NIH & The Corruption of Science

A new revelation of NIH greed and secrecy is really disgusting, yet sadly not shocking. With corruption now so deeply entrenched at all levels of life and government, new revelations of gross and corrupt behavior have lost their ability to shock.

Today’s Tale of Corruption comes to us courtesy of Open The Books, a U.S. non-profit advocacy agency dedicated to tracking government expenditures.

After being forced by the NIH to file a federal suit, Open The Books was able to determine that the NIH received over $350 million in kick-backs from pharma companies over the years.

So, the model, such as it is, is that Fauci and the NIH distribute some $30 billion of taxpayer money to Big Pharma and then receive hundreds of millions from for-profit companies that then license some of the findings resulting from that money.

And this is only the NIH. Presumably, university researchers similarly benefit from patent royalties developed using funds provided by U.S. taxpayers.

These same people both within the NIH and the associated university medical system are then tapped to be gatekeepers for the “approved” Covid treatment that – surprise! – never included any cheap, off-patent medicines, but rather a handful of quickly-approved, very expensive novelty pharma products such as Remdesivir.

While the prospect of conflicts-of-interest shouldn’t be all the revelatory for anybody, the fact that the NIH has been caught over and over again hiding and otherwise covering up their own conflicts is rather startling. Why? Because it is so obvious, and even runs against its own internal legal requirements.

These conflicts led to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths in U.S. covid victims. They contributed to the U.S. having one of the very worst Covid outcomes of any nation, developed or undeveloped. Out of countries with over a 100 million population, only Brazil slightly eked out a worse record than the America with 3,088 deaths per million as compared with 3,069.

At the bottom of that list is China with four deaths per one million, Nigeria with 15 per one million, and Ethiopia with 62 per one million. In other words, 100x better on average.

What happened? Corruption. People in positions of authority too scared to make the right decision while being well-rewarded for making the wrong decisions.

They all have blood on their hands.

Taken as a fractal of the whole, this tells us that we’re in deep trouble. We need people of integrity to be making the right decisions on our behalf when it comes to geopolitics that might result in thermonuclear war if done badly, and to steer us through an energy descent that’s going to be a rough ride at best. At worst, it will be a hell on earth.

So, it’s time for you to more seriously consider just how far-gone the situation is, and the sorts of steps towards resilience you need to undertake at this time.

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What Charity Did Fauci Donate To?

You can be sure it benefitted the donor- Fauci doesn’t give anything without strings attached.


Do Black Lives Matter?

During the pandemic there were days when the USA logged 3,000 deaths. On average, 18.2% of those deaths occurred among the ~13% of the population who are African Americans, which is about 546 deaths per day. African Americans this far north and fully clothed or working indoors are essentially certain to have low vitamin D levels, frequently below 30 (biology, meet physics - physics, biology). If 80% of these Covid-19 deaths in African-Americans could could have been prevented with vitamin D prophylaxis, or an effective front line treatment, that would have been 365 deaths avoided each day that saw 3,000 deaths in the USA. That’s almost 1.5 times as many black people as die in interactions with police in the USA each year. Out of practice myself, I was unable to get my colleagues interested in this. Perhaps the oath is as meaningless as the lives.


Nih Confirms It Hid Covid Genes At Chinese Request


A Shocking Trail Of Evidence

Thank you Chris for following this trail backwards, and laying out the evidence. The corruption in the system is very deep. I agree that the fear promotion resulted in the destruction of immune systems, and that this must have been purposeful, as this link is well known in the science literature prior to 2019, e.g.

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watch Melinda Gates talk about getting ‘aid’ to the black communities first. she’s a first class word mechanic. might have learnt from Bill. she has no empathy for the non-white cultures.
all of their work with ‘vaccines’ in Africa, India and other non-white regions have worked to reduce the birth rates and reduce the populations. they have been experimenting with the AIDS / swine flu / SARS1 /SARS2 type of operations for many years, using ‘pandemics’ to encourage/enforce/coerce ‘vaccination’ wherein the vaccines are the actual cause of all illness going forward.


regarding the systemic corruption… this current plandemic has exposed a lot of the corruption. if we’re lucky, the worldwide situation will get so bad that people everywhere will wake up to the corruption and wrench it out completely. it will be ugly and beautiful at the same time.
but the current systems can’t be saved. they’re too complex and too corrupt. the rotten will have to be eradicated, and systems will have to be rebuilt from scratch.


I note, with dismay, that our local green-meme, ultra-progressive community of Northampton (many colleges) sports a lot of faded BLM lawn signs, but a lot of very new-looking blue and yellow flags.
Reminds me of the yellow ribbons back in the day. Embarrassingly trite and meaningless displays of fealty to a cause.
How many of these people could be rallied to actually activate and distribute Vitamin D to black communities/ Not too many is my guess. All symbolism, no action.


Turn that around and you are getting really close.

The Ama Held $728 Million In Public Securities At End Of 2019

The American Medical Association (AMA) provides “COVID-19 Medication & Treatment Guidance” to physicians, for example, “AMA opposes off-label use of ivermectin for COVID-19.”
The AMA also held $728 million in public securities at end of 2019, according to their Form 990 (2019).
Is it possible that the AMA has absolutely no conflicts of interest related to the investments they hold?,360727175/


What about Musk’s takeover of Twitter then? Isn’t that a reclaiming, a literally “owning,” with the intention of saving it as a public forum? If institutions within a system can be saved (even if most their employees have to be cleaned out as rot first), then cannot the system be saved?

The AMA is the biggest Conflict-of_interst coupled to a scam and a grift of any organization you could ever imagine.
Ben Hunt breaks it down:

All of the information I’m about to share is on the AMA’s public IRS filings (EIN: 36-0727175). I’ve stored and made available for download their most recent filing here: AMA 2018 Form 990.

In 2018, the American Medical Association had total revenues of $332 million. That’s not a typo or an extra zero or two in there. That’s three hundred and thirty two million American dollars in revenue. In one year.

I figured membership dues would be the biggest revenue line item, but no, not even close. Membership dues from all you doctors comes to just over 10% of revenues – $36.8 million. The AMA got almost as much in revenue from direct sales of merch – $29.7 million – and with a COGS of $5 million you really gotta admire their margins. Subscription revenues of $39.7 million were a bit higher than membership dues, but still not the biggest revenue item. Nor was the advertising revenue of $15.7 million, nor the dividend income of $12.4 million on an investment portfolio of publicly traded securities valued at $643 million, nor the profit on securities sold of $14.0 million, nor the “credentialing” revenue of $14.0 million, nor the “reprints and permissions” revenue of $7.4 million, nor all the other odds and ends categories.

No, by far the primary annual revenue engine for the AMA is … royalties.

In 2018, the American Medical Association made $158.6 million in 100% gross margin revenues by licensing its name and logo and membership lists to everyone from its own insurance brokerage subsidiary – the AMA Insurance Agency – to every pharma co or medical device co or whatever co that was willing to pay for that stamp of approval and halo of authority.

That’s how the AMA makes its money. Not so much by selling TO you – the doctors of America – with membership dues and overpriced PPE and merch, but by selling YOU – the doctors of America – to anyone who wants to buy your name and your reputation.

I’m on the fence wrt Musk. can’t be sure where he stands. he ‘buying’ out Twitter might be an attempt to bring back free speech but it might not be. it might be all show; allow some free speech, get conservatives to come back in droves and then capture/monitor their conversations.
need more time to be sure.
the legal system is way more complicated. twitter is a walk in the park compared to the legal system.
most major education systems have been captured. eradicating the rot from that one system would be extremely difficult without a virtual civil war, and even if you get it back, it would take years to see the fruits of the change in education methods/curriculum. it would be far easier to build new schools from scratch. it would still be hard, especially for average income people, because the government won’t subsidise any school that’s not supporting the government’s agenda but if the people were determined, it could be done.

Revealing …why Didn’t Our Fda And Cdc Spend Some Time Analyzing Like This Dr Did?