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Hospital staff are overwhelmed by the sheer physiological thus metabolic burnout from the PPE, even before the new variant.


good to hear. i was already worried.

Chris, check out the book “Unassailable” by Mark Jefkowicz (?). He talks about how to keep your online presence as robust as possible.

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Can you tell us where? According to worldometers, here in Arizona we are having a small bump, similar to last July, and almost no increase in deaths. I met some paramedics and nurses, and their comments were mostly around the huge number of heart attacks and strokes they are seeing, they didn’t mention being overwhelmed with covid.


Chris…You have changed my life. The censorship & race towards totalitarianism requires truckies across the globe fighting this politicized, weaponized medicine. Here in South Carolina, DEHEC is public enemy #1, now threatening to strip physician licenses for prescribing Ivermectin. CVS refuses to fill script. Nurses are quitting. They see the truth. ICU’s don’t treat, they support. Temperatures are rising…the lying authoritarians are killing people. We have ammunition of facts, thanks to you. And a dedicated people who are challenging the false narratives originating from the hell of the criminal CDC/big pharma collusion.


You’re blaming the wrong person for hospital overflow. I suggest you focus your ire on the CDC, NIH, FDA, and now the AMA. No Treatments For You is responsible for the vast majority of the hospitalizations and deaths from COVID.
The only “interventions” CDC et al want us to have are the useless “compliance masks” and the disruptive “social distancing.” These are collective punishments - key components of the vax marketing campaign. “We will punish you until you comply and accept our highly-profitable shot.”
[at-risk 6-comorbidity-obese-elderly should probably wear the N95 in poorly-ventilated areas, which may have a protective effect. For everyone else, there’s just no point to wearing a compliance mask unless they are symptomatic.]
By contrast, early treatment provides a 70% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths for single-therapy, and from Dr McCullough’s data on his sequenced multi-drug therapy, we see perhaps a 90% reduction.
I tell you what. Once PFE/MRNA/CDC/NIH/FDA/AMA change their policy and start supporting the sequenced multidrug therapy that works well to reduce hospitalizations and deaths, and after the 90% reduction, hospitals are still overflowing (assuming the overflow isn’t about all the nurses leaving due to Pharma-corporate-imposition of “vax mandates” on our “front line heroes” many of whom have natural immunity already), then sure. Masks and social distancing. And hand washing. And hiding in the basement. Might move the needle by 10%. But no more collective punishment before sequenced multidrug therapy is approved by our sociopathic “health” organizations.
After 18 months of No Treatments For You, it is clear that the COVID19 pandemic is a financial Plebe-harvesting operation, run for the express benefit of the Stakeholders. “Sometimes a bunch of people have to die for us to make a profit.” That’s just how things go in Pharma-land. Stakeholders come first.
Anyone remember Vioxx? Or fentinyl? 50,000 dead with Vioxx, and 500,000 dead from fentinyl. COVID19 is really no different at all.
Pharma gonna pharma. Sociopaths gonna sociopath.
We’re the stupid ones if we keep falling for it.


Your post reminds me of this situation: Last night I came back from a drink with friends. In our street there was a man standing below a lamppost. I asked him if he was OK. “No” he said, “I dropped my car keys while opening my car, so I’m looking for them here”. “But where is your car?” I asked because there was no car in the vicinity. He pointed towards his BMW 20 meters back. “But, but, why are you looking here for your keys?”. “Well”, he explained, “here is the lamp”.
Sad to hear about the situation in your hospital. I understand the crunch you are in, like all others, your hands are thight behind your back. However, the situation about covid is avoidable: that is the main gist of most research papers that are being rejected. That is the conclusion of the data that is being generated worldwide, but fully ignored by MSM and the appointed and anointed “expert scientists”. It is extremely sad that most deaths and suffering could have been avoided by substances costing 1 dollar/euro per day. But no, “we” are only allowed remdesivir (doesn’t work, affects kidneys) a 3000 dollar, leaky vaccines that create a strong evolutionary pressure to worse and worse virusses in terms of R value, possibly in lethality. I do not have to link anything here, it is well-documented in Chris’s videos and in the shared links by active PP members. In other words, the suffering is avoidable, we have to stop looking for the solution in the wrong space, the only space that we are allowed to search by TPTB for whatever reason.
Take care!


Although it’s repeated constantly here THANK YOU CHRIS ET AL!!! Been listening since 1/20 and chased down the research myself after listening = this family was prepared both with TP & terrain & ivermectin :slight_smile: I even have a great pic of cases of TP having been delivered to the house - lining the hallway - in February 2020 :slight_smile: Actually glad to hear you begin to speak on the potential threats I have been suspecting (big pharma + corrupt govt = this insanity) making me feel a tiny bit less nuts. All your research has given me such fabulous info, I feel like you are responsible for the health and safety thus far of this family and I am so grateful!!!
Off Topic - totally understand your frustration with all the censorship, but pretty please stop the swearing. Listening with my special needs 16yo in the room and tonights video provided a few "hey Mom!!!"s. Oops was all I could reply.
That said GOD BLESS YOU AND THE TEAM!!! We need you to keep fighting - Thank You!!!


I visited my doctor about a month ago. He told me that ICU is basically empty at this point. Overall hospital cases have dropped dramatically.
I am not disputing what you may be seeing in your locality but that is what he told me here in New Jersey.


Catt, why don’t you just watch the videos when you have privacy? We talk about heavy topics here. If they shouldn’t hear swearing, they probably shouldn’t be hearing about where our country is headed either.


... Malone found this, by the way, and referenced it. Full credit to him for doing so. I'd missed it. If the hospital or physician refuses to treat you with anything other than Remdesivir (which has an EUA still outstanding despite failing said trials), dexamethasone, oxygen and a ventilator (which, you remember, Trump bought tens of thousands of for this explicit purpose under the DPA) they are immune from all legal action you may take due to their negligence, even if they KNOW there are other treatment options that, on the science, work. If they use those options they lose the PREP Act immunity. That's right: The US Federal Government demanded that in exchange for legal protection in all respects with regard to Covid-19 treatment only what they approved for said use could be used. Anything else and poof -- the PREP Act liability shield is gone. HHS killed every single person denied care and treatments by direct decree as they not only pay the hospitals $30,000+ to put you on a ventilator they immunized the hospitals from legal action if and only if they refused to treat you with anything not on the FDA's "approved" list. ...Nothing more than money and an absolute liability shield caused what has happened and is still happening today. There is no need for any "grand conspiracy"; the explanation is found right there in the original and official source document. It's really simple folks: If you let me collect $30,000 for every person I kill, and so long as I do it with my SUV (or some other specified implement), and by no other means, I cannot be prosecuted or sued, well..... I'm gonna get rich and a lot of people are going to get dead.

Went to listen to part 2, but said I have to sign up or log in to view when I am already logged in. So logged in again and nothing changed. Anybody else having this same problem?

If you google Yale or Stanford mask study you will find newly released findings on masking up.Not looking to debate the topic,I think it’s best for me not to link.Both felt it was compelling enough to release early.Hope it helps you.


I’m with Catt. Swearing is like farting. We probably all do it, but it would be best to keep it as private as possible, and lapsing into it in public should be slightly embarrassing, as it has been throughout most of civilized history. I find both needless distractions during the discussion of serious issues.
That being said, if Chris wants to break wind on his videos, I’ll still watch, and remain grateful for the information and anal-ysis. We’re all free to choose here, and I think a 16 year old can understand that excellent information can come with a slightly louche behavioral wrapping from time-to-time. I certainly can’t sign up with those encouraging Chris to swear more, however. What would be accomplished by that? Still, Chris’ choice to make. It’s his site, and I remain grateful.


Hi treebeard - I think we’ve resolved your account issue. Please reach out via PM if it’s still not working!

Thanks Jan, that sure explains a lot. You find and post a lot of amazing stuff.
I think you should start a new thread with this Denninger post.


Back when 911 was being talked about it seemed absolutely clear that “they” were lying about what really happened. The official story is so full of holes that you would have to be an idiot to buy it, or so I thought.
Then everyone stopped talking about it saying that it doesn’t matter anymore. I was flabbergasted and angry. I warned everyone for years after that that if we allowed “them” to get away with a lie this big then what they do next from here on out is going to even worse.
We can’t let them get away with the lies anymore!


The CDC et. al. does have a treatment. It’s the vaccine. The people that are filling up the ICUs are people that have not received the vaccine. They’re not people that have been vaccinated. If you get the vaccine, you’re not likely to get sick enough to go to the hospital. A study shows that if you get a booster the likelihood of even getting an infection goes back down to less than 5%. But again, non-vaccinated people have filled up the ICUs.
Where is the data that masks don’t work. We get angry with Dr. Fauci for flip-flopping on the masks, but hasn’t Chris done exactly the same thing? When was the last time that Chris recommended wearing a mask, or using a mask properly? Why can’t we prosecute Chris for changing his tune on masks? Did you know that schools without a mask mandate have a 5x rate of spread than those that don’t. Teachers have begun dying … again, it’s those who don’t wear masks … and aren’t vaccinated.
Obese and elderly people aren’t the people in the ICUs anymore. That’s Old Data. Show me what is going on with our children in maskless schools right now. What about comorbidities like blood type, blood sugar/insulin issues (not just diabetes), or sleep apnea (which members of my family have even with healthy body weight). What about “healthy” people that have that condition they don’t know about? Did you know that some people think they are invincible? Is that a disease? Let’s just go after the fatties, right? Sorry, that was harsh. I mean let’s just sort them out for special attention, protection … with something that might help them … masks.
What about those poor people that get a larger viral load, thus a much worse case, because they’re not wearing a mask? I thought Chris cared about them.
What is happening to people that get covid, have no symptoms, and then months down the line get brain issues. That’s another thing Chris used to talk a lot about. Now, silence.
The vaccine works better than an early treatment. In fact, it is an early treatment. Hundreds of millions of people have received them since last summer’s trials (those people are still being followed). Wanna know what the largest data point out of them is? They’re not dying of covid. No, not really that much. The ICU nurse really wanted me to understand that.
Where are all the people filling the ICUs because they are having vaccine complications? You know what’s nice about the vaccine? I know what’s in it. It aint filled with junk like the coronavirus itself. It methodology was worked on in labs for decades, tested on aminals. It’s been human tested for over a year now, and studies show you don’t tend to get Any long term covid vaccine syndromes. None. In fact, as I said before, with a booster, you don’t even tend to get covid.
But the CDC is evil because it made something that works that upsets your sense of Up and Down? Right? Or is the FDA too now, since it now too approves.
My cousin and my niece ARE “front line heroes”. What are we? Oh yeah, keyboard warriors. Internet Researchers. BTW. If you’re not making new data, you’re not doing research, You’re Studying. And if you don’t know how to study well, been passed the torch from someone who knows, just like in any other field, you’re probably making lots of mistakes you have no idea you’re making. Probably lots of “duh” moments once you realize, once someone explains things properly, that you have no idea you’re making.
Our sociopathic health organizations have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, and perhaps 3 times that from the collateral damage. They are “front line heroes”. How many people are dying because they’re being discouraged from taking the vaccine?
Seriously, you went there? “front line heroes”? These are the kind of people you have collected here Chris? Jesus. I wouldn’t want to actually do something wrong with these folk, they might storm my place of work and try to hang me from a rope.
What has been clear for 9 months is there are vaccines that work. In warp speed they arrived. Remember how great our sociopathic health leadership was back then? It wasn’t big pharma, it was big fat government’s hand that did it, right?
Which news sources are making the most profit out of all of them? Have you ever noticed all the new news sources out there of that type? Must be profitable to want to get in on that. But I digress.
Do you know that one sign of sociopathy is maligning good people as bad?
So Dave. Automatically you understood everything going on in that man’s head? Maybe he really didn’t want to get into it with you. But go ahead, boost that ego over the poor vulnerable stranger. In fact, to his defense, I happen to have learned once that if you get near your light source you will have more light reflected back to you from objects on a plane, like a street, than if you’re standing over them. Keys aren’t flat like coins. Just a little observation that isn’t about feeding your ego might enlighten you. I’m sorry his BMW made you feel inadequate (why mention it)?
My hands aren’t tied behind my back. I just got a Moderna booster on Monday. Felt like I had both hands tied up behind me on Tuesday, felt fine again on Wednesday. Hands much freer than before, thank you!
Covid is avoidable. So many countries have saved countless lives because they avoided it. Chris used to say “It didn’t have to be this way” “Wear a mask” “Keep your distance”. Look at what these countries are doing. He was right. … Now he’s wrong?
Might be an ego issue again? I mean, that whole Sweden thing, remember that? How many times have we been at herd immunity now? Or there’s so many people that have had this that we must be close to herd immunity by now! I have a friend that had been crunching stats for local hospitals in the Austin area. A couple of times he made that declaration too, “we’re nearing herd immunity”! (He wears a high quality mask, was vaccinated early on, and is now leaving the Austin area for another state because he can see the difference between up and down, but I digress again). Both times I pointed out to him what is probably happening is that people are getting smart again, masking up better, not going out as much. Every time we get complacent, think it’s past because we want it to sooo much, those numbers go up until we wake up and get back in line, not because we’ve become immune.
I think what is happening is the slower part of the herd is getting eaten.
Leaky vaccines don’t matter if the boat still floats. Leaky vaccines don’t leak if you get yourself a booster shot. Leaky vaccines sounds like a marketing slogan for remdesivir. Remember who promoted that?
There are so many opportunities for mutation in the trillions by trillions in replications that corona has gone through that there will be stronger variants. The real key to stopping the variants is to stop the spread of the virus. Vaccines that with boosters take the infection rate down to 5% will bring the R0 back down to below 1 and stop the virus. Add some good masking on there, cut out unnecessary crowding, it’ll happen at a very nice pace. If you leave it up to innate immunity then you have a spread, maskless nose to maskless mouth, large deadly viral inoculum smatter on to epithelial cells in the nose and mouth that have no protection, no memory, no idea what is coming for them. The suffering is avoidable.


Denalizen, Please say the CDC and AMA are wrong, and that I should be able to choose Ivermectin if I wish. Then I’ll read the rest of your post. Otherwise I’ll just consider you a troll.
The suppression of Ivermectin is the most evil thing I have ever seen, it is the clarifying lens that makes most of what is going on clear.


New Jersey has Mask Mandates. It just does.
New Jersey has a high rate of vaccination. It just does.
Congratulations on living in New Jersey. You should be Proud.