Neil McCoy Ward on Investing in Today's World

Neil McCoy Ward and I recently had a chance to sit down and record a long dual interview with each other. His mind has brought him to many of the same conclusions as my own different approaches, a process in science called ‘consilience.’ When multiple approaches all land on the same spot, that gives one greater confidence that something approximating the truth has been located.

In brief, the system is broken and cannot be repaired. The keepers of the system seem to be delightfully unaware of how the system works or wherefrom value and prosperity arise. They trash farmers, speak nonsense about ‘green energy’, and prattle on about their favored identity politics as the world rapidly crumbles around them. So we should expect no real help from the politicians.

The solutions and responses we should adopt?

Educate yourself to know what’s really going on. Keep track of the devolving mess in case you need to dial up your efforts or pivot. Invest wisely and in things that have real, tangible value. Learn to grow food and build stronger relationships.

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Here’s Neil’s Youtube channel:

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Doctor Dr. Mchonk-honk

Apologies for the non-sequitur but it is too good to miss some comic relief. There ought to be a humour section for these sorts of things.
and more . . .

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Video Playback Awful

I will concede my internet connection is poor but these videos are unwatchable with buffering and clarity issues. I pay a lot of Canadian dollars and want an enjoyable video experience. Help!!

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Try using the video download link instead.

Why Isn’t Your New Book In The Background?

It’s out! It’s glorious! You need to replace your old with the new!

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@snowdrifter There is a place for these, it’s


I had issues every time I played an Odysse video until last night. I clicked on the little white and red tab on the bottom of the video. In the drop-down menu it gave choices (numerical). I chose Original and immediately the video restarted and played to the end with no stopping, muting, or buffering.
P.S. The download link didn’t work on my device. Same as the website’s video.

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I don’t see a part two button either. However, all content, public and for subscribers, can be found by clicking on the Content button at the top of the page. Issues can be reported using the Help button in the top right corner.
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Neil Mccoy-ward

I don’t see part 2!

I Found Part 2

Thank you westcoastjan.

The System’s Gatekeepers Appear To Be Blissfull

The system’s gatekeepers appear to be blissfully ignorant of how the system functions or where value and riches come from. As the world swiftly implodes around them, they disparage farmers, blather on about “green energy,” and ramble on about their preferred identity politics. Hence, we shouldn’t anticipate any genuine assistance from politicians.dordle


In September 2021, Neil McCoy-Ward joined me to share his thoughts on the big financial and economic changes that might impact your life  wordle 2