New Studies Raise The Coronavirus Threat Factor

The more we learn about the coronavirus, the more nefarious we realize it is.

Most public efforts to are focused on detecting those with symptoms, like a fever. But new research shows that the majority of covid-19 carriers (50%-75%) are asymptomatic. So you’re much more likely to get infected by someone who looks and feels fine.

To date, it looked like only the elderly and immunocompromised were at risk of serious complications. Well, that assumption is changing. European doctors are reporting a concerning number of younger, healthy people getting sick, too.

Similarly, it was assumed that the virus didn’t thrive in heat and humidity. Hopes in the northern hemisphere have been pinned on the nearing arrival of Spring. Well, new data shows that this may be false hope.

And as government response plans become clearer, the math shows that most of them will be too insufficient to "Flatten The Curve" much and prevent national health care systems from being overwhelmed.

Combined, most of what we’re learning now reinforces the conclusion that many, many people will become infected; the virus will be with us a long time; and the economic legacy will be massive and painful.

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After watching your video, does this mean you do not believe the USA leadership is planning a lockdown? Are they only doing social distancing and school closings?

A day or so ago I watched the Presidents update. He was asked about a bailout for the cruise industry. The President said something to the effect that a bailout is being considered, its on the table, The Cruise Industry is a very important industry.
Later in the Q & A the President was asked about support for small businesses. He said the SBA will be flush with money and available for businesses. Meaning, it will be easy for small businesses to get loans.
I wondered if others caught the message. Bailouts for Multibillion dollar businesses and loans for us little guys.
Thanks for pointing that out!
If the cruise industry does get a bailout my new meme will be to express my disbelief to anyone who would choose to take a cruise. We need to send a message… save them and screw us and we will boycott! If enough people say “enough” we can make a difference.

I spent the last five years building my small one-man business up to where it needed to be. Quite literally in the last few weeks I hit my target for weekly income. I’d never be rich, but I’d never have to worry about money (my habits are exceedingly frugal).
COVID-19 related cancellations have cost me about 800 dollars of income in the last two weeks. And between now and Saturday I may get hit with further cancellations and further losses. It’ll probably hit 1000 by Saturday. That’s a $26k paycut, annualized. The idea of taking out a loan, no matter how low the interest rate, to cover even part of that is not appealing.
But Boeing, who have spent billions on stock buybacks to enrich shareholders and senior execs, stands to get themselves a taxpayer-funded, no-strings bailout in the tens of billions so they can survive another fiscal quarter?
They should’ve spent those buyback billions on quality control and they wouldn’t be (rightfully) tanking.
It becomes more and more clear that the tottering edifice known as the USA is too decadent and corrupt to survive.
Gonna be a long and eventful year. Prepare accordingly. Looks like I will become a farmer (like my grandfather – who’s laughing his butt off)… Happily, I’ll be doing it in the context of edible (jungle) forest gardening. There’s no health plan or paid vacay, but the workings of nature at least aren’t rigged against me.
VIVA – Sager

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I just got three “goes against our community standards - spam” warnings in half an hour. That or someone who doesn’t like my comments is reporting them as spam.

I’ve had trouble with the John Hopkin’s data. They changed their archived data format. Now I’m also pulling from the OurWorldInData data.
In any case, I updated this spreadsheet if you’d like to use it. Remember to copy it and check back for edits.
I like using this one to check on US states.

Perhaps you would like to clarify just what you are talking about? I couldn’t make heads or tails of what your point is.

Dtrammel, don’t take it personally. I think Facebook’s algorithms are overreacting to things right now. One of my friends from Australia reported the same thing, that Facebook was flagging posts “against community standards”. He was linking to articles in mainstream newspapers.

Dr. Ferguson’s Paper was referenced in the video. Could we get the link to that paper?

I think this article provides some insight on why people aren’t being tested:

The county is advising that only those who need medical case should be tested. Those with mild symptoms are recommended to stay home. Currently, San Diego's public health lab can test up to 120 tests per day. County tests are now also final and do not need to be sent to the CDC for confirmation.
They basically are rationing the tests for people that need treatment. My neighbor was exposes and went to the hospital with flu symptons and they refused to test him; they just told him to self isolate.  

So might as well learn something. Unless it’s already known, then not quite necessary to take the hard way too often. To wit: Anybody have an angle on crossover immunity potentially available or contraindicated with shingles? Don’t got them but had the first of a two shot vaccination sequence which now has me scheduled for the second next week. The first was a painful arm and a noticeable systemic reaction unusual for me and shots. So now I’m wondering ? Will I be stronger against CoVid 19 if the shot doesn’t kill me or weaken my defenses by sapping energy towards an unnecessary defense against the merely theoretical shingles now. Apparently to be most effective this is the time window to have the second one. I hope I could arrange to have the injection delivered to my car in the parking lot to best maintain my distancing and otherwise I would probably decline the risk of my GP’s waiting/treatment rooms. But maybe a small risk to provide an anecdotal data point to toss into the sea of conjecture we’re swimming in.

Here 'ya go, AKGranny! :slight_smile:
Impact of non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) to reduce COVID19 mortality and healthcare demand

Anecdotal story from friend that is on staff at Atlanta VA Hospital. She was consulting on a patient with corona virus and was not provided ANY PPE. In same room with patient and other consulting doctors! Discussed concern with superiors and got less than a positive response and no PPE.


Having been self-employed for 34 years, I can fully empathize with what you’re going through. But when I look at the trend over the years, I realize they can say with words all they want but their actions say something else. They find the small business owners to be too independent and know their control is more complete without us. We have become like the kulaks during Stalin’s era. They want more of the hive minded wage (and tax) proletariat slaves. And the public isn’t much better. The majority have, over time, largely deserted small independently owned businesses in favor of large corporately owned chains. The ma and pa family owned repair shops, sporting goods stores, grocery stores, clothing stores, office supply stores, book stores, bakeries, restaurants, health care offices, etc. have all been steadily and progressively squeezed out of business, both by government regulation and by advertising and convenience influencing public perception. It’s all part of the trend, for a variety of reasons, towards a more fascio-socialistic society.
When German troops advanced through Poland and then the USSR during WW2, they were struck by the stark difference between the two countries. In capitalist Poland, they noted all the thriving small shops lining the streets of towns and cities. In communist Russia, there was none of that. Collectivism had taken over and the results were decidedly negative. Bleaker, uglier, with less choice, less joy, and less vitality but abundant fear and apprehension in their place .
AK Granny is right about one thing. Enough people saying “enough” can make a difference. The problem is, society has been so effectively and efficiently divided that it will be exceedingly difficult to unify them to act as one without a multitude of scab turncoats. Boycotting won’t do it. History shows something else will though.
But the sheeple have been intentionally dumbed down, pacified, dis-abled, and wimpyfied so I just don’t see that happening any time soon. I don’t have to tell you that. You’ve been around here long enough and know the score as well as any of us.
Here’s a possible suggestion. Maybe promote a class with whole body spontaneous movements, similar to Trager Mentastics, Emilie Conrad’s Continuum Movement, or Upledger’s Unwinding for purposes of stress reduction, relaxation, and lymphatic system movement and “flushing”, emphasizing the latter as a means to stimulating and enhancing our immune system activity (which it does). Just a thought, FWIW.

He would sign his posts something like “from Norway” and it was amusing nonsense speak that he’d do for entertainment. I wonder where he went. Maybe Ja4nice is related to him.

I mean this in the kindest possible way, I genuinely think Ja4nice might be suffering with anxiety / paranoia / schizophrenia re Covid19, as this kind of rambling matches what I have seen before with actually diagnosed people

Something is definitely a miss, Just too incoherent for me to even try to diagnose. But you are probably correct Monk. Its a shame, I struggle cognitively at times due to health issues too, But, hope I don’t get too far gone. But if i were, I doubt , i’d be able to post here.