work. And by the way, two other doctors I watch on Youtube had some of their videos removed from Youtube. These videos specifically offered analysis and opinion about HCQ and Remdesivir. Both said clearly what you have been saying – information so far is much more favorable about the outcomes from HCQ administered early. Both expressed concern/caution about the early hype being spread around from the ongoing Harford study suggesting that Remdesivir was significantly more beneficial than placebo. One channel is Medcram, and the other is Drbeen. Seems as if someone is not happy with criticism of Remdesivir, or not happy with opinions favoring early intervention with HCQ.
Thanks again,

Follow-up to my previous comment. I think the variant/types were S and perhaps M. I also found this link.

One thing i liked about Chris is the rigor he asks from the scientists - stanford paper, nature article on sc2 origins etc. By his own standard, the last two episodes feel like they are lacking the rigor and trending towards tabloid titles. The red-herring is when the titles sound sensationalist and end with a question (?) and use exclamation marks (!). These titles look like CNN or FoxNews . We rely on Chris to keep the calm and tease out the signal from the noise in an impassioned and rational manner ( remember up/down ) - however, these titles seem to feed the nutters and leave a lot unanswered.

Mutation! Are We Now Dealing With A More Contagious Covid-19 Strain?

[ anecdotal evidence and not peer reviewed , no actionable insights ]

Coronavirus: Are Our Scientists Lying To Us?

[ Very good content, showed some conflict of interest/disclosure issues - but did we really show that someone blatantly lied ?? smoke- no fire]

Bombshell! Covid-19 Virus Lab-Made? Fauci Connected?

[ Lot of information, but apart from furin we still need to show what the source for SarsCov2 is. The closest RNA is 97% match - what is the origin of base SC2 before furin was inserted? Also furin is not so uncommon MERS has it. We really did not prove it and just raised some improbable events and much needs to be done to connect SC2 to the wild or lab ]

Market Update: Flying Too Close To The Sun?

[ It will help if the forecast was specific and actionable (apart from plant a garden) ] I would prefer if Chris even does once a week episode but with a more rigorous content than half baked content everyday.

Hi its hard situations due to covid-19 its really useful content about this thanks for sharing.and i am also referring an another useful article you may b like it

I appreciate Chris’ unfailing work and mental rigor. Our family has greatly benefited from the PP awareness and thinking for many years.
I think expecting complete and perfect knowledge and analysis in the midst of so many things going on simultaneously is unrealistic at best. The thing is, we’re all adults here. We know there is more than we can know. We know the information is imperfect and that we simply don’t have the ability to step out into space and look at all the moving parts as a whole, including and especially the hidden parts. The best we can do is glean what knowledge we can and attempt to create a flexible strategy based on what we know and can project forward.
We know massive disruption in supply chain means shortages of all types though we don’t know yet to what extent and to which things. Hence, plant a garden. If it’s just exercise and sunlight, that’s reason enough. No shortages mean a bounty for you, your neighbors and the food bank. Significant shortages means the garden is a lifeline. I live in a small town on a tiny lot but with access to large community garden space. Will it feed all four of us? At 1200sf it will go a long way, particularly with targeted crops that can be stored, succession planting and hoop rows to extend the season and maximize the space. These are skills I’ve learned over decades because I learned to think in terms of resilience - a PP hallmark.
I’m in Washington State. Our clade made for a soft landing but only if the G clade doesn’t whipsaw back here. As an adult, that means I take precautions to protect my immune challenged self and my asthmatic kid. Every bit of this is actionable to us.
My one request is we start focusing on the much larger picture. ~40k deaths for every 1% rise in unemployment is a MUCH bigger deal than Covid. Those deaths just take longer to show up and are hidden in a million different ways under the rubric of poverty. The New Harbor guys are great but their perspective is focused on a narrow set of wealthy people with stocks. The other 80% of us have much bigger issues that threaten us on a personal level and the societal level. There simply isn’t enough ground for all of us to become homesteaders, even if the financial, health and skill capital were there which is definitely not the case but for a privileged few. A Greater Depression is a longer and more existential threat than the virus (whether you think it’s a plandemic or not). 265 million people worldwide are at risk of starvation. But your stocks went down and you couldn’t go to the gym? How tragic.
Obviously by my handle, my thoughts are about how to protect all of society not just the bunker boys. I’m old enough not to give a rip about PC issues and my political bent after a career working in small town politics is agnostic on a good day. But individual health, wellness, resilience and opportunity matter. How are we going to face this global existential challenge and turn the opportunities it presents to our favor so that we all have the chance to thrive? (And maybe put a few heads on pikes.)

Chris take the next week off we will still be here when you get back. Happy digging!

G’day from down under
I have two points, one leading to the other.

    • regarding excess mortality - it is not true that stress (of isolation and lock-down) is likely to suppress the immune system, especially for men, and thus causing more death?
      2 - regarding the average age of death, can we compare a large group of dead attributed to COVID-19 with a large group attributed to the flu and compare the average age? Is that not a more valid way to compare this new corona virus with the flu than to look at excess mortality in the short term which is high because (i) no one has immunity (a temporary problem) and (ii) the stress factor mentioned above
can we compare a large group of dead attributed to COVID-19 with a large group attributed to the flu and compare the average age? Is that not a more valid way to compare this new corona virus with the flu than to look at excess mortality in the short term
IMO it's the short term nature of the Covid-19 outbreak that undermines your suggestion. All Honey Badger stats are an initial work in progress; we can't do the kind of comparison you suggest until we have at least a year's outbreak of Honey Badger behind us and (significantly) have settled on some universally accepted protocol for determining what is and is not a death attributable to Honey Badger. Attribution standards are in disarray, which is what prompted the interim use of excess deaths as a proxy. It may not be good for absolute stats, but it does allow one to see trajectories and changes in trajectories. For my part, I'm still waiting to see what, if any (but I think likely), delayed mortality is attributed to Covid-19 from the blood/organ compromising aspect of this virus. That's still barely recognized as a secondary cause of mortality, at least publicly. Who knows if behind the cement walls of various government health research centers it's getting attention? But it strikes me that in time that may be a larger concern, both for the long-term debility it could promote and for the delayed deaths it might cause. My initial impression, from rather limited references, is that this avenue could prove to be a bigger problem in younger populations, since the susceptible elderly/comorbidity-rich population may be dying too quickly from lung involvement for the slower system-compromising effects to manifest in organ failure. Could be a completely bogus line of worry; it's too early to know but it's on my radar for the nonce.

Okay, this may have already been posted however, I just watched it and found it frightening. I would be interested in hearing what others think. If you get a chance Chris, I would be interested in your thoughts.