Narrative Keepers in a Panic!

Totally agree.
Go forth. Try to prove otherwise. Maybe in 1:20 cases you’ll even be correct!


Don’t Waste Your Breath

I don’t think you need to be explaining why what the doctors, fauci and the msm are saying or analysing it like this. It is a waste of your time and talents, and frankly beneath you. Everybody who would listen already knows that they just lie and will say anything to obfuscate the truth - because they will be first up against the wall when the revolution comes. Anyone who is still listening to them is lost and you won’t be the person to reach them. I think you should just laugh at them, and spend these videos explaining what the latest data and science is actually saying. It feels icky when you spend so much time analysis everything say.

Hey Kathy and Dave:
I have no idea how it will play out, but we’ll find out. Expect them to lie to the players about what they are being tested for, or start blaming the results on covid…as Faucci did in the video, interspersed with denial. Would be interesting to see US lab results for cardiac enzymes before covid, during covid before the vaccines and after the vaccines. I expect that we could graph out with a fair degree of accuracy what that would look like.


Cardio-toxic Or Generally Toxic?

The mRNA Covid jabs cause tissue damage BY DESIGN. The problem is that the inoculant does not remain in the arm muscle and the lipid package is not cell-type specific. That means that the circulating inoculant can invade and compromise any tissue.
Most tissues can self-repair (possibly with scarring). However, hearts cannot tolerate scarring and so self-repair of heart tissue is very limited or non-existent. If the heart is damaged and fails, the effects are rather noticeable.
I wonder how many other body tissues show unusual amounts of scarring or otehr evidence of repaired damage post-jab?


I suppose the cells with receptors the spike can attach to is more at risk. Ace2-receptors are found many places, although not seen a list claiming to be complete. I remember a J&J researcher expressing early on in Norwegian media that basing covid vaccines on the spike might not be a good idea.

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If you carefully watch the video again, watch player #30. He is off to the side on the right and is watching Player #3 like a hawk, when player #3 falls to the ground, player #30 is the “first” to run to his aide.
It’s almost as if #3 told player #30, hey man, i’m not feeling too good, my heart’s a little messed up.

Heart Attack Vs Cardiac Arrest

Heart attack is a plumbing problem. Cardiac arrest is an electrical problem. Damar had an electrical problem.

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Brain tissue is also not able to repair itself. Those are really the only two: heart and brain.

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Aaron Rodgers doesn’t seem so stupid about the “vaccine” all of a sudden.

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Watching The Common Knowledge Grow Real Time

I like yahoo as they turned back on the comments… it sometimes gives me a gauge of public opinion… the bots are still hard on praising Biden so those are useless… but look at some of the comments on an article being safe and effective today this one really struck me… look at person impact on just ONE person, thats not 8 in 1,000 side effects
3 hours ago
Your words are absolutely baseless considering the number of us who have lost family & friends from heart attack, strokes & aggressive cancers that occurred soon after their jab. How do I know? I’ve now lost my mom who got a clot in her lung one week after her 1st jab & has now died, my auntie died after her jab, her son, my cousin Scott who was a paramedic & professor got a very aggressive form of cancer after his & is now dead, my 46 year healthy sister in law dropped dead watching tv soon after hers, my other aunt got cancer & will pass soon, my brother a total athlete & attorney, now has Bells Palsy from his & my other brother, had a friend drop dead on his surfboard out in the ocean…So really, vaccines save lives? They’ve taken more & will continue to take more than any genocide in history…


Your ‘assessment’ is far too simplistic. Myocardial infarction (aka heart attack) is death of heart tissue – both muscle and electrical conduction tissue – from failure of blood supply. When the Purkinje fibres (the electrically conductive tissue) begin to die they become irritable, fire erratically causing arrhythmias, ventricular fibrillation then cardiac arrest i.e. they are related processes. It is utterly unlike in your house where the plumbing and electrical systems are completely separate and must be for hopefully obvious reasons.
As Dr. Martenson explained, myocarditis is inflammation. The inflammatory process causes damage to the myocytes and the Purkinje system. When the Purkinje system is inflamed/damaged it becomes irritable, erratic and may result in V. Fib/asystole/et al and Cardiac Arrest.


Yes, I thought it was a deliberate and classic straw man argument / question. Enabling Fauci to give the answer as he did, and then being heard by the audience as to be speaking about cardiac issues. If that is case then the media is in on it too. Surprise!
rewatch or read transcript around 20 min mark.

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Here is what the NFL is truly terrified about? If it happens again or if it happens to a couple or several players on the same day. They can use their “get out of jail card” by lying about what happened in the recent NFL game. If another player or players collapse, then it is oh shit time for the NFL because other players might have to speak up and say, you know, since i’ve been vaxxed and boosted, i’ve had such and such side effects. That would open a whole can of worms for the NFL and other sports as well.


If you carefully watch the video again, watch player Dane Jackson, he wears number 30. He is off to the side on the right and is watching Damar Hamlin like a hawk even before he gets up. As soon as Hamlin falls to the ground, Dane Jackson is the “first” to run to his aide.
It’s almost as if Damar Hamlin told his teammate Dane Jackson before the game, hey man, i’m not feeling too good. My heart’s a little messed up.

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I kind of agree Gary. I skipped through the video quickly and chose not to dwell there. But for those only just waking up to the 5G war perhaps this content is what they need to begin to understand.

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dark humor… Happy Fun Ball prediction becomes reality :frowning:

Wow this one really hits the nail on the end…
(If you don’t understand these basic facts by now, you’re not gonna make it so just get your affairs in order and tell your family you love them but cannot be bothered to save yourself from the most ridiculous psyop in history.)

Oh my god, that is hilarious! Literally hysterically crying with laughter :D:D:D: