NEW SURVEY: The World Is Listening To Our Input!

Back during the height of the covid-19 pandemic in April, 4,500 readers participated in our survey helping reveal how the virus and its impacts were changing society’s beliefs and behaviors.

And the world listened. Major publications including Johns Hopkins, CBS, NBC, and MSN Money published results from the survey.

Now, the world wants to hear more. With national lockdowns easing and creating concerns for a surge in new cases, and tens of millions (in the US alone) finding themselves out of work, we’re being asked for an update on how households and businesses are facing the uncertain future.

Please share your latest perspective by taking our new survey here.

Note: Chris and I have added several exploratory questions at its end, asking for your input on how we can further improve the value that delivers to you. We’ll appreciate it greatly if you can share your thoughts with us there.

As we did with the previous survey, we will first make the findings available to you — the audience. We’ll then share them widely with the general media and with open-minded policymakers, in the hope that better information will lead to better decision-making.

We are making a difference here. Because so many readers took our earlier survey, that enabled us to capture statistically significant insights on a number of highly sought-after questions. These results let us break through the noise during an incredibly chaotic time in the media and get useful data onto the radar of decision-makers. We hope you’ll help us make a similar positive impact this time around.

Your answers will be completely anonymous to Peak Prosperity and we will only be reporting insights at the aggregate (not individual) level.

These insights will be offered to the world free-of-charge.

This latest version should take you about 10 minutes to complete. To get started on it, click the blue button below:

[button url=""]TAKE THE SURVEY NOW[/button]

And if you don’t want to take the survey, for whatever reason, please don’t. There’s zero pressure from us to do so.

And to all those who take the survey: Thank you for your help with this important initiative!


Many thanks,

Adam & Chris

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Hi Adam,
That is great news! Would you please provide links to articles in which the Azurite/PP survey respondents’ results were noted in the news outlets you’ve mentioned? Thanks!
PS, On the other “Survey” thread, I requested data/slides on the race/ethnicity of survey respondents of the first survey. Could you please provide those stats and/or the slide that pertains to race/ethnicity of (first) survey respondents? Thanks!

In my experience, potential survey respondents have been able to view a pdf version of a survey before actually participating. I recall another PP member mentioned on the first survey being able to participate only half-way and then not being able to complete the survey after leaving the site. Request: would you please provide a pdf version of the survey so one can anticipate and decide whether or not to participate? I know this may be difficult in case there are “logic” questions/branches, but it should still be possible. Thanks!

Hi again Adam,
I participated in the first Azurite/PP survey, but have some questions regarding the Azurite/PP survey 2.0. Would you please clarify:
What is the purpose of the survey? What is the key question(s) you are trying to answer via this survey?
You’ve stated:

"...on how households and businesses are facing the uncertain future".
How do you anticipate the survey results being used, and by by whom? Additionally, how are you accounting for/mitigating for sampling errors/and or selection bias among survey respondents? Please define exactly who is in/how the survey sample (self?) selected i.e., PP users/visitors between the dates of [month/year]. Do you anticipate that the survey results will be generalizable to the larger audience (including and/or other social media users/visitors)? What is the size of that audience and subset of respondents? Who "owns" the survey results/respondent information, including not just responses to specific question but also to any personal information such as email addresses? I understand that there are benefits to the partnership agreement(s) between Azuite and PP and others by extension (e.g., New Harbor Financial). It would be helpful to potential survey participants to better understand what those relationships are prior to participating in the Azuirite/PP 2.0 survey. Thanks much for your timely response. :-)

Please give it a rest. Its a voluntary survey that aggregates data. Take it or don’t take it but please stop pestering Adam with the third degree. Your interrogatories are both unrealistically long and meddlesome and reflect a not too subtly disguised Passive aggressive control/disapproval. Thanks ?

Happy to hear that major publications are publishing your survey results, and really enjoy seeing this community being activated to influence general media and open-minded policymakers. Rock on Adam and Chris!

Sparky -
Here are the quick answers to some of your questions that current bandwidth allows:

  • You can find links to a number of articles citing survey #1 here
  • Most of the questions in this new survey are quite similar to those in survey #1, which it sounds like you took. We're trying to capture the evolving beliefs and behaviors of households and businesses as they make decisions in the face of continued health and economic uncertainty triggered by covid-19. As mentioned, this new survey also includes several exploratory questions about the website, in attempt to help us identify opportunities to improve the value it delivers to our audience going forward.
  • Our survey partner, Azurite Consulting, is running the data analysis and ensuring the statistical validity of the results. As with the previous survey, we expect to report results at a +/- 1.7 percentage point margin of error at the 95 percent confidence level.
  • As we did with survey #1, we will clearly state the size and source of the population who took it. Last time, that was 4,500 US and int'l readers of the website between April 17-24, 2020. Aggregate demographics on that survey population can be found here.
  • Results from the survey will be shared first with the audience, and then with the world for free. Not sure what you're referring to by "benefits to the partner agreement(s)", but this survey is being conducted by PP and Azurite at our own costs, respectively. No one is paying us to field it. This remains an uncertain time when the world needs good data to make good decisions (and heaven knows there is precious little of both right now), and contributing the useful insights this survey will produce is one way we can make a positive difference -- so we're doing it.
Hopefully the above helps. As mentioned in the original post above: if you don’t want to take the survey, for whatever reason, please don’t. There’s zero pressure from us to do so. {fyi: Weird formatting bug where my bullet points aren't displaying. IT is looking into it}

The questions I raised are considered a fundamental expectation or requirement of ethical human subjects research, under the term “Informed Consent”. This applies whether or not the research (survey in this case) is voluntary, regardless of whether on-line or administered in-person.
How dismissive of you to ascribe my valid request for clarification as a acting like a “Hall Monitor”, and “pestering” Adam. Additionally you said,

"Your interrogatories are both unrealistically long and meddlesome and reflect a not too subtly disguised Passive aggressive control/disapproval."
MM, you are flat-out wrong on all counts. Lol, since when have any here on PP shied away from questions about data and research integrity? Another PP member raised a valid concern re: PP/Azurite Survey 1.0 with regard to sampling bias. That is no small thing and it has the potential to compromise the survey results, negating any use to generalize across the greater PP or larger population. Adam did respond within "bandwidth" to some of my questions, which I appreciate as I did not see some of this information disclosed elsewhere (e.g., articles in publications posted to the Azurite website; confidence level/intervals). While I appreciate the effort and beneficent intent of conducting both PP/Azurite 1.0 and 2.0 surveys, any individual considering participating has the right to do so based on complete information.

Good questions and good answers.
Clarity and transparency are good things

One of things that troubled me most - was regarding that the survey just doesn’t account for someone who is actually disabled. Very hard to answer work and financial questions - which nothing applies.
pretend you are disabled and take the survey…

Zip code is a mandatory field?
A slightly paranoid person might think that the information they are providing in the survey is enough to identify them specifically, should someone choose to do so.

I took the survey and I felt the same way.
Generally, the questions were not intrusive but that one bothered me.

I just terminated the survey session due to frustration. While you can initially select your country (New Zealand in my case) the questions are relentlessly US focused. In NZ the community transmission of Covid has been eliminated for over a month - there are a few active cases as citizens return from overseas and are tested in quarantine. But the country is basically Covid free (for now) and the borders are effectively closed. In this context I found most of the questions to be inappropriate or redundant. I’m happy to help the site where I can but found this exercise a frustrating waste of time.