New Martenson Report Ready - Tackling the Deficit

This report for subscribers goes hand-in-hand with the Rolling Stone article linked and discussed below. Together, they point out the urgency of our current situation and that the continuation of the status quo behaviors of protecting the banking profits of well-connected insiders and continuing to be less than forthright with ourselves (Fuzzy Numbers) are rapidly diminishing the prospects for a gentle and favorable outcome.

Here's the opening:

Executive Summary

  • US federal deficits reported to be $9.3 trillion over the next decade
  • Fuzzy Accounting means these deficits are actually vastly under reported
  • Actual deficits closer to $6 trillion per year, or $60 trillion over the next decade
  • Deficits defined and explained
  • Risk of a dollar collapse only increasing
  • You need to step up your personal efforts at mitigating the potential impacts of a US currency crisis

The Congressional Budget Office just announced that the fiscal deficits of the federal government are going to be a lot larger than previously estimated. This news was taken in stride by the financial markets, especially the FOREX markets where the dollar is traded, but it will only be a matter of time before these massive deficits are recognized for what they are - signs of terminal illness for the financial prospects of the US, and, by extension, the dollar itself.

It is vital that you understand the true extent of the illness, and the ways in which we systematically sugar-coat and under report the true magnitude of the situation by the use of Fuzzy Numbers - in this case, more accurately described as Fuzzy Accounting.

In this report I will explain how to interpret the reported deficit, demonstrate the actual size of the true deficit, and then make the case that you should seriously consider stepping up your personal efforts at preparing for an uncertain future.

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Found a similar bit of hope in my front yard, now that the snow has melted off the cold frames over my garden beds. Spinach and carrots leftover from last fall were thriving inside and ready to harvest.

Uh, where’s the link to the full report? I can only see the exec summary even though I’m logged in and a subscriber.

I’m having the same problem as Linx, cannot access the report. Add to that the fact that my hands are shaking with Chris withdrawal, and the drool that is soiling my keyboard, and I am in pretty bad shape here. In DIRE NEED of Chris Fix. Any little bit will help.


Don’t you also receive the Martenson Reports in an email? I always do in their entirety,



Yes, I do, thank you Cat! I’m going there right now! (Sounds of panting).

You can also get the full report by going to the top menu bar, and clicking on "Stay Current". Then select "Martenson Reports", and you’ll get access to all the Martenson Reports (in full, if you are a subscriber). Good luck!

BTW, Davos, that’s the picture I was talking about under Chris’s earlier posting! It’s great, isn’t it? Thanks for posting!

I had the same problem but found work around…I logged out and logged back in using secure login link (https) than was able to access the report.



I think Chris may have just not added it to the post. You can always get the Martenson Reports one of three ways:

  1. Use the "Martenson Reports" section on the left sidebar of the Home Page
  2. Select "Stay Current > Martenson Reports" from the top navigation menu
  3. Enter in your browser

Here is the direct link:


Hello PineCarr: Yes I like it! Take care

Ok - I can’t afford Chris’ subscription…that’s a blow. Cry

29dino, we’re financially straitened as well, as it were. I subscribe every other month. I may have to go even farther between month subscriptions, but you can always sign up for a month and read back reports like crazy while you’re subscribed.

As I understand Chris’s report, he is suggesting that all fiat currencies are going to collapse. I’ve spent a lot of time and money moving to foreign currencies that I thought would fare better than the USD. So, are PM’s the only refuge left besides owning actual things that I can use when ts truly htf?

When I look at the US financial statements for FY 2008 I see $2.6 T revenue, $3.6 T expenses, net operating cost (or accrual basis deficit) of $1T, corresponding to an increase of $1T in the total national debt to over $10T now. (I remember what a big deal it was when we got to the first $1T, now we add $1T in just one year!).

That $1T net operating cost appears to be the sum of the reported deficit of $0.455 T plus increases in the obligations for government employee, veterans, etc. pension funds. My question is why does the government include these liabilities in the National Debt but not the social security trust fund future expenditures which, as Chris noted, increased by $4T in FY2008.

The simple answer obviously is to do so would make our leaders look bad, but I am trying to understand if there is a difference between these two areas of liabilities.


I see lots of encouragement to buy the report - but I live in Australia, $40 or so dollars AUD is way too much for me at the moment but gee I would like to read this report. Come on Chris surely you mustn’t be that desparate fro money that you’re withholding something worthwhile from the global masses? Pretty please with raspberries on top…Smile

[quote=suesullivan]29dino, we’re financially straitened as well, as it
were. I subscribe every other month. I may have to go even farther
between month subscriptions, but you can always sign up for a month and
read back reports like crazy while you’re subscribed.


I’m only a casual Australian visitor to this far away site but sit in middle of a global dilema brought about by some pretty greedy people. I’m sorry - I just don’t get the time to read all of Chris’ stuff, but to withhold one report - which we are told is a must read - is disappointing. I cannot see myself paying even $40AUD every few months to get back copies.


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