Narrative Keepers in a Panic!

Video Pauses/jumps

Hmmm… the Rumble video seemed to pause/jump to the end or beginning right at about the 43 minute mark, give or take.
The Odysee one worked just fine though.
Other rumble videos are fine so maybe it’s a one-time thing?


Thanks Dan. We’ll look into it.

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That’s what it’s starting to look like. We know Bill Gates, Der Klaus Schwab and George Soros have called for less humans raping the planet. Perhaps Klaus Schwab has convinced world leaders to find ways to do something about that. It sounds like conspiracy talk but that is looking more likely as fact as we judge them by their actions.
The Globalists need to collapse the system because the monetary system is collapsing from all the debt that’s been created with NO intention of ever paying it back. Which is why all we hear about is war…war…war. No peace, just war.
If Der Klaus Schwab is itching for a debt jubilee, why not a human jubilee?


Hey Dan!
Thanks for the heads up. Just sent you a direct message ?

Definitions Of Rare And Common Side Effects

There are some working defintions around common and rare side effects.
For example, the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences uses four categories to categorize side effect frequency or probability:
Very common: ≥ 10%Common: ≥ 1% and < 10%Uncommon: ≥ 0.1% and < 1%Rare: < 0.1%The European Commission uses similar categories but also includes the category “very rare” side effects:
Very Common: ≥ 10%Common: ≥ 1% and < 10%Uncommon: ≥ 0.1% and < 1%Rare: ≥ 0.01% and < 0.1%Very rare: < 0.01%
The elevated levels of troponin indicative of heart damage in the Thai study indicates that it is a common side effect of the mRNA gene therapy for Covid-19. Dr. Fauci’s characeterization of myocarditis in young men as “very rare” is factually incorrect per the definition above.
To me, it was clear that the response to Mr. Hamlin’s medical event was pre-planned. Knowing something like this was statistically probable, I believe they planned their response carefully. What is less clear to me is what their response will be the third, seventh or tenth time it occurs. My guess is that behind the scenes there will be a hidden and rapidly implemented test of troponin and spike protein levels in all athletes, to avoid such public displays in the future. I don’t think they will be able to keep this a secret, although they will try mighily.
To me, Dr. Faucci has the air of desperation about him. He admitted to very rare incidences of myocarditis, transient and benign, a tiny shred of truth. This isn’t believable to the American public who have watched young, healthy athletes collapsing and dying suddenly at vastly increased levels over the past two years and some observers are also aware of the massive increase in all-cause mortality at the same time. To me, Faucci looks like a cornered rat, like a cheating husband trying to convince his wife that being found at an Airbnb with his bimbo secretary Trixie Deelite is just pure coincidence, a mere shred of suspicion…as sweat rolls off his forehead.
As they say: “The best part of being a conspiracy theorist? No myocarditis.”


Here’s the WHO Vaccine Crisis Playbook supporting your theory that there was a crisis response in the can already. When Damar’s incident went down, they had plans in place.;isAllowed=y)
I read the whole stupid thing and NOWHERE in it does it say “Step one is to stop and analyze the vaccine-related incident to determine if it’s true or real.”
The ENTIRE document is a playbook on how to blunt the event, shove it down a memory hole, rally “your side” and hopefully damage the reputations of those pushing the dangerous idea that perhaps a vaccine injury actually happened.
That whole crews of people can work on these documents and never question what they are doing is quite a statement…of something or other related to Nazi camp guard formation.
And a few key pages from it - from the first one we can determine that Damar’s case was a HIGH IMPACT event requiring a Phase 2 crisis response.


Wow. So slick and so anti-human. What the messagers forget is that when the truth doesn’t mean anything, then nothing means anything. They also forget that that evolution and experience enable people to spot shysters and liars and people who mean us ill and who don’t mean what they say. Not always, and not usually when we are young and trusting, but eventually we do (and nothing like encountering a narcissist or two to expedite that process.)
They think they can shout us down with insistence on a pre-approved narrative and shaming of anyone who posits a different view…but the falseness, humorless-ness, poorly hidden hatred of people with different ideas, and relentless virtue signaling make their message ultimately irrelevant. Who they are speaks louder in the end than anything they say.


Sorry, I’m only an Information Scout now so it looks like I can’t do DMs any more.
However, I think this must have been a one-time anomaly. I went back to the 40-45 minute mark on rumble and it’s working fine for me now. :shrug:
I’m on a mac with firefox.
The only reason I posted in the first place was that I’ve watched all of Chris’ videos for quite some time and this is the first time I saw one glitch.
But good news, it must have been something one-time and strange for me and it’s all good now.
Thanks again for checking in so fast and following up! I really appreciate it!
And keep up the good work, Chris (and team!)

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Of coarse! Not a problem Dan. Glad you are still with us ?

Critical Reading

One of the things I like to do is cross out all the emotive words and then read it to see if there is any there there. Being aware of NLP techniques is great for cutting thru the BS.


Great Post By Toby Rogers On The Systems Reaction To The Anti-vaccine Movement

My guess is that behind the scenes there will be a hidden and rapidly implemented test of troponin and spike protein levels in all athletes, to avoid such public displays in the future. 

How much blowback will they get when multimillion dollar careers are ended because of high triponin levels from shots they were forced to take?

I agree. This was in the back of my mind - they had constructed a response ahead of time to a cardiac event in the NFL where a football player collapsed on the field.
But yeah. It all tumbled out so perfectly. And almost instantly.
Once the players figure out the response was premeditated, how do we think they will react?


Totally agree.
Go forth. Try to prove otherwise. Maybe in 1:20 cases you’ll even be correct!


Don’t Waste Your Breath

I don’t think you need to be explaining why what the doctors, fauci and the msm are saying or analysing it like this. It is a waste of your time and talents, and frankly beneath you. Everybody who would listen already knows that they just lie and will say anything to obfuscate the truth - because they will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. Anyone who is still listening to them is lost and you won’t be the person to reach them. I think you should just laugh at them, and spend these videos explaining what the latest data and science is actually saying. It feels icky when you spend so much time analysis everything say.

Hey Kathy and Dave:
I have no idea how it will play out, but we’ll find out. Expect them to lie to the players about what they are being tested for, or start blaming the results on covid…as Faucci did in the video, interspersed with denial. Would be interesting to see US lab results for cardiac enzymes before covid, during covid before the vaccines and after the vaccines. I expect that we could graph out with a fair degree of accuracy what that would look like.


Cardio-toxic Or Generally Toxic?

The mRNA Covid jabs cause tissue damage BY DESIGN. The problem is that the inoculant does not remain in the arm muscle and the lipid package is not cell-type specific. That means that the circulating inoculant can invade and compromise any tissue.
Most tissues can self-repair (possibly with scarring). However, hearts cannot tolerate scarring and so self-repair of heart tissue is very limited or non-existent. If the heart is damaged and fails, the effects are rather noticeable.
I wonder how many other body tissues show unusual amounts of scarring or otehr evidence of repaired damage post-jab?


I suppose the cells with receptors the spike can attach to is more at risk. Ace2-receptors are found many places, although not seen a list claiming to be complete. I remember a J&J researcher expressing early on in Norwegian media that basing covid vaccines on the spike might not be a good idea.

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If you carefully watch the video again, watch player #30. He is off to the side on the right and is watching Player #3 like a hawk, when player #3 falls to the ground, player #30 is the “first” to run to his aide.
It’s almost as if #3 told player #30, hey man, i’m not feeling too good, my heart’s a little messed up.

Heart Attack Vs Cardiac Arrest

Heart attack is a plumbing problem. Cardiac arrest is an electrical problem. Damar had an electrical problem.

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